Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekly Winners and RT Recap (Wednesday) - Let them eat Cupcakes!

Our weekly winners ...

Saturday, April 2, Delilah Marvelle's A PERFECT SCANDAL
- Jodi T

Sunday, April 3, Sherrill Bodine's TALK OF THE TOWN
- Majorie

Sunday, April 3, Julie Miller (winner's choice)
- Alinaduffer

Monday, April 4, Caridad Pineiro (winner's choice)
- Catslady

Tuesday, April 5, Christina Skye (winner's choice)
- Ameliad

Wednesday, April 6, Diane Whiteside's THE SHADOW GAURD
- Heather

Thursday, April 7, Kathryn Caskie's SEVEN DEADLY SINS
- Kati

Friday, April 8, Lecia Cornwall's SECRETS OF A PROPER COUNTESS 
- Chelsea B

Saturday, April 9, Military in the Movies (winner's choice)
- June M.

Sunday, April 10, Who are SOS Readers (winner's choice)
- Molly

Monday, April 11, Kat Martin's A SONG FOR MY MOTHER
- Estella

All winners - please send your mailing addresses to

If you did not win this week, don't despair!  I have nine boxes of books taking a Pacific Cruise (media mail from LA).   So that means more books for you, SOS readers!

Speaking of LA, I continue my recap of RT (Wednesday) - Let them eat Cupcakes!

I woke up at @ 2 am as my roommate, Cathy Maxwell, crept into the room.  I thought she was arriving at 1:30 pm ... but it was 1:30 am.  Since I had not seen her in 9 months, we chatted for an hour before we both fell asleep ... only to be awakened at 7 am by perky Anne Elizabeth, inviting us to join her for breakfast.   Despite my lack of sleep, how could I refuse since the invitation included Elizabeth Hoyt and Jade Lee?

After breakfast, Jo Carol (the convention director) asked me to help with the goodie room - readers could select up to 9 books donated by the publishers.  Dogs dream of bones, cats dream of mice, and readers dream of books ... and this was a reader's heaven!   I watched readers carefully inspect books like fine wine, carefully drafting the best of the best for their wine racks, er, book shelves.

During lunch, I set up the SOS Table in Club RT - a vendor's area with many goodies.  Readers could also enter the drawings for baskets donated by authors.   Club RT offered tables for authors to chat with readers - again, it was a reader's dream come true!

I popped into four readers' parties:

Western Reader Roundup hosted by C.H. Admirand, Lori Armstrong, Margaret Brownley, Cindy Holby, Cat Johnson, Janette Kenny, and Beth Williamson .... the authors demonstrated the two step!

CH Admirand and Cat Johnson

- He's A Pirate Treasure Hunt hosted by Cherry Adair, Katharine Ashe, and Maureen O. Betita.  Captain Jack Sparrow would have been proud!

Katharine Ashe, Maureen O. Betita, and Cherry Adair

- Intergalactic Bar and Grille hosted by Marcella Burnard, Nathalie Gray, Jade Lee, Janet Miller, Karen Miller, and Linnea Sinclair.  We answered questions related to space fact, movies, and books.

Marcella Burnard and Jade Lee

- Saucy Sirens Through History was hosted by Sahara Kelly, Sabrina Jeffries, Heather Graham aka Shannon Drake, Gennella DeGrey, Kristi Cook aka Kristi Astor, Renee Bernard, Zoe Archer, Victoria Alexander, Trish Albright, Kaitlin O'Riley, Sharon Page, Amanda Mcintyre, Kieran Kramer, Sally MacKenzie, Mia Marlowe and Bobbi Smith

Heather Graham

Sally MacKenzie with a reader 

Victoria Alexander

Sabrina Jeffries with a reader 

Mia Marlowe

Kristi Cook

Bobbi Smith

I hustled upstairs to the Avon Live Feed with Katharine Ashe, Elizabeth Boyle, Tessa Dare, Sophie Jordan, Cathy Maxwell, and Sophia Nash.  Afterwards, we enjoyed wine and cupcakes.  I'll share a secret - Cathy Maxwell loved the Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes!  

Sophia Nash and Cathy Maxwell

At this point, Cathy and I were exhausted so we just retired to our room as readers appeared in the lobby dressed in saris for Ellora's Cave Bollywood Party (which I heard was a roaring success).

