Thursday, April 14, 2011

RT Recap (Thursday) - Let them eat MORE cake!

My new alarm clock is Anne Elizabeth, this time inviting me to breakfast with Eric Ruben, CH Admirand, and Barbara Vey from Publishers' Weekly.  Actually, Barbara's picture is better than mine so click on Barbara's link to see moi (and read her recap). 

Christie Ridgway, Barbara Freethy, and Robyn Carr

After breakfast, CH Admirand, Anne Elizabeth, and Cathy Maxwell helped me in stuff the bags for the SOS Military Mixer.  Thanks to Cathy and Caridad Pineiro for the fab bags and thanks to CH Admirand, Renee Bernard, Anne Elizabeth, Delilah Marvelle, and Julie Miller for the fun goodies!

Cathy's Bag (left) and Caridad's Bag (right)

The prep room - books, books, and more books!

Then it was time for LIGHTS, CAMERA, PARTY - The Series Romance Way sponsored by Lisa Childs, BJ Daniels, HelenKay Dimon, Judy Durante, Carol Ericson, Delores Fosson, Crystal Green, Jan Hambright, Lynn Raye Harris, Candace Havens, Rita Heron, Brenda Jackson, Lisa Renee Jones, Janette Kenny, Kimberly Lang, Jade Lee, Jennie Lucas, Julie Miller, Jill Monroe, Kathleen O'Reily, Kira Sinclair, Amanda Stevens, Tawny Weber, and Rebecca York

Series authors Julie Miller and Olivia Gates

For lunch, it was back down to the prep room to help Anne Elizabeth stuff the goodie bags for the booksellers' party, AFTERNOON DELIGHT.  The most fabulous Kate Douglas came down with extra stuff.  I say fabulous because I shared the story of how she previously donated 10 stuffed wolves to my Fort Meade Tea Party.  My younger son had "recruited" one of the wolves to play football with his other stuffed animals.  Ultimately, the wolves were given in special goodie bags to the military nurses from Walter Reed Medical Center.   Kate laughed at the story and gave me a stuffed dog (from her next series) for my son's football team!  We exchanged stories about Hawaii as her son lives in Kaneohe.  

Jesse "manning" the Goody Room

AFTERNOON DELIGHT was indeed a delight for the booksellers as they enjoyed cakes with book cover.  We had so much cake that Anne Elizabeth invited readers walking by to join the fun.   I didn't take a picture of the cakes ... but Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches Trashy Books did and posted on her blog.  Click on the link to read her recap and view her photos.

"Scottish lovers" Margaret Mallory and Melissa Mayhue

We all rolled upstairs for the RT BOOKREVIEW AWARDS.   Cathy and I sat in front of some Erotic Readers who shared their goodies with us, including a ruler engraved with SPANK ME from Skylar Kade, "because life is too short to behave."

Someone mentioned "Mercury in Retrograde" as many award recipients and audience members were a bit weepy as the program progressed.  Perhaps the most touching was when Olivia Gates accepted her award for Series Romance.  She lives in Egypt and was unable to promote her latest book when it was released at the end of January.  Olivia thanked the romance community for rallying around her during the political upheaval.    

Knitting buddies Christina Skye and Elizabeth Boyle

After the awards ceremony, I dined with Anne Elizabeth, Cathy Maxwell, Christina Skye, and Bobbi Smith.   Once again, Cathy and I turned in early while readers gathered in the lobby, dressed in Faery Wings, for the Faery Ball.  Before you think of me as a wallflower, I sowed my wild oats long before I was married.  Comfy in my bed, I read the RT Magazine.

Time to giveaway another book - winner's choice from my RT stash.  To enter the giveaway,

1.  Leave a comment about AFTERNOON DELIGHT - what does it mean to you?   To me, it is a song from the '70s band Starland Vocal Band.  It is also indulging in cake (as we did at the Booksellers' party).

2.  This giveaway is open to all readers.

3.  Comments are open through Saturday, April 16, 10 pm in Hawaii to enter the contest.  I will announce the winner on Sunday, April 17.


Kim in Hawaii


  1. More cake? Wow!

    I vaguely remember the song "Afternoon Delight". Wasn't that about sex? But I suppose many songs in the 70s were about sex. :)

    I always wanted to have afternoon tea with lots of little cakes. That'd be delightful.

  2. I've heard that the song is about sex, too. Afternoon delight to me is a light snack to get through until dinner. The snack usually consists of junk food like cookies or donuts with a soda.

  3. I remember the song Afternoon Delight!! My Afternoon Delight is taking a nap! LOL

  4. I thought that it was a song about having sex in the afternoon? Am I wrong about that? Hmm... for me my afternoon delight is reading a good book in bed without being bothered.

  5. My afternoon delight would be to get lots of books in the mail and spend some lazy hours reading and looking at them. Then being surprised by my boyfriend getting home from Iraq.

  6. A lot of 70s songs were about sex, yes, but like Afternoon Delight, the meaning was hidden so you had to think about it and wonder. That's much of what I love about the old songs! If you want to think along those lines, you could, and if you don't, you can ignore that and just ignore the song. ;-) That kind of clever word manipulation and metaphor is dear to my heart.

    Glad you had such a great time at RT, Kim!

  7. The RT convention must have been fun, I am
    glad you are sharing pictures with us.
    Afternoon Delight, I certainly remember the song, but not the lyrics, I never did know it
    was about sex though. 50's, 60's and 70's music was the best for sure then and is still now.

