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The Avon Affair - Road trip with Cathy Maxwell, Lady Margaret Chattan, and THE DEVIL'S HEART

The Hawaiian phrase of the day is:

No kekahi o kakou ka pilikia malaila pu kakou a pau.

Should one of us get in trouble we will all go that way.

The Devil's Heart (The Chattan Curse, #3)

Lady Margaret has lived in the shadow a family curse:

When a Chattan male falls in love,

strike his heart with fire from above...

Her older brother, Neal, fell in love with his childhood friend in LYON'S BRIDE (link).    Margaret hoped her second brother, Harry, could reverse the curse in in Scotland.  Instead, he fell in love, too, in THE SCOTTISH WITCH (link).   So now it's time for Margaret to take matters into her own hand in THE DEVIL'S HEART, available April 30 from Avon Romance:

New York Times bestselling author Cathy Maxwell continues the her popular historical romance series, the Chattan Curse, with The Devil’s Heart.

Lady Margret Chattan, one of the most desirable women in all of England, has no interest whatsoever in marriage. When her brother’s lives are put in danger, she travels to the Scottish Highlands, intent on saving them. There she meets Heath Macnachtan, who is trying to find out who murdered his own brother. Together, they team up to investigate the powerful curse that is behind the deaths, but instead find themselves falling in love.

Exceptionally entertaining and charming, The Devil’s Heart mixes a well-crafted love story with complex characters and pulse-pounding adventure.

Glenfinnan on Loch Shiel

Before Margaret can take a stand, she has to take a road trip in a 1824 coach with her maid, driver, coachman, valet, and four armed outriders.  The coachman estimates it will take three to six days to travel from Glenfinnan to Loch Awe.  Today, it would take two hours via Fort William and Glen Nevis (link to Google map).   Two hours gives me just enough time to read A DEVIL'S HEART.   

But a six day coach ride allows me to read Cathy Maxwell's entire library of 24 novels and 6 novellas in anthologies ... so I would jump in the coach with Margaret!

File:Kilchurn Castle from the boat.jpg
Kilchurn Castle on Loch Awe
Image by Peter Gordon (link)
Posted per Creative Commons Licence (link)

THE DEVIL'S HEART is now on sale for preorder:

Amazon Kindle:  $3.99 link.
Amazon Mass Market Paperback:  $4.98 link.

B&N Nook:  $3.99 link.
B&N Mass Market Paperback: $4.98 link.

Book Depository $5.99 link.
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The Devil's Heart (The Chattan Curse, #3)

I am giving away a copy of THE DEVIL'S HEART - winner's choice of ebook or paperback - to one randomly selected commenter.  To enter the giveaway,

1.  Leave a comment about road trips - how do you entertain yourself?  Read a book?  listen to music? Watch a movie?

2.  This giveaway is open to all readers.

3.  Comments are open through Saturday, March 30, 10 pm in Hawaii.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, March 31.


Kim in Hawaii

To learn more about Cathy and her books, check out her website at

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  1. I usually listen to music on road trips.

  2. Mainly it's music. I can't concentre on reading much because I get too distracted by my family members. I do love watching the scenery go by.

  3. I can't read in the car I get sick. We mostly just talk. Sometimes with the radio on.

  4. On the longest road trip, cross country, my husband and I spent our time talking without those daily interruptions. Great fun.

  5. Music and sleep. Use to read, but I end up having terrible headaches:(

  6. I'm so very forunate to be able to read in the car... so I'm either reading a book or checking the route map.. My hubby's listening to the radio doesn't bother me while I'm reading.

  7. I listen music, books on iPhone, read a book and sleep. Unless, I'm the only one driving then I just do the first two.

  8. My husband likes to listen to sports so I bring along a book and read. We also like to listen to a book on tape.

  9. I listen to music usually because I am with my husband.

  10. I'd be in that coach with you too, Kim. I always read when we go on a road trip. We've got over a 4 hour drive to Tampa today, so I will sit in the back with my grandson, and read my book. This way, I'm not telling my husband how to drive, and not worrying about all the other drivers.

