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Aloha to Kate Dyer-Seely and IN CAVE DANGER (Pacific Northwest Mystery) - Book Review

On an expedition into Oregon's Lava River Cave, outdoor journalist Meg Reed stumbles across a body buried way more than six feet under . . .

A debate is raging over the use of public lands, and to cover the story for Northwest Extreme magazine, Meg joins a congressman and several others on a subterranean adventure--despite her intense claustrophobia. The thoughts of cave-ins and cougars are unnerving, but at least it's a distraction from her other anxieties, like her best friend's departure for Italy, her boss's plan to sell the company, and the ongoing questions about her father's suspicious death. But in the chilly darkness of the volcanic rock, she discovers a Forest Service employee, stabbed with a trowel. Now Meg will need to do some in-depth investigating or the truth may never come to the surface . . . 

Kate Dyer-Seeley writes the Pacific Northwest Mystery Series for Kensington Publishing, featuring a young journalist, Meg Reed, who bills herself as an intrepid adventurer in order to land a gig writing for Northwest Extreme. Only Meg’s idea of sport is climbing onto the couch without spilling her latte.

Kate lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and son, where you can find her hitting the trail, at an artisan coffee shop, or at her favorite pub. Better yet—all three.

Learn more about Kate and her books at katedyerseeley.com.

Thurston Lava Tube near Kilauea, Hawaii

What fresh Hell awaits! 
- Frasier 

When Meg Reed graduated with a journalism degree, job prospects were slim pickings.  She convinced the owner of Northwest Exposure, a high adventure magazine, that she could tackle each assignment with gusto.  Yet each gig required her to face a personal fear.  IN CAVE DANGER, Book 5 in the Pacific Northwest Mystery series, Meg signs up for a tour of a lava cave despite her fear of small spaces.  Just as the tour descends into the tunnels, she stumbles across the dead body of a forest ranger.   

IN CAVE DANGER tackles the timely debate of public lands - should the land be preserved for posterity or opened for recreation?  The murdered ranger was an outspoken advocate for preservation thus Meg suspects a local rancher of foul play. As she launches her own investigation of the ranger's death, she finds herself embroiled in a larger mystery that involves her father, a legendary journalist who was run down while investigating the meth trade.  This larger mystery has been the overarching story line since SCENE OF THE CRIME, Book 1 in the series.  I felt the meth trade overshadowed the "mystery of the week" thus shortchanging Meg's sleuthing around the lava cave and high desert.  Yet Dyer Seeley was able to wrap up both mysteries in this series finale while staying true to Meg's character.

IN CAVE DANGER followed previous books in detailing the great outdoors in the Pacific Northwest which fuels the high adventure industry.  I enjoyed learning about the Lava River Cave and the Oregon High Desert - who knew Mother Nature was so creative?  I also appreciated Seely Dyer including the emerging culture of Bend, Oregon, along the Deschutes River - what's not to love about fresh air, majestic scenery, and indie pubs?
I purchased IN CAVE DANGER since I enjoyed previous books in the series.

Image result for sos aloha lava tube
My family found a lava tube under tree roots along 
the Road to Hana on Maui 

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