Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Aloha to Rob White's AND THEN I MET MARGARET: Stories of Personal Transformation

Aloha!  I offer you a hump day pick-me-up ...

From humble beginnings, Rob White went on to become very successful in the real estate and restaurant business. At the same time that he began enjoying material wealth, he experienced a deepening feeling of inner emptiness. So he sought out world-class gurus to help him understand better how to live a full, rich life. However, he eventually discovered that the most helpful gurus aren’t necessarily bestselling self-help authors, world-famous keynote speakers, or famous workshop leaders — they’re unassuming gurus that everyone encounters on their journey through life. These “everyday” teachers awakened Rob to powerful insights and life lessons that are superb starting points for a new life. 

This book recaps twenty one of Rob’s awakening moments in inspirational, warm, and entertaining stories. You’ll read about a grade school student who, with one simple question, helped Rob gain a deeper understanding of the true meaning of life. You’ll meet a Maasai mother who demonstrated that we’re much more than we dare to imagine. And you’ll meet a former peanut vendor who turned medical wisdom on its head by simply deciding that he wasn’t going to die. And Then I Met Margaret demonstrates that life is always supporting you by sending the right and perfect person to help you learn what you next need to know in order to grow. Rob wrote this book to alert you to the many unexpected teachers who can help shatter the myths that keep you from you experiencing life to the fullest and achieving your dreams and goals. After reading And Then I Met Margaret, you’ll never see the world the same way. You may even recognize an unexpected guru or two as you travel the journey of your life.

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Can you share a story of someone who unexpectedlly influenced your life?


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

And then I met Renee, Nadja, and Ivy in Hawaii ...


  1. I have met many people through the years who have touched me and each influence me in small ways. I cannot think of anyone who had a big influence on me.

  2. My mother has the biggest influence to me. I can't be the person I am right now if its not because of my mother.

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  3. The person who had the biggest influence on me was a woman I only met two times. She lived in an apartment across from me when my daughter was really small and she came over to my door one morning and asked if she could give me a box of Christmas ornaments. She said the only thing she asked in return is if I would let her tell me where she got them, so I asked her why she wanted to give them to me. She said the doctors had told her she had stage 4 brain cancer and she only had a couple of months to live and she and her husband were moving to be closer to his family but she didn't have any kids or family left living of her own and wanted to know that someone would use the Christmas ornaments that she loved, long after she was gone. I let her tell me about where she got the ornaments and how long she had them and I only saw her one more time before they moved later that week. I still have the box of ornaments 22 years later and I've told my daughter all about them since she will be getting them after I pass away.

    That lady really made me appreciate my family.

  4. I too think everyone you meet touches you in some way even if you don't realize it.

  5. can't really think of any

  6. I haven't met anybody that has really influenced me.

  7. There have been some people in my life who influenced me - I made sure there were things I wouldn't do the same way they did!