Thursday, September 18, 2014

Aloha to Shelley K. Wall and TEXT ME

Textual Healing 
by Shelley K. Wall

In today’s world, we communicate more by electronic means than we do in person. We email. We text. We snapchat. We post via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media sites. And we rely on short blurbs and abbreviations to get our point across. 

But what happens when we get it wrong—when the receiver doesn’t get our acronym, or when autocorrect gets it auto-wrong? Or worse—we send the message to the wrong contact in our address book?

My husband recently sent a very sweet text to me, not realizing he was responding back to a group text I’d sent to the entire family some time earlier. It wasn’t bad, just romantic. My eldest son responded very quickly, “Uh, I really wish I hadn’t seen that.” Daughter added, “LOL. Gross.”

People often say things via electronic means that they don’t mean to say, or perhaps just get it completely wrong.

That’s the premise behind my latest release, Text Me. It’s a romantic comedy that begins through a random text message to the wrong person, then fate steps in. Over and over. Text messages get convoluted not just by mistaken identities but through misworded messages as well.

Things get incredibly complicated as Abby, the owner of a florist shop, tries to untangle her web of deception with Carter, a wonderful guy that she’s destined to deceive electronically and adore physically.


Carter Coben is having some serious communication problems lately. First he mouthed off to a project manager at work and got fired, now his girlfriend's dumped him and trashed his cell phone. About the only place he hasn't got his wires crossed these days is at the anonymous texting app, Carter thinks he might have found a real connection with “She Hearts Dogs,” but little does he know he's already quite acquainted with this cunning canine-lover . . .

When Abigail Jeffries gets a random text message from a stranger saying he's been dumped, she can't help but answer it—and recommend he send his ex some flowers from her new shop. When she delivers the bouquet though, she finds out his ex was cheating on him with his best friend—the same best friend she's impersonating via text! Abby feels guilty, but she can't help responding. But what will happen when Carter finds out that Abby is not only the face behind the texts, but the reason he got fired at work and his mysterious mutt-loving pal on

Will they ever manage to sort out their mixed signals, mistaken identities, and misunderstandings to find real love? This madcap, modern-day You've Got Mail for the texting generation will delight romantic comedy fans.


Shelley K. Wall

Shelley K. Wall was born near Kansas City, the middle daughter of three. She is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with additional post graduate work there and at the University of Wyoming extension in Casper. She also holds a length career in Information Technology.

Her first release, Numbers Never Lie, debuted in 2012 and was an Amazon Bestseller. Other titles include Bring It On(2012), The Designated Drivers’ Club(2012), Flood Flash and Pheromones(2013), Chloe’s Secret(2013), and her latest release Text Me.

Shelley enjoys writing characters that deal with drama in a humorous way, situations that are believable even if intense, heroes and heroines that aren’t perfect, and villains that may have an inkling of redemption hidden away.

Twitter: @skwallbooks

A text in the sand ...


  1. I have taken to reading my emails carefully before I hit send. I've heard some stories...

  2. I too find that one little thing can cause many problems.

  3. I've hit send and then realize i shouldn't have! Not good.

  4. I rarely send texts. I do, however, check all of my emails carefully, before hitting the "send" button.

  5. I don't text at all, although it's difficult to get people to understand that and to stop texting me. We don't even have smart phones - just old fashioned flip ones. I, too, proofread emails several times before sending.


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