So let's giveaway one more book - winner's choice from my RT stash - to randomly selected commenter:

1.  Which author would motivate you to give up sleep?

2.  Comments and giveaway open to all readers.

3.  Comments open through Saturday, April 16, 10 pm in Hawaii to be considered for the giveaway.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, April 17.


Kim in Hawaii


  1. I'm craving cupcakes. I love to see the costumes. Lisa Kleypas is one author that I have given up sleep for.

  2. There are many authors that I would give up sleep to meet: Sabrina Jeffries, Karen Hawkins, Lynsay Sands, Kerrelyn Sparks, Larissa Ione, and so many more!

    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  3. I can't choose just one so, I would lose sleep over Lynsay Sands, Alyssa Day, Christine Feehan, C.L. Wilson, Nalini Singh and Lora Leigh.

  4. I would have to say Larissa Ione.

  5. I would lose sleep for Madeline Hunter, Mary Jo Putney, Jo Beverly, Lisa Kleypas, Liz Carlyle, Julia Quinn, Cathy Maxwell and Mary Balogh. Sounds like I won't be getting much sleep!

  6. Let's see an author that would make me give up sleep? Sherrilyn Kenyon, Larissa Ione, Nalini Singh, Mercedes Lackey, Laura Bickle/Alyana Williams

  7. I've given up major sleep for J.K. Rowling. When the 5th Harry Potter book came out I was at a conference. I stayed up till the wee hours reading it and then had to get up for an 8am session. Don't remember much of the session.

    Jodi S.

  8. I love the pictures! It looks like everyone had so much fun. I would loose sleep for a few of authors such as Lisa Kleypas, Johanna Lindsey, Larissa Ione, Shiloh Walker, Elizabeth Boyle, Nora Roberts...and more, who NEEDS sleep! lol

  9. I will stay up all night to read an Elizabeth Boyle book! (Just one amoung many authors)

    Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

  10. Congrats to all the winners and I am thrilled to be one of them.
    I would love to have a chat with any author,
    it amazes me how anyone could write a whole book.
    Writing is definitely not in me and it is surely a talent to be grateful for.
    Love the pictures, you had a great time for sure.

  11. I've lost many hours of sleep with several authors. The most recent ones being Kieran Kramer and Margaret Mallory.

  12. I bought last year's historical RITA winner, Not Quite a Husband, just because it had won and I was curious. I ended up reading until dawn. Sherry Thomas is the author. It's been a while since I really couldn't put a book down, especially because I have kids who are up in the morning whether I sleep or not!

    Caro Carson

  13. Hmm, I really like my sleep but I can think of a couple that I would give up sleep for.

    Christine Feehan
    Larissa Ione
    Sherrilyn Kenyon

  14. I'll give up sleep for a Julia Quinn book any day! Thanks for the fun recap.

  15. Oh Kim, I'm living vicariously through your RT recap. I watched the Avon Live Feed. It made me kind of sad that the internet was cutting in and out. I never got to hear the answer to my question. Thank you so much for picking my name to receive the book by Kathryn Caskie. I've been wanting to read her for so long.

    I've lost sleep over J.K. Rowling. I stayed up till midnight for the last 3 Potter books. As for romance authors, I've lost sleep over Julie Anne Long and her Pennyroyal Green series and Elizabeth Hoyt for all her books. I'm obsessed with book series and they wreck havoc on my sleeping habits. :)

  16. Lynsay Sands and Jill Shalvis are my two favorites -- historical and contemporary romance at its best!

  17. I have given up quite a lot of sleep for authors already! :) Amongst others for Lisa Kleypas, Lorelei James, Elizabeth Hoyt, Julie James, Julia Quinn, Jill Shalvis, Pamela Clare and so many more. Sometimes I drive my bf crazy with my reading late into the night. lol

  18. I can't pick just one. There are so many different authors that I would lose sleep over: JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jenna Petersen, Candace Camp, Victoria Alexander, Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter, Lara Adrian, Teresa Medeiros, Lisa Kleypas, Katharine Ashe, Ashley March...and the list just goes on and on.

