Sunday, July 2, 2017

Happy 150th Birthday, Canada! With Julie Rowe, VIABLE THREAT, and giveaway

Yesterday, Canada celebrated its 150th birthday!  My family enjoyed the "Canada" category on Friday's episode of Jeopardy! as Alex Trebek wore a specially created hockey jersey. 

I had the pleasure of serving with Canadian Forces when I was assigned to NATO in Germany.  I then volunteered with other Canadian spouses when my husband was assigned to NATO in the Netherlands.  And know I know numerous Canadian authors, including the fabulous Julie Rowe.  From her bio,

Full-time author, freelance writer and workshop facilitator,Julie Rowe’s debut novel, Icebound, was released by Carina Press on Nov 14, 2011. Ten novels and eight anthologies have followed. Julie’s articles and short stories have appeared in numerous magazines, such as Romantic Times Magazine, Today's Parent magazine and Canadian Living. Julie facilitates business writing and communication workshops at Keyano College in her home city, and has presented writing workshops at conferences in the United States and Canada. She’s also a strong supporter of life long learning and moderates a free announcement loop for the promotion of online classes, workshops and webinars. You can find her at


I am giving away a copy of Julie's recent release, VIABLE THREAT:

Special Forces soldier and medic Walter River would give anything to snatch more than a few seconds of down time to see if he can rattle the no-nonsense and incredibly hot Dr. Lloyd he's protecting, but dodging explosions, snipers, and student radicals who've unleashed a lethal bio-engineered microorganism have made that almost impossible. Maybe he'll get a chance—if he can figure out how to keep them both alive.

CDC microbiologist Ava Lloyd races to find a cure for a bio-terrorism organism sweeping El Paso. The few stolen moments with her very hunky bodyguard River have been explosive, but no matter how alluring he is, she can't afford to get distracted. The clock is ticking, people are dying by the hundreds, and once this crisis is solved, they'll both be off on their next assignment, thousands of miles apart.


To enter the giveaway,

1. Leave a comment about Canada - what do you about our Northern neighbor?  

I visited Canada in 1988 when I lived outside Boston with the Air Force - my friends chartered a bus for a ski trip to Mont Treblant in Quebec.  The bus was full of Canadian beer on the way home.

2. Comments are open through Sunday, July 10, 10 pm in Baltimore.

3. I'll post the winner on Monday, July 11.


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City


  1. Kim, you had me at beer! Come for a visit and I'll make you an honorary Canadian (you wear a tuque while drinking beer)!

  2. Only been to Toronto and so mad that I didn't get a chance to try poutine.

  3. Moose milk ... do I need to say more?


  4. I enjoyed the focus on Canada during Jeopardy, too! I learned that Canada now has 13 provinces and territories, including the newest territory, Nunavut. Thanks for the giveaway!


  5. When I was in junior high I went on a 4 day trip with my best friend to Canada. Didn't get to see too much since it was a cabin in the woods and we passed Niagara Falls at night and her father got lost lol. I would love to go back and see the sights.

  6. Sorry I missed Friday's Jeopardy episode. I would have liked to see how I did with the questions.
    I grew up on the border of Quebec, Canada in Northern, New York. Both sides of my family spent several generations in Canada (after France and Ireland) before becoming American citizens. There are still relatives there, most of whom speak French and little English. My father's generation still had ties to the "cousins," but my generation lost touch. We have traveled some in Canada and still have much we would like to see. Quebec is an entity unto itself. The Separatists that became strong while I was in college many years ago have gained strength and as a whole the province often thinks and acts like a country unto itself. The best vacation my husband and I ever had was a two week trip to Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton Island. It was in September, off season, and wonderful, even with the intrusion of 9-11. It showed the character of the Canadians as a society and allowed us to have a different perspective of the event. We were not caught up in the siege mentality that took over much of the population in the US. The Canadians had a banner at a memorial in front of the US consulate on PEI. People were signing it with their condolences and wishes. We were stopped in the street several times by complete strangers expressing how sorry they were. How they knew we were Americans, I have no idea. They housed about 8,000 passengers in their convention center in Halifax after flights were diverted from NYC.

  7. They are wonderful husband was born in Winnipeg!

  8. I've ever been to Canada but we had good friends from Canada who used to visit us twice a year.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  9. We have friends in Toronto and have visited them What fun!

  10. The only time I've been to Canada was when I was a child and my grandfather drove us over a border bridge had us get out and look around and then get back in the car to drive back to the States.

  11. I know the Niagara Falls side in Canada is the prettier one.

    I believe Canada is our closest trade partner--not talking about distance. ;)