Thursday, October 13, 2011

Aloha to the US Navy's 236th Birthday!

Birthday cake for deployed sailors!

Hau`oli Lā Hānau
! From the Master Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy at this link:

Shipmates and Navy families,

As we honor the birth of the United States Navy 236 years ago, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all Sailors, civilians and family members for their service and dedication to our great Navy team.

From our beginning in 1775 with just six frigates to our present-day highly diversified, modern Fleet with a total of 285 deployable ships and submarines, our Navy is the best it has ever been. Our Navy has remained steadfast and ready for 236 years, and we continue to be ready to answer every call our nation makes thanks to your outstanding dedication and selfless support.

Happy birthday shipmates ... you look pretty darn good to be 236 years old!

USS Constitution - the Navy's oldest ship

Yes, the Navy looks great for 236 years old because its sailors and families have kept it young!   Consider who in Romanceland is connected to the Navy - from the RomVets roster at this link:

Kayelle Allen,USN,73-77, Avionics
Anne Ashby, Royal NZ Navy, 70-91, Communications
Terry Blain,USN,73-76,Electronics
Rogenna Brewer,USN,80-85,Administration
Shannon Brown,USN,02-pres,Logistics
Christyne Butler,USN, 87-92,Data processing
Cindy Carver, USN, 76-79,Aviation Machinist mate
Susan Charnley,USN, 76-85,Sonar systems
Misty Chavis, USN, 80-05, Supply
Diana Cosby,USN,78-96,Meteorologist
Mary Fishler-Fisk,USN,81-05,Surface Warfare Officer
Loni Glover, USN, 87-89, Logistics
Ilena Holder,USN, 72-76,Aviation Storekeeper
Charlotte Hunter, USN, 88-10, Chaplain
Candace Irvin,USA/USN, 83-91,Surface ships
Geri Krotow,USN,82-95,Air/ASW Intel
Cathy Maxwell,USN,76-82,Intelligence
Dawn McClure,USN,95-98, Cryptology tech
Lindsay McKenna,USN,64-67, Meteorology
Heather Nickodem, USN, 74-87, Personnel
JoAnn Reardon, USN, 88-94, Cryptologist
Shelagh Rivera, USN, 74-95, Nurse
Lucy Slagel,USN,73-93,Intelligence
Leigh Willis, USN, 02-08, Cryptologist

Sailors aboard the USS Ronald Reagan man the rails
and salute the USS Arizona Memorial.

Plus there are numerous Navy spouses and family members, too, including but not limited to Anne Elizabeth, Kendra Leigh Castle, Alyssa Day, Jennifer Hart, Julia Justiss, Melissa Mayhue, and Tara Nina (I know there are more ... my brain is just fried!)

Mahalo, ladies, for your service! Now let's open the Navy's present to us - freedom!  In honor of freedom, I am giving away a book choice from my convention stash.  To enter the giveaway,

1.  Leave a comment about the US Navy - any connections?  seen any ships sail by?   Have you read any authors with Navy connections?

2.  Since the Navy sails the world, this giveaway is open to all readers.

3.  Comments are open through Saturday, October 15, 10 pm in Pearl Harbor.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, October 16.  


Kim in Hawaii

Submariners aboard the USS Cheyenne
also salute the USS Arizona Memorial

Anchors Aweigh, my boys
Anchors Aweigh
Farewell to college joys
We sail at break of day, 'ay 'ay 'ay
O'er our last night ashore
Drink to the foam
Until we meet once more
Here's wishing you a happy voyage home!

WAVES visit the USS Missouri
in 1944


  1. I live inland now, so no Naval ships sailing by. When I lived in Sydney we often saw US ships in the harbour. We are allies after all.

  2. My dad was in the Navy back when he was younger. He worked in the kitchen and he said he's never peeled so many potatoes in his life.

  3. My brother served in the Navy. He worked on radar systems.

  4. I have two uncles who served in the Navy in WWII. Also three of my neighbors served int he Navy.

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  5. Kim, what a great tribute! This is a fantastic celebration!

    Yes, I love being a Navy wife! In addition, I have two great uncles who were in the navy. Sadly, they have passed away, but their stories and appreciation of the service still have a strong legacy. Some of the things they did on shore leave were hysterical and their stories are still bandied about by the relatives.

    In 2012, SEAL ONE & TWO will have their 50th anniversaries. Another milestone is coming soon! :)

    Thanks for honoring our servicemen and women, Kim! You're the best!!!!

    HOOYAH & HUGS!!!

    P.S. Cathy Maxwell's books ROCK!!!!

