Monday, June 5, 2017

Aloha to Hayson Manning and TAMING THE CEO - Giveaway and Excerpt

To save her family’s business, fledging CEO Daisy Cater must win the bid on a resort on St. Maarten. There’s a small catch, though. The seller insists all bidders visit the island and experience the singles retreat firsthand. This wouldn’t be so bad…if only rule-maker Daisy weren’t paired with her bitter rival, the hot and broody Alexander Gillard. Keeping her enemy close just became a whole lot harder.

Alexander “Zan” Gillard didn't expect to be partnered with gorgeous Daisy at the idyllic singles retreat. A challenge that has them cuffed together ignites an explosive chemistry, and soon Zan wants more than four days with this bewitching woman who is nothing like he expected her to be.

But their families are at odds and reality awaits them at home, along with a betrayal that threatens to blow their newfound trust apart...


I love Princess Bride, Young and the Restless, Days of our Lives – the drama is deliciously addictive. Big Bang Theory but will take Wolowitz over Cooper. Star Trek not Star Wars. Undercover Boss, Secret Millionaire – any story that shows the little guy making it. I follow the Buffalo Bills like a religion. I am spellbound by showjumping and equestrian eventing. I love curling up and reading all books – no genre is off-topic. I like ironing, I hate peas, love donkeys, I play a killer game of Scrabble. I will often be heading towards the fridge for another Diet Coke. I eat nothing with legs and believe wine goes with everything, oh and I’m an expert at finding new and inventive ways to avoid exercise.
I live in the sparkly beachside suburb of Redondo Beach in California with my infuriating shoe-dropping husband and my two boys who speak in mystifying grunts.

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Hayson offers an except from TAMING THE CEO ....

Green clashed with brown and after a stare off, Daisy walked away and back to the pool where a beaming Sally handed out a piece of paper with ten questions. “This is the chance to get to know your partner.”

Daisy read the questions and fought an eye roll.

“I know what your favorite movie is. When Harry did Sally,” Zan said.

She arched a brow. “I think you’re referring to your favorite porn movie.”

A smile tugged at the side of his mouth.

“On Saturday night you stay home, floss your teeth all by yourself.” He shook his head. “So sad.”

“How did you know?” She nodded. “Oh, right. Are you a professional stalker?” She patted his forearm. “I’m guessing your favorite color is pink, but you’re afraid to let your feminine side out.” She shook her head. “So sad.”

“Favorite sexual position. Hmm. I’m thinking good old missionary. Too many rules otherwise.”

A vision of her riding Zan shot into her head. Her head would be thrown back, her name spilling from his mouth on a groan. He’d find that sweet spot she’d read about but didn’t think existed, and she’d unleash around him.

“I’d love to know what you’re thinking now with your flushed cheeks, biting your lips, pupils dilated.”

“Rodeo,” she said, her voice husky, which she cleared.

He wouldn’t know that he’d be her fiery, insatiable stallion.

His eyes widened in surprise then swirled with something like desire.

Damn, if that didn’t send dark heat between her legs.

“What about you?”

He stared straight ahead. “I’m more of an all-night-long man. I like to take my time until my name tumbles from her lips in a scream. Could be silent, but I like it when she comes undone, crying for her maker.”

Her jaw went slack, way more heaviness between her legs than was good for a girl who wasn’t going to be able to relieve the pressure.

“You’re looking a little flustered.” An amused, cynical smile on his face, like he knew she was turned on. “You’re not coming down with something are you?”

Two can play your game.

“Would you excuse me, I have a pressing need I have to take care of. If I don’t, I swear I’ll explode.”

Now it was his turn for his jaw to drop.

After waiting it out in the bathroom for five minutes, she joined him. “Much better. It isn’t good to bottle things up. I would have tossed and turned all night, having the most erotic dreams.”

His expression dark, his eyes glittered. “Erotic?”

She shrugged. “Sorry, I meant erratic dreams.”

“So are we done here? Anything else I need to know about you?” He glanced at her then away.

“Not a single thing.”


  1. sounds good.....a new to me author.

  2. Thank you very much for hosting me today. Hayson x

  3. A new to me author for me too - thanks.

  4. I love the excerpt. The way they tease and torment each other. Looking forward to reading it.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  5. I love the excerpt. The way they tease and torment each other. Looking forward to reading it.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com