Thursday, February 12, 2015

Aloha to Susan Ann Wall and THE SOUND OF DECEPTION


It is my distinct pleasure to welcome my fellow RomVet, Susan Ann Wall, to join us for a cozy chat ...

Susan sees the world in varying shades of purple and never passes on the opportunity to add to her collection of purple sunglasses or purple shoes. She spends her days working as an instructional design consultant from her home in the majestic White Mountains of New Hampshire. When she’s not tapping away on her purple netbook, she enjoys chilling out with her three kids, drinking a nice cold one with her husband, and jaunting off to Bon Jovi and Kenny Chesney concerts.

Kim:  Can you share a funny moment from your service in the Army?

Susan Ann:  My time in the U.S. Army introduced me to many fascinating people and places. I met my husband while in AIT (training school) and we’ve been married almost 19 years now (wow, doesn’t seem that long), which makes for a wonderful “happily ever after” and is probably one of the reasons I write romance. It’s also given me some pretty interesting experiences to fictionalize as well as great settings. I’m not sure if I ever would have gone to Seattle (and lived there) if my husband hadn’t taken me to visit his home state and favorite city. It’s such a great setting for romance!!

Kim:  New Hampshire - what is your favorite sight, smell, and sound of the White Mountains?

Susan Ann:  I love all four seasons and how different the landscape is with every season, but my favorite time of year is early autumn when the leaves have started to change and some have fallen from the trees. I love the crackle of dried leaves under foot or rustling in the wind and the scent of change in the cool air. The colors make it seem like a canvas that Mother Nature threw a bunch of paint buckets at. Oh, and Bald Eagles! We have a family living along the river in my town and lately one of them has been perched in a tree you can see from my house. Amazing, beautiful, awe-inspiring.

Kim:  Favorite Bon Jovi song?

Susan Ann:  Last Man Standing. This was a previously-unreleased song that they finally recorded for the Have a Nice Day album. When they wrote the song, it reflected their distaste for some of the things happening in the recording industry at the time. Besides the beat, I love the song because it speaks of perseverance and being true to yourself. During the tour for that album, I saw them in concert in Denver. They opened with Last Man Standing and Jon Bon Jovi was on a small stage at the back of the arena about 40 feet away from me. I nearly passed out. Of the 13 Bon Jovi concerts I’ve been to, that was the BEST ONE EVER!

Kim:  Tell us about your books - what inspires them?

Susan Ann:  Everything inspires me, from the quirky things my friends say and do to random events such as working out on the rowing machine at the gym or spilling hot cocoa all over my printed manuscript. I listen to country music a lot and also find inspiration in song lyrics. I like to write about strong women facing the challenges that many of us face every day and coming out of it with a stronger heart and soul. My Puget Sound ~ Alive With Love series is about “New Beginnings, Enduring Friendships, and Unexpected Love.” My Fighting Back for Love series is about getting a second chance at love after (or while) fighting back against cancer. Both series feature strong women and hunky heroes.

Kim:  What's next for Susan Ann Wall

Susan Ann:  I’m in the final revision of The Sound of Circumstance, Stacie and Owen’s final (I think) story in my Puget Sound ~ Alive With Love series. Stacie will finally get closure on her past, allowing her to fully open her heart to Owen and the future they want together. The first four books in this series are currently on sale for $.99 each and even though this is the last planned story for Stacie and Owen, I have at least five more novels planned for that series. I’m also working on the next story in my Fighting Back for Love series, Worth the Fight. Camille Fogg promised her dying husband to keep living. Trey Richardson promised his dying wife to keep fighting. What Trey never anticipated was falling for a woman who shows him love is worth the fight.

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I am giving away a digital copy of THE SOUND OF DECEPTION to one randomly selected commenter.  To enter the giveaway,

1.  Leave a comment about your favorite Bon Jovi song.  Mine is LIVING ON A PRAYER ... it was the number one song on MTV's Top 5 at Five during my senior year in college (dating myself).  My roommates and I would gather around the console TV and watch Bon Jovi's magic.

2.  Comments are open through Saturday, February 14, 10 pm in Baltimore.  

3.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, February 15.


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  1. That one was my favorite as well.

  2. UMMMMM.....I'm not a big Bon Jovi I would have to say Living on a Prayer.

  3. So many good songs - I'm going to say It's My Life.

  4. Living on a Prayer is definitely a classic!!!

  5. I think We Weren't Born To Follow is my favorite. They have so many good ones, it is hard to select just one.

  6. Replies
    1. Love it! It's not quite the same live without Richie.

  7. Love Bon Jovi. So many good songs. I've always liked Never Say Goodbye.