  6. Hi Kim,

    I have no connections to the Navy that I know of and I cant say I have ever been priviliged engough to see them in real life only in the movies but I do love the uniforms always have and always will.


  7. Go, Navy! You make us proud! I have an odd connection to the Fleet. My father's hometown, Whitehall, NY, considers itself the birthplace of the Navy as that's where the first ships assembled back in 1775.

  8. My husband was in the Navy. He worked with the radar on the ships he was on.

  9. I don't have any personal connection to the Navy...but I did visit the shipyards in New Port News on vacation - which is as close as I've gotten to the do have a friend who's husband is in the Navy (getting ready to retire next year) and I've sent off some care packages for the submariners but that's pretty much it

  10. Thanks for another wonderful birthday tribute to the Navy. I can tell you from my experience as a Navy wife, there are few more stirring sights than seeing that gray ship headed into port. And if you happen to be waiting in a foreign port, seeing that red, white and blue flag flapping in the breeze is enough to bring tears to your eyes...

    Thanks for all you do, Kim!

    ~ Melissa

  11. Happy Birthday to the US Navy. I've read Cathy and Lindsay's books.

  12. Happy Birthday to all that serviced in the US Navy & still serving Thanks for keeping us safe! Mahalo to all of you!

  13. Happy Birthday to the U.S. Navy, and thank you, Kim, for helping us always to remember not only the men and women who serve but also their families, whose sacrifices are far greater than most of us can imagine.

    A beautiful post!

  14. My husband was a Navy SeaBee. He was only on a ship for a week or two for training lol. But I do remember having to iron those uniforms. He got in trouble once becauses I did his creases in the wrong direction lol. Happy Birthday Navy and thanks for reminding all of us and all you do!


  15. Mm, no Navy connections; however, a sternwheel festival, there was a warship that people got to go through. We went only because my son loves armed forces, really into the games.

  16. Thank you to everyone out there who has served in the Navy and the family members who have supported them! I currently have a friend who is in the Navy. When she was statioined on the Aircraft Carrier the Stennis, she took us on a tour of the ship. She was the Captain's cook and we got to see his quarters and the galley, etc. It was so interesting! If anyone visits San Diego, please check out the US Midway Museum Aircraft Carrier. You can walk all over the ship and check out a variety of aircraft that are up on the top.

  17. Aloha! Thanks for joining the celebrations!

    Artemis - as you know, we'll celebrate the Corps on November 10.

  18. Thank you Kim for a wonderful tribute to the men and women of the US Navy and their families. Happy Birthday, Navy!!

    My ex-husband was in the Navy and ran river boats during the Vietnam War. That's about as close as I get.

    I've read books by Lindsey McKenna and Alyssa Day and do recognize some of the other author names.

  19. Had two sons and two step sons in the Navy at the same time during the first Gulf War.

    I have read several of the authors listed.

  20. My grandfather was in the Navy. I don't get to see any ships sailing by as I live in the middle of the country. I have read books that have a Navy connection. Happy 236th Birthday U.S. Navy!


  21. Even though my husband was USAF, my Dad, 2 uncles and several cousins were WWII Navy and 1 uncle was WWI Navy, and, of course, we're surrounded by Navy in Annapolis. So Happy Birthday, Navy and thanks to all for your service.

  22. I personally do not have any connections with the navy. But that doesn't mean I can't be proud or appreaciative of those who serve. So I hope you have a very happy Birthday Navy & the best of wishes from me!

  23. My father and his four brothers all served in WWII. The youngest was in the Navy. Happy birthday, Navy!

  24. Happy 236th to the US Navy!

    I don't have any connections with the Navy, but I have read and enjoy a few books that have a connection!

  25. Happy Birthday to the US Navy. I admire all military personnel and that includes the Navy. I'm a bit of afraid of water so extra kudos to these brave men and woman. That cake looks delicious.

  26. Happy Birtday to the Navy. There is an author, Suzanne McMinn who has a website called chickens in the road and I have bee reading about her son's time in the navy.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  27. Happy Birthday to the U.S. Navy. My sincere thanks to all who serve to protect our country and keep it free. My thanks as well to their family members whose support allows them to do their job. And last, but not least, thanks to those who support our troops.
    God bless,

    Diana Cosby, AGC(AW), USN Ret.

  28. Go Navy! My Grampy was in WWII with the Sea Bees.I think I spelled that incorrectly. Anyway, after my hubby being in the Army, I think I just might get one of my daughters into the Navy! She's looking into the Nuclear Program right now and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Naval Academy.

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