Saturday, December 14, 2013

Celebrate Little Victories ... Part Time Job, Romance Conventions, and Hawaii Five O

Aloha!  I am now back to work, part time, where I was employed before we moved to Hawaii.   I am thankful that my boss welcomed me back and remains flexible with my schedule. My job will fund my adventures at this year's romance conventions.  So far, I am signed up for:

Big Book Getaway at the Mohegan Sun Resort in CT, February 21 - 22.  From its website (link),

Friday, Feburary 21, 7:30 - 8:30 p.m.
> Steamy Stories ~ An Intimate Conversation with Bestselling Romance and Erotica Authors: panel presentation in the Convention Center featuring Avon authors Eloisa James, Laura Kaye and Cathy Maxwell; joined by Lisa Gabriele, author of the S.E.C.R.E.T erotica series.

Saturday, February 22, 11:00 - 11:45 am
> Racy Romance ~ Bestselling Authors Presented by Avon featuring Eloisa James, Laura Kaye, Cathy Maxwell and Lisa Gabriele

Barbara Vey's Reader Appreciation Luncheon in Milwaukee, April 26.  From its website (link),

Join us as we welcome 50+ authors to Wisconsin ... including NYT best seller Debbie Macomber.

I am sitting with the fabulous Eileen Dreyer!

RT Booklovers' Convention in New Orleans, May 13-18.  From its website (link),

SOS America Military Salute: Kathryn Falk, founder of SOS America Inc., invites all booklovers to join her for this annual salute to military families. Our celebration includes an Honor Guard, barbershop quartet, and special guest speaker, Chief Michael Jaco, retired US Navy SEAL. We will recognize military veterans from the US and its allies plus the extended family who serve back home. Goodie bags will be presented to the military families.

Color Guard at Military Tribute
RT/Chicago 2012

I'm eyeing a few others:  WRW Retreat (link), Book Expo America (link), and RWA Annual Conference (link).  All this travel translates into more books to giveaway!

Speaking of RWA, I receive its monthly magazine and enjoyed this month's issue with Shana Galen's article, IS A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT RIGHT FOR YOU?    I read the magazine at the gym and I almost fell off the exercise bike laughing when I read a quote from Eileen Dreyer,

"My husband once tried to be helpful and filed the paperwork in my office.  I still haven't found it".

This is why I am sitting with Eileen at Barbara Vey's luncheon!

Eileen Dreyer, Patricia Rice, and Cathy Maxwell
RT/Los Angeles, 2011

Hats off to the producers of Hawaii Five O for last night episode, HO'ONANI MAKAU KANE - HONOR THY FATHER.   This episode, airing one week after the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, focuses on an unsolved murder from WWII.   The episode offered a historical perspective of the surprise attack, the internment of Japanese Americans, and the 442nd Infantry Regiment - comprised of Japanese Americans who served in the European Theater.  The 442nd is the nicknamed the Purple Heart Battalion because it is the most decorated unit in Army history.   For an excellent review of the episode, check out this link.

Byodo In Temple on Oahu
Built on the 100th anniversary of the arrival of Japanese Immigrant

The emotional content was gripping ... and I enjoyed the scenes shot on Pearl Harbor ... places I've lived, visited, and posted on my travel blog, ALOHA ON MY MIND (link).  

Well done, H5O, well done!

How was your week?


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

The cast of H50 visited my son's school, Hickam Elementary.
Pearl Harbor is behind the school.


  1. Oh, sounds like you have a lot of nice trips ahead. Glad you got your old job back - seems less stressful than going into the unknown. I had my tree trimming party so I'm all decorated and just have to work on buying the presents.

  2. congrats on the new old job ;) I think it says a lot about a person when prior employers welcome them back, but after meeting you, I'm not surprised they'd want you back on board. sounds like you're in for some fun in 2014, maybe I'll get a chance to run into you again :)

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun book events coming up! This week has been going good. Had lunch with a friend today, and been out to see the holiday lights, and getting stuff ready for Christmas.

  4. You have a nice boss, Kim. I saw the H50 last night and loved it. I got teary at the ending.

  5. Wonderful week for you, Kim!
    I am hoping to attend a few this year, but I don't really have anyone to go with me, so we'll see. :)
    I love Hawaii Five 0, but haven't seen this week's episode yet.
    My week was good. I am hoping to get some cookies baked and wrapping done this weekend.

  6. Hey Kim, good luck on your job. See you in

  7. Congrats on the job! It was pretty good

  8. Congrats Kim on the new old job and all the upcoming trips. Can't wait to for the day I can make it to one. Eileen Dreyer sounds like a lot of fun to be sitting with. :) I didn't catch the H50 show but I'm sure it was emotional.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  9. Lots of wonderful things to do and see. I think I may check out some myself.

  10. I know you will be the life of the party at every event and I am sorry to be missing them. But once you add "grandchild" to the list of things you celebrate the spare money and time completely go away. Best part is you will tell me all about it!

  11. It looks like you're going to have a very busy, and exciting time at the book conventions next year. My week saw me finally getting all my Christmas cards written and mailed out.

    Congratulations on getting your old job back.

  12. Congratulations, Kim, on being able to return to your part time job. It's wonderful that you are going to be able to attend so many conferences - looking forward to hearing all about them!