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Aloha to Darlene Marshall and THE PIRATE'S SECRET BABY - Book Review


Ahoy, thar mateys.  I have a special book review for you ...

The captain of the Prodigal Son has a deserved reputation as the deadliest (and best dressed) pirate in the Caribbean, but Robert St. Armand’s totally at sea when it comes to “Marauding Mattie,” the daughter he never knew he had. How in the world can he deal with the littlest pirate, one who prefers knife-throwing to arithmetic lessons, and who’d rather be keelhauled than eat her beets? He needs help!

Lydia Burke is living a safe, respectable life, separated from England by an entire ocean. It’s exactly what she needs and she’s not going to risk her boring, but secure, position as a governess to consort with pirates, especially one who’s too pretty for his own good or her peace of mind.

No self-respecting governess would be willing to come aboard the notorious Prodigal Son, but Robert didn’t fight his way to the top by letting small obstacles like scruples stop him. If he can’t hire Lydia Burke, he’ll steal her and take her to England with them, certain he can charm her into his bed along the way as an added bonus on the voyage.

It will be a true voyage of discovery for the pirate and the governess, as one learns to navigate the rocky shoals of parenthood while the other tries to keep deadly secrets hidden, and both will find that while it’s a child who initially brings them together, the growing passion between them offers the greatest temptation.

Indonesia's historic Tall Ship in Pearl Harbor

Will Turner: This is either madness... or brilliance.

Jack Sparrow: It's remarkable how often those two traits coincide. 

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, a 17th century tale, came to life on the big screen by Disney Studios, reigniting the public’s fascination with pirates. Then again, romance readers have always been fascinated with pirates. 

Darlene Marshall brings the 18th century raiders to life in her new release, THE PIRATE’S SECRET BABY. The hero, Captain Robert St. Armand, shares some traits with Jack Sparrow – notorious, sexy, and droll. Unlike Jack, Robert is honorable. In the span of several hours, he learns that he fathered a child; the mother has passed away; and he accepts his 7 year old daughter, Mathilde, on board his ship. The bearer of the news is an English nanny, Lydia Burke, who is offended by Robert’s repugnant manners but appreciative of his fine form. Still, she has completed her mission to reunite father with daughter and proceeds to her next position on St. Martin. No amount of gold offered by Robert to continue as Mathilde’s nanny could entice Lydia to sail with Robert to England.   She fears England more than Robert.

Marshall opens THE PIRATE’S SECRET BABY with authentic but salty details of Robert's less-than-savory shore leave. Yet she delivered the delicate balance of witty dialogue and sexual tension to lure me away with this fated pair. The secondary characters also entertain on this Trans Atlantic cruise. In fact, Mathilde transforms into Mattie the Marauder in between her deportment lessons. THE PIRATE’S SECRET BABY is a humorous adventure of Regency pirates on the high seas!

Recommended read for fans of Regency romance, pirate heroes, and lighthearted repartee. I received an eARC from the author for an honest review.


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The Indonesian crew have some fun ....


  1. Ahoy Kim! This book sounds fun! I like pirate heroes.

  2. It's been a while since I read a pirate book. What fun!!

  3. I have not read a pirate story in a bit. They seem to go in and out of popularity.

  4. I've read her books in the past and really enjoyed them.

  5. Sounds wonderful Kim. Who doesn't love a hero pirate!!