Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December celebrates the Festive Season

12/1: Melinda Curtis' A MEMORY AWAY
plus Hope Ramsay's A MIDNIGHT CLEAR
12/2: Wednesday's Warriors - ML Buchman's TARGET ENGAGED
Collette Cameron's HEARTBREAK & HONOR
12/3: Annie Raines' WELCOME TO FOREVER
12/4: Darcy Burke's THE IDEA OF YOU
12/5: Toni Blake's Take Me All the Way: A Coral Cove Novel
12/6: Weekly Winners
12/7: Pearl Harbor Day with Pamela Clare and Uncle Joe
12/9: Wednesday's Warriors - Lindsay McKenna's FORGED IN FIRE
12/10: Samantha Chase's I'LL BE THERE
12/11: Jade Lee's ONE ROGUE AT A TIME
12/12: Elizabeth Hoyt's ONCE AND ALWAYS - Book Review
12/13: Weekly Winners
12/14: Linda Broday's FOREVER HIS TEXAS BRIDE

plus Carolyn Brown's THE WEDDING PEARLS
12/15: Heather Boyd's REASON TO WED

plus Heather Burch's DOWN THE HIDDEN PATH
12/16: Wednesday's Warriors - Anne Elizabeth's A SEAL FOREVER

plus 12 Days of Christmas with Authors Cindy Kirk, Tracy Brogan, and Jamie Beck
12/17: Lori Wilde's I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS

plus Melinda Curtis' A MEMORY AWAY - Author Interview
12/18: Jill Shalvis' MY KIND OF WONDERFUL
plus Bronwyn Evans' A WHISPER OF DESIRE
12/19: Catherine Lloyd's DEATH COMES TO KURLAND HALL - Book Review
12/20: Weekly Winners 

12/21: Marilyn Pappano's CHANCE OF A LIFETIME
12/22: Sharon Struth's HARVEST MOON
12/23: Wednesday's Warriors with Diana Cosby
ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A DUKE by Valerie Bowman, Tiffany Clare, Vivienne Lorret, & Ashlyn Macnamara

12/25: Christmas
12/26: Celebrate Little Victories
12/27: Weekly Winners
12/28: Anthology - ONCE UPON A TRUE LOVE'S KISS with
Julie Johnstone, Katherine Bone, Collette Cameron, Jillian Chantal, Samantha Grace, Alanna Lucas, Lauren Smith & Victoria Vane
12/29: Kate Noble's THE LIE AND THE LADY

12/30: Wednesday's Warriors - Monica McCarty's THE ROCK
12/31: Jayne Fresina's HOW TO RESCUE A RAKE


1/1/16: Loretta Chase's DUKES PREFER BLONDES
1/2/16: Celebrate Little Victories
1/3/16: Weekly Winners
1/4/16: Nancy Lee Badger's MEDIEVAL REDEMPTION

plus Jennifer Bernard's CAUGHT BY YOU
1/5/16: Reserved
1/6/16: Wednesday's Warriors with Lindsay McKenna's BROKEN DREAMS
1/7/16: Nicole Helm's REBEL COWBOY
1/8/16: Jennifer Bernard's CAUGHT BY YOU
1/9/16: Celebrate Little Victories
1/10/16: Weekly Winners
1/11/16: Eileen Dreyer's A FINE MADNESS
1/12/16: Lynne Silver's IN DEEP WITH THE FBI AGENT

plus Sarah MacLean's THE ROAD NOT TAKEN
1/13/16: Wednesday's Warriors
1/14/16: Michele Gorman's MATCH ME IF YOU CAN
1/15/16: Open
1/16/16: Celebrate Little Victories
1/17/16: Weekly Winners
1/18/16: Reserved
1/19/16: Reserved
1/20/16: Wednesday's Warriors
1/21/16: Reserved
1/22/16: Reserved
1/23/16: Celebrate Little Victories
1/24/16: Weekly Winners
1/25/16: Jodi Thomas' RUSTLER'S MOON

plus Elizabeth Boyle's THE KNAVE OF HEARTS
1/26/16: Kelly Bowen's DUKE OF MY HEART
plus Piper J Drake's Extreme Honor
1/27/16: Wednesday's Warriors - Terry Spear
1/28/16: Theresa Romain's A GENTLEMAN'S GAME
1/29/16:  Joanne Kennedy's HOW TO WRANGLE A COWBOY
1/30/16: Celebrate Little Victories
1/31/16: Weekly Winners

2/1: Christy English's HOW TO WED A WARRIOR

2/3: ML Buchman's BY BREAK OF DAY
2/4: Wednesday's Warriors

2/5: Sally Orr's TO CATCH A RAKE
2/8: Mary Wine's HIGHLAND SPIRIT
2/15: Maya Rodale's LADY BRIDGET'S DIARY

2/22: Karen Ranney's AN AMERICAN IN SCOTLAND

2/23: Grace Burrowes' WILL'S TRUE WISH
2/25:  Sharon Sala's YOU AND ONLY YOU

3/7: Stephanie Evanovich's THE TOTAL PACKAGE

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