Friday, April 3, 2015

Aloha to Battle Creek - TV Review

I discovered a new show (mid season replacement) on Sunday night - BATTLE CREEK.  From (link),

BATTLE CREEK stars Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters in a drama about two mismatched law enforcement officers whose polar opposite views of the world and crime-solving breed frustration, disdain, humor and possibly a grudging respect as they clean up the hardscrabble streets of Battle Creek, Mich. Det. Russ Agnew, a good but gruff, hard-boiled detective, has his world upended when strikingly handsome, charismatic Special Agent Milton Chamberlain opens an FBI field office at the police station and chooses Russ to be his partner. Milt’s polished sophistication and access to unlimited state-of-the-art equipment is impressive to his new co-workers in the absurdly underfunded department. As Russ and Milt work long hours together in the economically distressed city of Battle Creek, the question is: will it be Milt’s charm and endless supply of high-end resources or Russ’s old-fashioned cynicism, guile and deception that prove to be the keys to catching the bad guys in his beloved hometown? Janet McTeer, Kal Penn, Edward Fordham, Jr. and Aubrey Dollar also star.

Dean Winters (above, left) debuted in HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET, ventured over to LAW & ORDER: SUV, and popped up in other "cop" shows.    He is also "Mayhem" in the Allstate commercials.  Winters is perfectly cast as the scruffy cop who internalizes his emotions.  He is the ying to Josh Duhamel's yang as the almost-too-perfect FBI agent.   It would be easy to characterize them as the Odd Couple of crime fighting ... but BATTLE CREEK is much more.   It offers humor as they try to outwit the other; warmth as they try to find friendship; and quirkiness of a colorful cast living the American dream.

Watch BATTLE CREEK on Sunday nights, 10 pm EST, or on demand.   
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1.  Do you have a favorite cop show?  Mine, of course, is Hawaii Five O.

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Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City 


  1. I discovered Battle Creek two weekends ago. I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but it turned out to be more fun than expected and I've enjoyed the episodes thus far. "Mayhem" is great and Mr. Duhamel is lovely on the eyes. I will keep watching.

    I'm not sure what my favorite cop show would be. Hawaii 5-0 certainly was for a long time, but I've kinda lost interest and it's gotten weirder with each passing season.


  2. Blue Bloods. I haven't seen BC yet, but it looks like an enjoyable show.

  3. I don't watch any cop shows, so I don't have a favorite. More a detective girl & love Midsommer Murders :D

  4. This is the first I have heard of this show. It sounds like fun. I'm a fan of Hawaii Five O too.

  5. Blue Bloods. I didn't watch it when it first started, but got into it when prior season started running. Now I try not to miss it.

  6. I like the real life show called Forensic Files. It is so interesting to learn how they solve cold cases.

  7. I love Hawaii 5-0 also. I am looking forward to this new show cause I love Josh Duhamel.

  8. NCIS and the old Criminal Minds. I can watch reruns forever :) thanks for sharing!

  9. Major Crimes with Mary McDonnell, NCIS with Mark Harman and Blue Bloods with Tom Selleck are my top favorite cop shows, but i do have Battle Creek recording for this Sun :)

  10. My favorite cop show has been Law and Order SVU for years. But I just started watching Blue Bloods and I'm really liking that one too.

  11. The real Battle Creek is in my neck of the woods. It really is a mostly crappy place. I haven't seen the show yet, but I have high hopes for it. I love "Mayhem" and Josh has always been a celeb fave. :) NCIS is a favorite show of mine to watch. Haven't had any others up to that par.

  12. NCIS for me. Love Mark Harmon.