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Aloha to Toni Anderson and COLD HEARTED (Cold Justice Book 6)


It is my privilege to welcome the multitalented Toni Anderson to SOS Aloha! From her bio,

A graduate of Marine Biology from the University of Liverpool, and the University of St. Andrews, Toni was a Post-doctoral Research Scientist for several years, and travelled the world with her work. After living in six different countries, she finally settled in the Canadian prairies with her Irish husband and two children. Now she spends her time talking to the voices in her head and making things up. Toni has no explanation for her oft-times dark imagination, and only hopes the romance makes up for it. She’s addicted to reading, dogs, tea (never travels without it), and chocolate. She loves to hear from readers.

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Kim: Six different countries! What have you learned about people after your nomadic moves?

Toni: It’s fun moving around actually. I love people even though I’m a bit of a hermit. For all there are huge generalities about people from different countries, I found people everywhere world appreciate the same things: a smile or a laugh, good food, and a glass of something cold at the end of a long workday. And although there are ‘bad’ people everywhere, most people are generous and kind. A little kindness goes a long way.

Kim:  You recently visited my beloved Hawaii. What was your favorite "tourist" activity?

Toni: I was only there for a week and most days I was tucked up inside the conference center so I didn’t do as much ‘touring’ as I would have liked. What a beautiful part of the world! I loved the whole place. The sandy beaches, the warm sun, the fresh breeze, the clear ocean. I really enjoyed the hike up Diamond Head and loved seeing the hula dancers, but the most special thing I did was go to Pearl Harbor. It’s a fascinating place that brought that part of the war alive for me. I was honored I got to see it.

Kim:  How did your training as a Marine Biologist prepare you to write romantic suspense?

ToniMy training as a Marine Biologist helped in many different ways. Getting a Ph.D. taught me how to approach problem solving and roadblocks, how to persevere (there’s that word again). It also meant I had a lot of experience and background material to use for fictional characters. I get a little freaked out by how scientists are often portrayed in fiction. My characters are much closer to reality, except real scientists party more.

Kim: Tell us about the Cold Justice series, which was recently released as a box set. What inspired it?

Toni: I love Romantic Suspense; it is my favorite genre to read. I’ve always been intrigued by people who bend the rules and by situations where there is no right answer. My Cold Justice Series is loosely set around the FBI’s BAU-4 (ala Criminal Minds), but my heroes and heroines often bend the rules to achieve a ‘just’ending. My first hero is an assassin and he gets a lot of love from readers. The sixth book comes out May 31st, 2016 and is called COLD HEARTED. The hero of that one is FBI Agent Darsh Singh and the herione is a detective called Erin Donovan. The two share a bit of a history and then have to track down a viscious murderer on a college campus.

Dark Waters (Barkley Sound, #2)

I am giving away a copy of DARK WATERS from Toni's Barclay Sound series to one randomly selected commenter.  To enter the giveaway,

1. Leave a comment about tea - Toni never travels without it. Do you like it hot or cold?  Milk, lemon, or sugar?  

2. Comments are open through Saturday, April 30, 10 pm in Baltimore.

3. I'll post the winner on Sunday, May 1.


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  1. I drink a lot of tea. I like Earl Grey and Lady Grey. I also like Chai Latte. I always have milk and sugar in my tea.

  2. I love tea period! Hot with a little tea with lemon (sugar free)

  3. Luv Southern style iced tea, brewed in the sun, and sweetened with sugar! Thanks for the giveaway!


  4. Pass me a cup of fruit tea, please!


  5. I like hot black tea with a splash of milk.

  6. I don't care for tea.

  7. I only drink black ea and I have it with cream and sweet and low. I too travel with tea.

  8. I don't drink a lot of tea, but when I do, it has to be hot.

  9. Earl Grey. Hot with a spot of cream and a little sweetener. My granddaughters enjoy having tea with their mini set when they visit.

  10. Earl Grey. Hot with a spot of cream and a little sweetener. My granddaughters enjoy having tea with their mini set when they visit.

  11. I like breakfast tea. I like it hot with milk, no sugar. I really enjoy my first cup of tea. Wishing Toni all the best with the new one. Awesome series

  12. I enjoy both hot and cold tea, especially with lemon.

  13. I enjoy both hot and cold tea. I drink only black tea though with cream and sugar. But I love sweet tea. I have some catching up to do with the Cold Justice series.
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