Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Aloha to ONCE UPON A REGENCY CHRISTMAS with Louise Allen, Sophia James, and Annie Burrows


Twas the night after Halloween, when all through the house,
Not a candy was wrapped, not even a chocolate mouse.
The pumpkins were smashed on the front porch without a care
In hopes that Christmas romance would soon be there.

ONCE UPON A REGENCY CHRISTMAS is not one, but three!, holiday stories to usher in the Advent season:



ON A WINTER'S EVE by Louise Allen

Snowbound together, Lady Julia Chalcott and Captain Giles Markham try to fight temptation. But, as Christmas draws closer, their attraction proves too strong to resist!

Christine Howard's frozen heart melts as she gets to know her new bodyguard. How can a man so scarred and mysterious make her feel so safe…?


Shy Alice Waverly's kiss with Captain Jack Grayling makes her wonder if he—and his little children—could be the Christmas miracle she's always dreamed of…

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Louise Allen has been immersing herself in history for as long as she can remember. She finds landscapes and places evoke powerful images of the past - Venice, Burgundy and the Greek islands are favourite destinations. Louise lives on the Norfolk coast. She spends her spare time gardening, researching family history or travelling in search of inspiration. Visit Louise's website,, or find her on Twitter @LouiseRegency and on Facebook.

Georgette Heyer novels formed Sophia James’s reading tastes as a teenager. But her writing life only started when she was given a pile of Mills & Boons to read after she had had her wisdom teeth extracted! Filled with strong painkillers she imagined that she could pen one, too. Many drafts later Sophia thinks she has the perfect job writing for Harlequin Historical as well as taking art tours to Europe with her husband, who is a painter.

Annie Burrows love of stories meant that when she was old enough to go to university, she chose English literature. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do beyond that, but one day, she began to wonder if all those daydreams that kept her mind occupied whilst carrying out mundane chores, would provide similar pleasure to other women. She was right… and Annie hasn’t looked back since.  Readers can sign up to Annie's newsletter at

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ONCE UPON A REGENCY CHRISTMAS is next on my reading list ... review to come! .. and it is available now from Harlequin Romance.  

I am giving away a book choice from my convention stash to one randomly selected commenter. To enter the giveaway,

1. Leave a comment about holiday decorations - how do you decorate for Thanksgiving? Christmas?

2. Comments are open through Sunday, November 6, 10 pm in Baltimore.

3. I'll post the winner on Sunday, November 7.


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

This pumpkin looks like the Grinch!


  1. We decorate for Christmas. Inside the house & the Christmas tree mainly. We do have some outdoor Christmas lights that stay up in the backyard all year round. So pretty.

  2. We don't go too far out for decorations, just a little touch in every room and some lights!

  3. I don't do much for Thanksgiving - it's all about the food lol. We have a tree trimming party every year which is a lot of fun. We do window lights but I've never convinced my husband to get out and do outside lights but my house if full of decorations.

  4. Christmas is the biggie at our house. We probably go overboard inside but the grandkids love it. :)
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

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  6. I love decorating for both. I used to do ceramics and of course crochet so I have all sorts of things.

  7. We do not decorate for Thanksgiving but Christmas we do put up a tree and hang lights up in our windows.

  8. I'll be away for Thanksgiving, but I do have a few items to put out, a ceramic pumpkin & silky fall leaves. For Christmas I have lots of cardinals for the tree & a Santa collection that I put out.

  9. I decorate a little for Thanksgiving but the day after Thanksgiving I decorate for Christmas. My favorite part is decorating the tree with ornaments that are meaningful to me.

  10. I don't do much for Thanksgiving but love to go all out for Christmas. My hubby joked that he would love to have our living room look like a forest. So I have been finding cheap christmas trees since and this year hope to surprise him with 6 trees set up in our living room! LOL.

  11. For thanksgiving i do not decorate. I go to my mom for dinner. Now Christmas is another story. Fresh cut tree. Homemade ornaments. Stockings. Lights hanging from the ceiling. Under the tree has ornaments. Nicknacks. Figurines.

  12. I do decorate for the holidays.

  13. We don't decorate for Thanksgiving, but we do put up a small tree and some lights for Christmas.

  14. I have a fake big tree for Christmas and I have a smaller fake pencil tree as well. They both are decorated on Thanksgiving weekend. The smaller tree is "winter themed" with snowmen, ice skates, sleds, etc. That tree stays up till the Spring. The traditional tree comes down New Years Day.

  15. Thanks for telling us about this anthology, Kim! I promptly went to Amazon and bought it. Looking forward to reading it and your review.

  16. I have Autumn decor for Thanksgiving. I go moderately over the top for Christmas.


  17. Nothing for Thanksgiving other than changing my door wreath. Christmas is hit or miss with teddy bears around the house.

  18. We don't do any decorating for Thanksgiving but we always glam up a tree and put up the cards we get in the mail, as well as the Christmas lights outside

  19. I used to decorate a lot for all the holidays. Haven't had the time to do much lately. I really hope I can get more than a 2 foot tree up this year. I used to have several around the house, each with a different theme. Hopefully we will get the lights up on the porch, The banisters wrapped with garland and a bunch of the other things out. I have several boxes of Christmas books and some of them will come out. Some are children's books, some coffee table type books, the rest are Holiday fiction. I try to reread my favorites every year and always add to them.

  20. I stick with the simple 'classics'. If the decorate for Thanksgiving, it's mostly fall leaves, pumpkins and maybe gourds.

    Christmas decorations involves holly and other greenery with poinsettias for color. Sometimes I'll fill some large bowls with multicolored balls intended for the tree.

  21. We do a lot of indoor decorations; not so much outdoor, though.
    The kids really like to decorate with decor we've collected through the years or finds from garage sales, Goodwill, etc.
    The kids also make a lot of our decor for the holidays.