  19. I love Donna Kauffman, Jill Shalvis, Opal Carew, Shiloh Walker, and Larissa Ione.

  20. Oh my I would give up sleep for any of my favorite authors! A few being Teresa Medeiros, Johanna Lindsey, Lisa Kleypas, Eloisa James, C. Dodd, JAK, Connie Brockway, Kerrelyn Sparks, Rachel Gibson, Jill Shalvis and so many others! I could really go on and on. These awesome authors give up so much to write fabulous books for us readers to enjoy I would give up a whole night sleep to meet anyone of em! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Thank you for your post and all the photos, Kim. Congratulations to the winners!

    It's hard for me to answer your question because unlike most fiction readers, I pick my reading material based on the main theme of the story rather than the author.

    Still, I'd gladly lose sleep if I could meet the authors who are my Facebook friends and blogging buddies. They include Kathleen O'Brien, Katharine Ashe, Emily March, Kieran Kramer, Mia Marlowe, Danielle Thorne, Gail Delaney, Lisa Dale, and Robin DeHart.

    The list would be considerably longer if I include romance-genre editors, publishers, bloggers, website owners, reviewers, and unpublished writers. Not to mention just plain readers!

    Keep up the good work.

  22. I didn't see any pictures of any male "romance writers" among your pictures. There had to be at least one - and he could have kept me up all night! (Oh yeah, he probably would have been half my age and expected me to bake him cookies) Guess I'd just stay up all night for a month trying to get caught up on all my reading - but which of my favorite author's books to start first?).

  23. Oh, these are the best pics I've seen yet. I am a nightowl so I would have no problem staying up all night to see as many authors that I could.

  24. Wow, just one? Kim it's not possibly to name just one I'd give up sleep for.

  25. Basically ever author I've ever read xDD Well, no, not that many, but most of them! The lastest was Jennifer Estep :D

  26. Authors that keep me awake are Julia Quinn, Elizabeth Hoyt, Victoria Alexander, Deb Marlowe, Margaret Rowe, and so many more..

  27. Hi Kim.
    Congratulations to All the winners..
    wow there are so many great authors I would loose sleep over.
    Christine Marion Frazer Wonderful Scottish writer.
    Donna Grant Karen Marie Moning Jr ward Sabrina Jeffries, Karen Hawkins, Lynsay Sands Jude Derveroux Beatrice Small.
    I think thats enough though I have a endless list.
    Have a good one Ann/alba

  28. I would lose sleep (and have) from authors, such as Lilly Gayle, Katherine Ashe, Amy Corwin, Emily March, Lisa Gardner, Terri Blockstock, Amy Greene, Karen White, just to name a few.

  29. Congrats to all the winners!

    I would loose sleep over Anne Stuart, Lori Wilde, Lisa Kleypas and Lori Brighton.

  30. First-- THANK YOU!! :-)

    Second-- There are so many authors I would skip sleep to meet! Like Kerrelyn Sparks and Gena Showalter and Kresley Cole and Sabrina Jeffries and Cynthia Eden and.... and.... Yeah, I could go on, and on, and on.... :-)

  31. Congrats to all the winners !!!

    I can't pick up one, coz i love to chat with many authors who are my Facebook friends. Larissa Ione, Anna Campbell, Adrian phoenix, Jeri Smith-Ready and I have few more :)

  32. Congrats to the winners!

    And I want cupcakes now, too!

    I think all authors make me stay up too late although the last book that made me stay up until 3AM to finish was "Eragon", a YA book by Christopher Paolini. Of course, by THAT time, I was just happy it was over.

  33. Congratulations to all of the winners! Great pictures too. But, where is your picture?

    I would be motivated to give up sleep with a chance to meet and chat with Anne Rice.

  34. Congratulation for the winner :D..
    Nice Pic, I love to see many author that I've never meet before, since I'm not live in USA :)

    So many author that make me give up sleep, most is paranormal romance or UF author like Nalini Singh, Gena Showalter, Larissa Ione, Jeaniene Frost, Lisa Kleypas, Pamela Clare and many more :D

    sawamura_foxman at yahoo dot com

  35. Big congrats to the winners!

    Oh I gave up a lot of sleep during my three RTs, but most during my first one in Daytona.

    It's great to hang out with author friends.

  36. I could name plenty, but right now off the top of my head: Donna Kauffman, Nicola Cornick, Jill Shalvis, Jane Porter, and Cynthia Eden.


  37. Sounds like it was great time