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

  8. LOL, My mind is apparently in the gutter, cause it didn't even hesitate in thinking of something else. *grin* and it had nothing to do with reading (although you can sometimes find this in books), and I've never heard the song, but my definition has to do with what the song is apparently about.

    After seeing all the picts, my greedy side popped up and said NICE, I want, where's mine.

    Glad you had such a rocking time Kim!

  9. Great recap, Kim! Makes me wish I were doing it all over again this week.

    And the only version of "Afternoon Delight" I ever think of is from Anchorman, when the newsmen sing it in Ron Burgundy's office. And it's definitely about sex then.

  10. My afternoon delight would be a nap! LOL

    It looks like you had so much fun at RT! I am so jealous! I would love to be able to meet alot of my fave authors, but I have serious anxiety over crowds so I don't know if that will ever be possible.

  11. Yay for another recap! Thanks Kim. All this recapping makes me want to go to the next RT.

    The one and only time I've ever heared "Afternoon Delight" was on an episode of Glee. (yes, I'm one of those kids)

    For me, afternoon delight is walking down to the beach and reading until the sun sets.

  12. It was great to see you at RT. Thanks for the photo with Melissa Mayhue-she's a delight!


  13. Great photos once again. I will have to mosey on over to Smart Bitches Trashy Books to view the cakes.

    Oh yes, I remember that song. Quite a few songs, no matter what year they were popular, are about sex.

    Since Hubs works the graveyard shift, my afternoon delight is......well you get the picture! On that note, where can I get one of the SPANK ME rulers?

  14. I remember that song. Sex in the afternoon! LOL! My mom would strongley dissaprove! LOL!

    Speaking of cake. I'm making one today with my girls. Should be fun!

    I love all these pics. Thanks!

  15. Afternoon Delight IS about sex. I don't like the song at all.

  16. Oh, I remember Starland Vocal band and the song and afternoon delights lol. But that was a long time ago... I'm enjoying hearing all about RT - thanks for the pics too.

  17. There seemed to be a lot of cake involved at the whole conference! lol
    My Afternoon Delight would be coming home to loads of delivered books!
    Thank you for another great recap of the conference. I enjoy them a lot!

  18. To me it's ice tea and a good book :-)

  19. Okay I have never heard the song before. LOL. Afternoon delight - it almost brings to mind a cool refreshing drink, one that is normally reserved for the afternoon.

    Or a dessert.

  20. I am an avid gardener. Afternoon Delight is a beautiful tall bearded iris.

  21. Man I wish I could have been there.. I'm green with envy.
    Afternoon delight well now that my favorite cone & shake shop is open It's a TRIPLE scoop of Ice-cream Sundae Chocolate chip mint maple walnut cookies & cream whipped cream nuts and a cherry on top sitting by my pond in the warm sun with The Celts by Enya playing in my ears.
    Have a good one ann/alba

  22. Oh, I remember that song! But I like your RT cake version much better. Thanks for another fun recap.

  23. I love that song!! I still hear it on the radio sometimes,and I always turn the volume waaaay up then :D

  24. I remember hearing that song!

  25. I never hear that song, but if you want to know, my afternoon delight is taking a nap. I usually sleep late in the night,due of my freelance job, so a little time in the afternoon to sleep is paradise for me :)

    sawamura_foxman at yahoo dot com

  26. Sigh, the Goodie Room. :( I'd so love to explore one of those!
    I remember that song from my high school days. Can't help but think of hippies. I'd rather not remember those days...

  27. i've never been to any convention before and goodie room is exist ? lol !

    I wish that i was there, books really make me very excited :)

    never heard about the song before. my AFTERNOON DELIGHT is always, taking nap with my two boys..

  28. It's sounds like you really had a good time at the "Afternoom Delight" get-together. I can't imagine being surrounded by all the authors whose books I love to read. Sorry I would have been a little (okay a lot) star struck!

    Glad to hear that Cathy had finally showed up - I was worried when that first night she was late to appear in your room - I was afraid that one of her readers had wisked her away!

  29. Thanks Kim for that great recap. It sounds like an amazing event I want to be at next year. So many wonderful Authors under one roof. :)
    I loved Afternoon Delight. My Afternoon Delight is definitely going limp on the sofa with a few new books around me, a glass of Pepsi and of course my Golden Oldies radio station.I get so excited over books. Especially if they have kilted men on the cover. :)
    Thanks Kim for sharing. Pictures are great.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 at aol dot com

  30. Oh the pics are great. I am so sad that I couldn't be there again. RT is so much fun.

    An afternoon delight for me is to find a quiet and cozy corner and enjoy a book.

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  32. When I hear "Afternoon delight" I think of either the song or taking a nap.

  33. What a great post! I need to read all of your recaps--RT is always such a wild whirl for me that I never remember half of what I do. It's one of those things that's almost more fun in retrospect!

    So good to see you and it sounds like you had a great time. I think I did...once I catch up on my sleep, I'll know for sure.

  34. Afternoon delight reminds me of lazy Sundays, just lounging around with nothing to do and nowhere to go. I wish my Sundays were that relaxing!


  35. Hey Kim...I'm beyond late responding to your note. I had the best time as one of the hosts of the SOS Mixer. Thank you for the opportunity.

    I've been nose to the grindstone with edits and turned them in just two days brain still hurts! LOL

    Afternoon Delight is definitely the Starland Vocal Band's song...was scandalized the first time I heard it...but for the last two years, I've been one of the authors co-hosting the Afternoon Delight bookseller & librarian party with Anne Elizabeth RT...such fun!!!

    Thank you for all you do for the community. You are THE BEST!!!

    C.H. Admirand