Thursday, July 7, 2011

RWA Recap/Day 4 - Publishers' Book Signings and Blogger Bar Meeting

I started off the day with a hug from the legendary Bertrice Small - a constant supporter of SOS America!   I tend not to take pictures of myself ... but I could not resist Bertrice!

Thursday's schedule included book giveaways throughout the day.  Actually, they are listed as publishers' book signings as the authors sign the books ... but the books are given away by the publishers!  This is how I giveaway books all year long - I stock up at RWA!

I popped into the Avon signing first.  I know many Avon authors from my home chapter, the Washington Romance Writers, so I enjoyed catching up with them!   I am saving my Avon books for a special giveaway in September to promote a special cause (stay tuned for details!)

Friends with Robyn Carr and Jill Shalvis (right)

I popped over to the Harlequin signing where Heather Graham greeted me!  I also chatted with Kat Martin before heading out of the hotel (and crowd) for lunch.  We dined at Cafe Un Deux Trois - the baguettes were beautiful!  Who thought bread could be so artful?   Plus the salad was tasty!   Our lunch gave us sustenance to re-engage the crowds for the St. Martin's Press book signing!

Nalini Singh with bloggers Nath, Kristie, and Sarah

For dinner, Mary and I joined Jennifer Hart (Navy spouse-turned-romance author) and friends at John's Pizza .... mmmm, I ate way too much in NYC!   After dinner, I popped into the bar to find book bloggers:

- Wendy the Superlibrarian (a well deserved title)
- Kristie J of Rambling on Romance
- Rosie of Nobody Asked Me
- Nath of Books, Books, and More Books
- Sarah of Monkey Bear Reivews 

Wendy and Rosie

These bloggers are phenomenal in their knowledge of romance!  In honor of another great day at RWA, I am giving away a book of choice to one randomly selected commenter.  To enter the giveaway,

1.  Leave a comment about your favorite pizza, your favorite author (who you would stand in line for), and/or your favorite blogger.

2.  This giveaway is open to all readers.

3.  Comments are open through Saturday, July 9, 10 pm in Dayton.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, July 10.


Kim in Dayton


  1. Love the pics. I do like John's pizza, but I've only been to the one on Bleecker St. There's great pizza here, but one of my favorites is from the pizzeria near my home. I would stand in line to meet Stephanie Laurens.

  2. I'm still stuck on Blogger Bar Meeting - emphasis on Bar. I like my pizzas to have THE WORKS.

  3. My favorite pizza -- cheese just plain ol' cheese.

    I would stand in a line for hours for Johanna Lindsey.

  4. My favorite pizza is pepperoni, double cheese, pepper and beef.

  5. My favourite author is Erica Spindler who writes mysteries. I enjoy her books because they are full of suspense, the ending is always a surprise. I have never been disappointed in any of her novels.

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

  6. My favorite pizza is pepperoni. There are a few authors I would stand in line to meet: Nalini Singh, Christine Feehan, Alyssa Day, Lynsay Sands, Nora Roberts, Alexandra Ivy, C.L. Wilson, and Lara Adrian. (just to name a few)


  7. Great post, Kim! The pictures are awesome! Um, I love Papa John's. Their crust is so, so good. And, oh, that buttery garlic sauce they put in every box! Yum! Who would I stand in line for? J.K. Rowling, most definitely. Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas, Eloisa James. Oh my goodness... LIZ CARLYLE. If you got to meet her, I am so, so, sooooo pea-green with envy!

  8. Can I only name one author I would stand in line for? :) There are so many. I'd definitely stand in lone for Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn Shannon McKenna, Lorelei James, Suzanne Enoch, Elizabeth Hoyt, Julie James...enough? lol
    I've got some favourite blogs I vist regularly next to yours, like Dear Author, Smart Bitches, The Book Binge, Wendy The Superlibrarian, Book Lovers Inc. and many more.
    Thanky for another great recap!

  9. I have so many favorite authors who I would definitely stand in line for but if I had to pick just one it is hands down Melanie Milburne she is my very favorite and I cant get enough of books I am addicted to reading already and her books just make me even more addicted !

    But I would stand in line for so many more Heidi Rice,Abby Green,Lynn Raye Harris,Kimberly Lang the list goes on and on and on !


  10. I have several authors I would stand in line for and several bloggers (SOS Aloha is one) I love so I will tell you my favorite pizza. Sausage with mushrooms. Yummy. Don't eat pizza very often. :(

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  11. I am loving the pictures of New York, thanks Kim! My favourite pizza is the deluxe version with a bit of everything. I love mushrooms, and gooey cheese on me :) There are so many ahutors I would stand in line for, one being Paullina Simons, Brenda Joyce and Kristin Hannah.

