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Aloha to Theresa Romain and IT TAKES TWO TO TANGLE


Oh, this cover is hot ... and so it the emotional romance in Theresa Romain's IT TAKES TO TO TANGLE.  Theresa joins me for a cozy chat to celebrate the launch of her new series, The Matchmaker Trilogy.

Kim:  From your bio, you hail from the Midwest.  My hubby grew up in Dayton, Ohio and attended college at Purdue. He's a Midwest boy through and through. What is your favorite sight, sound, and smell?

Theresa:  Hi, Kim—thank you so much for hosting me today! It’s a pleasure to visit SOS Aloha.

Give your hubby a Midwestern high-five for me! I was born and partly raised in Louisiana, but I’ve lived so long in the Midwest that it feels like home. One of my favorite sights is the quiet farmland that unrolls just outside of every city. I also like the fat little doves that sit on our porch and coo. (When my daughter was a toddler, she learned the sound of a dove along with cat, dog, and other more common animals.) There aren’t too many distinctive smells around here, but maybe that’s a good thing? :-)

Kim:  You wrote on a recent blog post that you have two tiaras ... where do you wear them?

Theresa: Ha! Well, you caught me out: the tiaras actually belong to my daughter, though she’s generous about lending them out. She would wear them anywhere I would let her, including to school, in the bath, or to bed. Fancy Nancy is her style icon.

Hawaiian tiaras glitter with fresh flowers.

Kim:  From your blog, you bought a box of colorful macarons (link) - what was your favorite color/flavor? As a writer of Regency writer, what did the ladies like to nibble on during tea time?

Theresa: Weren’t those beautiful? I bought those to celebrate turning in a book to my editor. The chocolate macaron was my favorite. (It’s not in the picture I posted because it was already eaten.)  But now the shop has added more flavors, including a coconut caramel macaron that’s one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.

Regency ladies would have loved macarons, I’m sure! Their sweets were usually heavier and less sugary than the teatime treats we enjoy today, because sugar was expensive and leavening was a less precise art. We know that cookie (they would say biscuit) recipes were around, though—like shortbreads and ginger cookies. Fruitcake-style treats with candied or preserved fruits were also popular.

How about a green tea coco puff?

Kim:  You are kicking off your second series, The Matchmaker Trilogy, with IT TAKES TWO TO TANGLE.  What did you learn from your first historical series? How have you grown as a writer since then?

Theresa: I hope I grow as a writer with every book, as I learn new ways to tell a story and paint a character. I’ve found that I get a clearer sense of place and time—and even plot ideas!—if I can hook my fictional story to a real-life event. In the case of It Takes Two to Tangle, the ex-soldier hero, Henry, was wounded at the battle of Quatre Bras (just before Waterloo). Once I decided this, I could research details related to that battle. That helped me figure out so much of Henry’s backstory and (I hope) to make it more vivid.

File:Butler Lady Quatre Bras 1815.jpg
The 28th Regiment at Quatre Bras 
Elizabeth Thompson - 1875
Public Domain

Kim:  Let's talk about your new series, The Matchmaker Trilogy. What inspired it?

Theresa: It started with the characters, and then I came up with a plot that suited them. I wanted to twist some familiar character types like the wounded ex-soldier and the war widow. Henry is a troubled hero, but he’s not terribly dark and brooding. Instead, he’s optimistic and determined to rebuild his life. Of the two characters, the heroine Frances is the one with more guilt and troubles. Unlike many widows in romance, she loved her late husband deeply. She’s reckless, having sacrificed status and wealth for that past love.

Mix one sense of optimism with deep, bubbling passion, and what’s the result? A take on the Cyrano story seemed to fit: secret letters, mistaken identity, unrequited love, people who mean well but keep screwing up. But unlike Cyrano and Roxane, Henry and Frances get their HEA in the end.

Kim:  What's next for Theresa Romain?

Theresa: Thank you for asking! The next Matchmaker book, To Charm a Naughty Countess, will be out in May 2014. There’s a teaser in the back of It Takes Two to Tangle, if you want an early peek. The heroine is Caroline, Frances’s irrepressible friend/employer/cousin. And who better to pair with Caro than a very serious, very proud “mad scientist” of a duke? (I’d like to thank my agent for that excellent description.) :) To Charm a Naughty Countess is a Pygmalion story, with the hero getting lessons in society—and both characters learning about love, of course.

But before then—actually, in about two weeks!—my third holiday historical romance will be released. Season for Scandal tells the story of a marriage of convenience that soon becomes a marriage in trouble. I do love to give my characters a brush with happiness, then yank it away and make them work hard for that HEA. Er…what does that say about me?



Wooing the Wrong Woman...

