Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Night Romance with Tracy Solheim

Tracy Solheim and I are embarking on a new adventure - we have a weekly column called MONDAY NIGHT ROMANCE on USA Today's HEA blog.  We dish each week about this and that for football fans and football widows alike!   Check out our first column at this link.


Perhaps you are curious how we teamed up for this adventure. Back in the spring, I noticed Tracy Solheim's book cover, RISKY GAME, in the Delta Gamma Alumni magazine.  I was a DG from the University of Tampa (UT) ... and Tracy was a DG from the University of Tennessee (UT).  The hero from RISKY GAME plays for the Baltimore Blaze football team. DG, UT, and Baltimore.  We were meant to colloberate!

Tracy and I met for coffee at the RWA National Conference in San Antonio ... and MONDAY NIGHT ROMANCE was born!


We have links ...

- Book trailer for Tracy's Out of Bound Series featuring the Baltimore Blaze at this link.

- My first interview with Tracy for FOOLISH GAMES,  Book 2, at this link.

- My review of RISKY GAME, Book 3, at this link.

- Tracy's guest post with Romancing The Jock at this link.

Tracy is also hosting a special giveaway here at SOS Aloha (international giveaways to come later in the season):


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

Volunteering at SuperBowl XXVII
Tampa Stadium 1984


  1. I do not really have a team so I will go with my daughter's - Washington Redskins.

  2. The Chicago Bears and Blackhawks!!!! Da Bears!

  3. I worked for a college athletic dept... so I watch for several of our former players and also follow the Colts.... and I still love Payton Manning...damn those Broncos!

  4. The Cowboys :) Just cuz I've got family from texas :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. I from Chicago , so of course the Bears but now I live in Kansas , so I do watch the Chiefs

  6. For me it's the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  7. I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!!!! I go into a deep depression right after the Super Bowl is over until preseason starts. I love the Minnesota Vikings. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity

  8. Packers! I have to also cheer for the Broncos too, because hubs team.

  9. That is great pic, love sports, my sf niners, whoo

  10. Three teams - New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, and Denver Broncos.

  11. I am a NY Giants fan (since I was about 5 - "Thanks, Dad"). Lol.
    I also cheer for my hubby's team Tampa Bay Bucs and my mom's team Philadelphia Eagles ~ when they are not playing against mine. ;D