  11. I also listen to music. However, when my son and I travel for fun and to sight-see, we use the time between destinations to "plan" how we will spend our time, what we will see, the most scenic routes, etc. We have found that "sketching" the trip ahead of time and giving ourselves extra time allows us to visit many otherwise unknown and unseen (to us) places. Its a beautiful country with much to offer and plenty to see! Our next trip is coming soon and will encompass 7 of our Northwestern states.

  12. I listen to music and chat with others. It keeps me awake! I wish that I can read but I get dizzy reading in the car.

  13. Oh music, books, and games of all kinds. Individual or where everyone in the car participates. Since I rarely do the driving, I quite enjoy it.

  14. We listen to music on road trips, and point out interesting things to look at as we drive by them. We also play the license plate game and have a check list when we see plates from different states. I can't read in the car because it will make me motion sick.

  15. Every time we go on road trips I always have a few books with me and when my eyes get tired I relax and look at the serery all around us.
    I love these kind of books and I'm looking forward to read this, love the cover too
    Happy Easter!

  16. I usually listen to music. Occasionally, if my husband and I can agree, we listen to an audio book. Unfortunately he's not as big a romance fan as I am, lol

  17. On road trips where I'm a passenger, I'll read and work crossword puzzles. If I'm driving, I'll listen to music.

    I'm looking forward to Cathy's book. Thanks for the post.

  18. I always bring a few books w/ me :) But now that I have my Kindle, I'll be able to save space!

  19. I love reading and music so it's a little of both.
    I love Cathy's Chattan Curse series.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  20. my road-trips are usually with my BFF so its a lot of laughing getting lost eating pie or cake.
    have a good one Ann/alba

  21. I'm usually the one driving so listening to music & chatting passes the time - plus commenting on the idiot driver we encounter - there are always some!

  22. I LOVE Cathy Maxwell. I have most of her books, and I'm lucky that our local library stocks a few of her books on CD. It makes my daily commute so much easier listening to books like The Marriage Contract. I just can't get enough audio books!

  23. Hi Kim!

    I totally agree with you about Kathy's books - once you pick one up you can't stop reading until you've finished the book! I loved the first two books in the series and am dying to read The Devil's Heart!

    When our sons were young it was way before things like seat belts and we used to back them each a back pack filled with "little people" and books so they would stay engrossed and not realize how far we were traveling! We had a second (or father third hand) tent trailer at the time and without fail we'd arrive at the campground late at night and for some reason it always seemed to be raining at the time.

    Fortunately we'd always remember to pack them golashes and raincoats and one time it rained the entire time we were camping! I think they had more fun on that trip then any other when they'd actually be allowed to go outside and play in the rain!

    Thank goodness for a good lantern and plenty of books to keep them interested each evening and they never slept more soundly then after a full day of romping in the rain!

    Thinking about all the gadgets available today I'm glad they grew up then instead so they used their imaginations and one time even put on a puppet show for us while we were driving or reading then the children today who had a movie playing to entertain them.

  24. I'll usually watch the scenery some if it's worth looking at, especially if it's a new route. Otherwise, I read if I'm not conversing with my husband.

  25. It depends on who I'm on the road trip with. If they want to have a conversation, then I talk, if not, then I'll read a book on my iPhone or iPad, play on the internet, and/or listen to music.

  26. Definitely a book. Never go anywhere w/o one

  27. I usually drive, but when I'm not driving, I look at the scenery or read a book.

  28. When I'm not driving, I look at the scenery, talk, listen to music, or read.

  29. Whereever i go i always bring book to kill the time and reduce my tbr list. I usually bring 2 novels or buy it in airport's bookstore. If not, i have my tablet full of e-book. No matter how far or boring the journey, i can lose myself in book

  30. Unfortunately, I can't read while I'm riding in a car. It gives me a vicious headache. I enjoy listening to music.