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Aloha to St. Andrew's Day

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November 30 is St. Andrew's Day - a celebration of Scotland's patron saint. From,

A Galilean fisherman, he was one of Jesus’s 12 apostles, and was known for being strong, sociable and fair, encouraging people to share what they had with those in need. These are characteristics which people all over the word recognise in Scots, and of which Scots are rightly proud.

On the 30th of November, 60AD, St Andrew is believed to have been crucified on a diagonal cross, a shape which provided the inspiration for the flag named after him – Scotland’s Saltire, which has a white diagonal cross over a blue background.

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Alas, St. Andrew has inspired the hashtag #BeLikeStAndrew:

This St Andrew’s Day is going to be something really special. On November 30, Scotland is coming together to share little acts of kindness with each other in tribute to our kind and generous patron saint.

Check out the ideas for "little acts of kindness" at this link.  

There is something about romance books - historical, contemporary, and fantasy - that are set in Scotland.  Can you recommend a Scottish set book?  I recommend:

- Cathy Maxwell's THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT (Scottish Regency)

He was a man exiled from society -- handsome, unpredictable, and proud. Dark rumors surrounded his name. But Anne Burnett had signed a marriage contract binding her to Aiden Black, the Earl of Tiebauld. And although she'd never met him, she's determined to keep her word and make theirs a marriage in truth. Because a well-bred lady with little fortune to recommend her has no choice. 

From the moment she arrived, Anne fell in love with Kelwin Castle and its roguishly handsome laird. By day, he instills a fierce loyalty in his people with his masterful ways...and by night, he tempts Anne to surrender her innocence to him. But while he is willing to offer his body. Aiden refuses to give Anne his heart...making her wonder what prevents him from truly claiming her as his wife.

Note:  This was my first romance book I read ... 10 years later, I am still reading romance!

- Lynn Kurland's GARDEN IN THE RAIN (Time Travel):

Patrick MacLeod is haunted by his past, by events he had no control over and wishes desperately he could change. He hasn’t the heart for love, nor the time for rescuing maidens in distress of their own making. Until he sees a woman who touches his heart and stirs his soul...and makes him believe love might be possible again after all.

For Madelyn Phillips, Scotland is the land of dreams, filled with magic, romance, and handsome Highland lords. Unfortunately, the reality of her dream vacation is no car, no luggage, and a pesky ex-fiancĂ© determined to shadow her every move. She thinks her dreaming is in vain until she sees a man standing on a windswept moor, a Highlander full of secrets and longing, and knows she has seen her destiny. 

- Cathy Maxwell's THE DEVIL'S HEART (Scottish Regency with Paranormal Elements)

They call her the Unattainable. Lady Margaret Chattan spurned every suitor for her hand, vowing never to marry. The only way to break the curse plaguing her family for two centuries is this ultimate sacrifice. But now her brothers' lives are in danger. Determined to save them, she risks her very soul by traveling into the heart of the highlands to battle a force that has transcended time.

Heath Macnachtan is not superstitious. Laird of the most independent, nonconforming, madly infuriating clan ever to grace Scotland, he believes he has his hands full. And then, a woman lauded as one of the most beautiful in England, arrives on his doorstep with wild accusations and a mystical quest . . . one that just might help him discover who murdered his own brother.

But the real danger for Heath and Margaret is not a supernatural foe, but a very real love that could destroy them both.


One randomly selected commenter wins Scottish swag.  Comments are open through Sunday, December 31, 2017. I'll post the winner on Monday, January 1, 2017.

Kim in Baltimore
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  1. I must visit Scotland one day. It is on my travel wish list. Happy St. Andrew's Day.

  2. Garden in the Rain was my first time travel and I just loved it. And anything Scottish :)

  3. I love Scotland and would love to return. My first one was by Rosemary Rogers.

  4. Aside from my favorite "Outlander " but I also love Sue Ellen Wolfender's Scottish Romances. I'm still dreaming of visiting Scotland one day. Happy Saint Andrew's day.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  5. I think I've read all those books mentioned. I recently caught up on Lynn Kurland's MacLeod/de Paiget series. I visited Scotland many years ago & would love to go again - til then I'll visit thru books.

  6. I read a Christmas anthology in which all the stories are set in Scotland: Christmas in Kilts

    I also enjoyed: Enchanted by the Highlander


  7. I didn’t know this, neat info!