Henry Middlebrook is back from fighting Napoleon, ready to re-enter London society where he left it. Wounded and battle weary, he decides that the right wife is all he needs. Selecting the most desirable lady in the ton, Henry turns to her best friend and companion to help him with his suit...

Is a Terrible Mistake...

Young and beautiful, war widow Frances Whittier is no stranger to social intrigue. She finds Henry Middlebrook courageous and manly, unlike the foppish aristocrats she is used to, and is inspired to exercise her considerable wit on his behalf. But she may be too clever for her own good, and Frances discovers that she has set in motion a complicated train of events that's only going to break her own heart...

Praise for It Takes Two to Tangle:

“A delightful romance. Its intriguing plot, replete with unforeseen twists and coupled with a set of passionate characters, quickly turns this into a page-turner.” —RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

Theresa Romain


Historical romance author Theresa Romain pursued an impractical education that allowed her to read everything she could get her hands on. She then worked for universities and libraries, where she got to read even more. Eventually she started writing, too. She lives with her family in the Midwest and is working on more Regency romances. Please visit for more information.

To Purchase It Takes Two to Tangle:

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I am currently reading IT TAKES TWO TO TANGLE -Theresa delivers out-of-the ballroom characters with emotion baggage.  Yet they still find humor, friendship, and passion with an unlikely partner.  Sourcebooks is giving away a print copy of IT TAKES TWO TO TANGLE.   To enter the giveaway,

1.   If you were a Regency lady hosting afternoon tea, what special treat would you serve?   I'd serve shortbread as it is my favorite!

2.   This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.

3.   Comments are open through Saturday, September 21, 10 pm in Baltimore.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, September 22.


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Aloha Spirit in Charm City

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  1. Shortbread is delish! I'd serve cream puffs, I love flaky pastries!! Love Theresa's books!!

  2. I have tried some scones that are quite tasty.

  3. I would serve cream puffs or whatever they called pastry filled with cream back then.

  4. I would serve those little cucumber sandwiches with marzipan candy on the side.

  5. I'm also a shortbread lover!! My sister gives me a box every Christmas!! PS I don't share well!!

  6. mini cupcakes! thanks for sharing! This sounds fantastic :)

  7. I'm due for a Theresa Romain book. Sounds like a great new series.
    I like shortbread too but I'd serve Eton Mess. Not quite sure it's Regency though. If not I'd serve some delicious berry scones.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  8. I like cucumber sandwhiches with cream cheese and dill

  9. Aloha, Kim! Thank you for hosting me today. You ask such fun questions!

    And thanks, readers, for stopping by to join the fun. These comments are going to make me hungry. I would love any and all teatime treats that you've mentioned.

    I'll cast my own vote for ginger biscuits, because they were a big part of teatime in my romance debut, SEASON FOR TEMPTATION. There's a recipe here:

  10. My goodness, I'd probably serve whatever the cook thought up. I visualize little sandwiches and perhaps little chocolate and lemon tarts. This book sounds fascinating. Thanks for a chance to win.

  11. I would probably serve my guests my favorite dessert a delicious Crème Brûlée!

  12. I would serve delicate finger sandwiches, tea, Petit Fours and strawberries and cream. Yummy!!! I could eat that right now.

    Congratulations on "It Takes Two to Tangle", Theresa. The cover is absolutely stunning.

  13. Congrats on your new book, IT TAKES TWO TO TANGLE, Theresa! I love the cover.

    If I was a Regency hostess, I would probably serve shortbread and fruitcake-style treats.

  14. Oh, can I copy you. I just love shortbread but it's so hard to find anymore and I never learned to make it. I look forward to Theresa's latest!

  15. These are the best suggestions, you guys. Glad to see some savory treats in the mix too, because that makes our tea party a well-balanced meal...right? :)

  16. Regency England has never really been known for their culinary endeavors. However, I read that cheesecake has been around since ancient Greece, so I'd serve that with biscuits.

  17. Shortbread or cookies would be good!

  18. I'd serve petit fours, there are lots of different ones and they're all good.

  19. Strawberries and cream.......mmmmm......Every time I see it mentioned in a book, it seems to always be connected to naughty thoughts or insinuations. LOL I love that. ;-)

  20. Hello Theresa! I'd serve something I found in Scotland when I visited there in the 80's: little Scottish pancakes served with a homemade jam. They were delicious with hot (strong) tea in the afternoon. And the lady at the bed and breakfast where we stayed was so proud of them and even gave me the recipe. :-) I love that you have two new books coming out soon, Theresa. Yea for historical romances!

  21. Definitely shortbread or how about a nice cheesecake.

    I am currently in the US, so please enter my name in the drawing.

  22. I would serve pretty mini cupcakes.

  23. I'd serve Red Velvet cake! Maybe in small, finger size pieces :-)

  24. I'd serve scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam