Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Aloha to Bronwen Evans and A TASTE OF SEDUCTION (The Disgraced Lords Book 5)


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Lady Evangeline Stuart chose to wed a tyrant with a title, or so society believes. That was five years ago—five long years she could have spent with her first and only love: Lord Hadley Fullerton, the second son of the Duke of Claymore. Now Evangeline is a widow, and her soul cries out for Hadley. But when they see each other at last, everything has changed. The passion in his eyes has been corrupted by betrayal. Somehow Evangeline must regain Hadley’s trust—without revealing the secret that would spoil the seduction.

Hadley is determined not to be distracted by Evangeline. He and the other Libertine Scholars are in pursuit of an enemy who has been striking at them from the shadows, and Evangeline’s mere presence could be dangerous. But with one smile, one touch, one taste of Evangeline’s lips, Hadley’s resolve is overpowered by much more pleasant memories. As the two enter into a discreet affair, Hadley vows to give her his body, never his heart. That she will have to earn.

USA Today Bestselling author, Bronwen Evans (Bron), loves story-telling – gobbling up movies, reading books and attending the theater. Her head is always filled with characters and stories, particularly lovers in angst. Is it any wonder she’s a proud romance writer.

Bronwen attended Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand earning a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Administration, majoring in Marketing and Accounting. She was all set on building herself a business career (which she did along the way).

But life never turns out exactly as one thinks. After working for a few years in marketing roles within New Zealand financial institutions, she left for a 6 month overseas experience in London, England. She loved England. She spent several years living in London, using it as a base to be able to work and travel from. She visited all four corners of the world. Her most interesting trips were a camel safari in the Sahara, a trip through Russia, a safari through Africa with her mother, and three months in the Mediterranean.

It was while living and working in London she discovered the offices of Mills & Boon and the germ of an idea to embark on a romance writing career was born. 

And the rest is Romance History!  Learn more about Bronwen and her books at bronwenevans.com.


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  1. I know a great deal about New Zealand. I also know that I want to go on a LOTR tour.

  2. Not much, it's far away from my home & I've never been there.

  3. Very little, I saw a documentary once, but cannot remember what it was about.

  4. I have read some books set there and really want to visit.

  5. Sad to say I know nothing. Enjoyed the post
    Carol L
    Lucky4750. (at) aol (dot) com

  6. I know it has great natural beauty, but I have never been there. It's on my 'places to visit' list

  7. I think they filmed part of LOTR there and it sounds like a gorgeous country with lots of wildlife.

  8. I know it's really far away from where I live! I've read a few books set there, and seen some movies filmed there - looks like a gorgeous place to visit.

  9. I know the scenery is beautiful and I would love to go there for a visit 😊

  10. I once received a package from an author who lives in NZ. I think people are affectionately called "kiwis"--I hope that's not an un-pc term.


  11. I know that rugby is very popular there and is considered its national sport.

  12. New Zealand is where the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed. It has spectacular scenery. It is on our Bucket List to visit.

  13. I know that Hobbiton from LOTR is there. We toured it when we were on a cruise that stopped in New Zealand.

  14. New Zealand is located near Australia and is known for its beautiful scenery and lots of sheep. I'd love to visit the country someday.

  15. Apart from the beautiful scenery, I love the New Zealand lamb with mint sauce.

  16. they film movies there