Saturday, February 28, 2015

Aloha to the Library of Congress - What is Love? Romance Fiction in the Digital Age (part 3)

Library of Congress - Main Reading Room (link)

Continuing my recap of the romance conference hosted by the Center for the Book (link), I was eager to hear Panel 3: Community and the Romance Genre:

Moderator:  Mary Bly/Eloisa James, Professor of English, Fordham University, and romance author

Panelists:  Robyn Carr (romance author), Brenda Jackson (romance author), Kim Castillo (author assistant), Anne Jamison (Associate Professor of English, University of Utah), Kathleen Seidel (romance author and WRW member), and Sarah Wendell (book blogger)

Here are snippets from the conversation (paraphrase) about "community":

Romance is less about sex and more about hope

Robyn:  romance community is a place to comfornt vulnerable emotions in a safe place

Brenda:  garner relationships with readers

Kim:  "pay it forward", reading romance is life affirming, it becomes personal to reader

Sarah:  reading fiction makes us more empathetic

Sarah also asked Robyn how many virgins swam in the river (as her series is called Virgin River).   Sarah is a born entertainer and enthusiastic reader.   

The audience was comprised of romance readers, romance writers, and nonfiction writers curious about the genre.   The panel demonstrated that the romance community is alive, well, and welcoming.

What are your thoughts on the romance community? Comments are open through Saturday, March 7, 10 pm in Baltimore.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, March 8.


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

Lucky enjoys the romance community ...


  1. I like romance in cozy mysteries, just light is the best read for me.

  2. The things I miss because I'm not in the States. Shared.

  3. I think they are the most generous of all authors! Love that first line about hope - that's always been my definition.

  4. there's something for everyone

  5. I've met a lot of people online since finding romance books and the romance community and everyone has been so nice.

  6. I have found so many friends through the romance community. I hope to make many more.

  7. I have found many new authors thru different romance blogs and made many, many new cyber friends who share my love of books. Many of these people have participated in my Secret Santa and Christmas in July book swaps over the years. My good friend got me started reading romance by recommending a suspense book with romance elements - Exclusive by Sandra Brown. After reading Sandra's books had to get my hands on all her older books, then found Debbie Macomber and more and more authors.

  8. I love the romance community. It's really nice that I have others who love romance as much as I do. I've also made lots of lovely friends through the romance community too.

  9. Since romance is all about finding love and understanding, and no matter what the happens, there's is a happy ending, I think that is rubs off on the romance community. What a lovely bunch of authors, readers and bloggers we have and I love it.

  10. It's wonderful to be a part of something wonderful. Like minded readers.

  11. Great group of people focused on bringing the readers hope, as well as providing hours and hours of vacation from everyday worries.

  12. I love reading what others think of authors and the books - I've found so many new ones to try!

  13. I see a wonderful, supportive community out there.

  14. I found many new authors thru the romance community. The authors are so nice and generous with their giveaways.