Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Aloha to Gwyn Cready and A NOVEL SEDUCTION

Gwyn Cready is known for her time travel romances but today she celebrates the release of a contemporary romance with a road trip theme, A NOVEL SEDUCTION:

When snobbish book critic Ellery Sharpe screws up at Vanity Place magazine, her boss assigns her the ultimate punishment: write an ode to romance novels, a genre she considers the literary equivalent of word search puzzles. To make matters worse, he hires her sexy former party boy ex, Axel Mackenzie, to shoot the photos. Axel really wants the project to succeed. For one, the magazine will double his fee if he convinces strong-willed Ellery to write a story no woman can resist. Besides, getting Ellery to fall for romance novels might be just the push she needs to believe people can change . . . even him. At his sister’s advice, Axel gives Ellery a copy of Kiltlander, a much-adored romance whose warrior hero is utterly irresistible. To her dismay, Ellery finds herself secretly falling in love with the story—and with Axel, who’s drawing his own lessons from the book’s compelling hero. With her carefully crafted image of herself crumbling and her dream job on the line, will Ellery risk it all to make the leap from tight-lipped literati to happily-ever-after heroine?

A scene from Kiltlander?
1st Scot Guards

I posted my review on Goodreads at this link.   A NOVEL SEDUCTION takes Ellery and Axel to Pittsburgh, London, and Cairnpapple (Scotland).   Join me for a peek at their travel log:

- Looking for Vamps at the Monkey Bar in Pittsburgh:   Gwyn lives in Pittsburgh so it is no surprise that there is a real The Monkey Bar.   From Bar Smart at this link:

A smaller bar, The Monkey Bar, makes up for it in cheap prices and good specials. The bartenders are all very well trained, and very pleasant to look at. With a television in every corner of the bar, a nicely stocked jukebox, and several dartboards it's easy to see why this place almost always has a crowd. The beers are always cold, and the food is excellent. 

According to Ellery, this would be an accurate description of the original Monkey Bar until it was featured in VAMP and morphed into a paranormal waterhole to connect itself with the popular book. 

All romance books leads to England so Ellery and Axel jet off to London.   

- Meeting the Rosemary Readers at the Rosemary Hotel (with Pub):   Still skeptical that romance books have any value, Ellery follows Axel to a London pub where the Rosemary Readers meet weekly.  The readers are not what Ellery expects.   In fact, they feed her curiosity for KILTLANDER and its time travel portal, Cairnpapple Hill.

The Rosemary Branch Pub

Ellery and Axel travel by train to Edinburgh to meet with a socialogist. Ellery realizes that the good doctor lives in the shadows of Cairnpapple Hill.

- Standing atop Cairnpapple Hill. Cairnpapple is an actual site cared by Historic Scotland at this link.

Cairnpapple was used from about 3,000 BC to 1400 BC firstly as a ceremonial site then several centuries later as a burial site.  It is situated on the summit of Cairnpapple Hill with stunning views over central Scotland, and as far as Goat Fell, on Arran, on a good day.   The henge monument is a good example of this rare class of neolithic ceremonial monument.

Hubby and I visited Cairnpapple Hill during our 2007 tour of Scotland. I can tell you it is magical.

Cairnpapple Hill

To celebrate the magic of romance, I am giving away a print copy of A NOVEL SEDUCTION to one randomly selected commenter.  To enter the giveaway,

1.  Leave a comment about some place special, where you live or visited, that would be the perfect backdrop for a romance book.

2.  This giveaway is open to all readers.

3.  Comments are open through Saturday, October 29, 10 pm in Hawaii.   I'll post the winners on Sunday, October 30.


Kim in Hawaii

To learn more about Gwyn and her books, including links to purchase, check out her website at www.gwyncready.com.

And the party continues on my guest post, A NOVEL SEDUCTION - a study of undergarments in romance novels at this link.

Graeme Sinclair playing the bagpipes atop Cairnpapple Hill


  1. There is a castle in Northern Ireland that has drawn me every time I see it. Dunluce Castle is in intriguing and has a few surprising happenings in its past.

  2. Oo! I love Gwyn Cready novels. And here's my entry. I'm originally from Hawaii, but I live in England now. There's a castle called Eastnor where I live and it is going to be the perfect romantic backdrop for a novel, because it's going into the very novel I'm writing! :)

  3. I have to say Kauai, particularly the black beach.

    A link for a good cause--an anthology for veteran medical research:
    Please forgive me if I missed a post you've done on this.

  4. I would be really interested in reading a story taking place in my own town. It has little to offer at first glance. But the simple life, familiar people and church, shops, library & townsquare can all be made to fit a fabulous lovestory I think.

    If the author is a good writer, I'll love any place the story leads me towards. It's the people that come first to me & where they live their lives comes second.