  12. I rarely get it because no one else seems to ever like it - pizza with anchovies!! My grandma use to make the best pizza in the world. She was from Sicily and really knew all the secrets lol. Unfortunately, my mom never liked to cook and I never learned how to make it :(

    I have about a dozen blogs that I visit and would love to meet them all! As to authors, way too many to pick lol.


  13. I love pizza with pineapple on it!

    Laura Lippman is one of my favorite authors. I would stand in line to meet her!

  14. I love pizza and I want some now. I would stand in line for pretty much any author that I read. I just love being able to meet authors. My absolute favorite is JR Ward. I think for her I would wait all day and then some.

  15. As sacrilege as this admission may be, what I love on pizza is fresh garlic and baby clams. Now, it's rather shocking because I grew up in an Italian neighborhood in NYC (next door to a pizzeria!) where they would never put baby clams on anything, I'm sure. That's the upside of living in California - not only can I get baby clams but the mushroom topping is always fresh, never canned like in NYC. Unfortunately the rest of the CA pizza doesn't taste like a NYC pie. Oh well.

    As for authors for whom I would stand in line, I've done so for many authors already and they're all worth it!

  16. I am so jealous that you got to hug Bertrice Small. She is my all time favorite author.

  17. My favourite pizza is gluten free pepperoni, mushrooms and olives.
    If I happened to be in the right place at the right time, there are many authors and bloggers I'd stand in line to meet!

  18. My favorite pizza, easy, all of them! Just no anchovies please.

    My favorite author, right now, as you know, things do change, is Karin Tabke/Harlow. I love every romance genre she writes - KILLER STUFF!

    My favorite blogger? Why you of course Dear Kim. Where else can I learn all this cool stuff about Hawaii, and Australia, and all these different places and cultures, and romance too!

  19. I'm a cheese kinda gal :-)

  20. My husband is Italian so my favorite pizza's are the homemade ones he makes! When we first got married and he was in the Navy we were on a tight budget and he used to make what he called "Kitchen Sink" pizzas! He would go to the refrigerator and see what we had. He was in the Navy during Vietnam and there was no on base housing so the budget was so tight there were times we had hot dog pizzas! Today he makes them with sausage, pepperoni, red and green peppers, onion, anchovies and of course freshly grated cheese! Quite a step up from 41 years ago. We're lucky that we live in Rhode Island and are able to get products that are made right here in Rhode Island - no grocery store purchases here. When it's summer we even grow the veggies that are used. You won't get a pizza like his at Pizza Hut.

  21. my favorite pizza, tuna melt, mushrooms and olives, beef and cheese :)

  22. my most fav is pepperoni. though ill eat any pizza

  23. My favorite pizza is the Hawaiian. Pineapple & ham, yum! I have several favorite authors, Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, Jennifer Crusie. My favorite blog is the ittybittykittycommittee.

  24. i love pepperoni and sausage pizza. yummy!
    authors i would stand in line for: lora leigh, christine feehan, maya banks, maureen child, delilah devlin, diana palmer, etc...i have a super long list! :) and blogs...theres way to many of those. thank you!

  25. My favourite author would be Jeaniene Frost because I absolutely love her Night Huntress series - I can never get tired of reading it over and over again! I also really enjoy Nalini Singh's books so I'm a little jealous you got to meet her! :P (I'm assuming because of her picture in this post, lol...)

  26. I've attended a few book signings over the years. I've been to Suzanne Brockmann's 3 times I think. Sabrina Jeffires and Nora Roberts once. I'd love to see Julia Quinn, Catherine Coulter and Linda Howard.

  27. My favorite pizza topping is one I make at home. Peach, Mozzarella & Sage on a layer of tomato puree sprinkled with salt & pepper.

    I would stand in line for hours if I could meet Julia Quinn. One of the first romances I read was hers & I never stopped loving her work.

  28. My favorite pizza is my mom's homemade Sicilian pizza. Homemade dough and sauce with mozzarella is perfection. The author I would stand in line hours for would definitely be Lisa Kleypas. She was the author who got me into reading romances. I started with Suddenly You 10 yrs ago and haven't stopped since!

  29. Wow I can't believe I missed a day :} I guess no sleep the night before is the culprit.
    Finely I get to see you and Wow Miss Small I love her. Favorite is the Skye O'Mally Series.
    OOOooo favorite Pizza The Canadian What else... All meat including Back-bacon. That was before I had to cut back (Cholesterol)
    I can't believe you got to hug Beatrice I am SOOOOOOoooooo Jealous.
    Have a good one Ann/alba

  30. Favorite pizza: canadian bacon w/pineapple

    Author: Julia freaking Quinn!

    Blogger: so many awesome ones.

    I'm quite excited about the Avon event. I've seen a few of the future releases with the ribbon on the front. That's such an amazing thing for Avon to do. =)

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