  5. I grew up in Redondo Beach, California and there are places on the beach that early in the morning by the rocks are just so pretty and right as the sun comes up lighting up the water I think would make an excellent backdrop for a romance book.

  6. Bora Bora, would be the perefect location for a romance novel. One could relax in your overwater villa looking out at the beautiful, blue/green water and dream up a romantic story.

  7. I meant to write perfect....location. I think I need to get the eyes checked.....soon.

  8. I spent the first seven years of my life in Puerto Rico and have gone back to visit relatives several times. Any place on the island would be ideal for a romance but especially Old Town San Juan and the El Yunque Rainforest and beaches. "A Novel Seduction" looks like a fun book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. The Oregon coast is beautiful it would be perfect!


  10. Hi Kim! This book wasn't a time travel but there sure was a lot of traveling. :) Venice or Rome would make for an excellent backdrop. Or Scotland. I do love a good historical.

    Please don't enter me for the giveaway. I already have a copy.

  11. As soon as I read the blurb I had to add it to my wishlist immediately. This book sounds really good! Regarding special places, there is a lot of them in Italy, but my favourite one is Cavazzo lake (it's also called the Lake of Three Municipalities). It is the widest natural lake in my region. There are many legends about this lake, but for me it is one of the most picturesque places I have ever seen. The best place to see the fall colours.

  12. Aloha, Debby! I am going to check out Dunluce Castle!

    Aloha, Suzanne! I am going to be in touch with you!

    Aloha, Kirsten! Small towns are always a great locale, especially if they are in the Netherlands!

    Aloha, Mary! The beach is a natural setting for a romance!

    Aloha, Barbara! I've heard from several military friends that Bora Bora is breathtaking!

    Aloha, Maria! I also lived in Puerto Rico as a toddler but I don't remember it. My mother would like to go back to San Juan.

    Aloha, Natalija! Italia, without a doubt, is gorgeous. I have sampled Venice, Roma, and Pisa.

  13. Aloha, Liz! Great recommendation on Kauai!

    And thanks for the link. Readers are always welcome to leave links which support military families. I have been kicking around some ideas to expand an open forum .... but I have to conquer the dust bunnies first!

  14. Aloha, Kati! Thanks for catching my mistake. I changed the opening sentence to reflect "road trip" (not time travel). I write these blogs in the evening and sometimes my brain is not as alert as it should be!

  15. I too just realized this wasn't a time travel but it still sounds like a fantastic read and I am especially thrilled that parts are in my hometown of Pittsburgh which has many romantic spots. One is our incline up to Mt. Washington where there are intimate restaurants, observation decks and a view to die for. Our Phipps Conservatory is also romantic with fragrant paths and candlelight evenings (I sound like a travel logue lol). I'm looking forward to hearing about my city in this book!


  16. Apparently there isn't enough romance in my life because I can't think of a special place that would be a good setting for a romance - at least that hasn't already been written about! I'll have to ponder this some more.

    A Novel Seduction sounds like a great read and it has been added to my TBR list.

    Liz, thanks for the link - I've been following this book waiting for it to become available for pre-order.

  17. Scotland is very beautiful. I'd love to visit again - it's been over 20 years!

  18. We visited Tahiti and it would be a wonderful place for a romantic setting, as it is a totally romantic and beautiful place.

  19. I've always enjoyed visiting Scotland--and reading novels set there.

  20. About the only books that I can think of that would work good being set in Kentucky (where I live) would be cowboy romances. I would much rather visit Scotland, lol.

  21. I Gwyns books I have them all with the exception of A novel Seduction.
    My favorite place for a story to begin is Luss Scotland (http://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/luss/luss/index.html )
    Thatch roof cottages the smell of peat fires church bells gentle waves lapping at the shores.
    I go every time i go home.
    Have a good one Ann/alba

  22. I'm going up to the Sunshine Coast next week: sun, sea & sand. A perfect setting for romance.

  23. I would love to see a story with the backdrop of my own country South Africa I have not yet read a proper romance story with South Africa as the backdrop so definitely a story set in the gorgeous Cape Town ,sun sea and fun !


  24. Oregon would make a perfect setting! There are the beaches and the forests and, of course, Mt. Hood.

  25. * Laughs * It would be neat to see more books set in my area of West Virginia. I have to say the mountains and scenery here is nice.

    Place I visited is Folly Beach but then I seen one book was set there.

  26. The only places that I can think of are New Orleans and Natchez.

  27. I love New Orleans, and adore romances set there :-)

  28. I don't really travel but I do think there are some cities that are more romantic than others - like Paris and New Orleans. But sometimes just a walk (or kiss) under a full moon in any city is romantic enough.

  29. To be honest, I think any place can be a great backdrop for a romance novel. From places that are known to be romantic to more unique places, I would love to explore them all!