Friday, April 1, 2011

Aloha to Annie Marshall

Ohana (family) is the focus of Hawaiian society.  For the military, ohana includes the active duty, retirees, veterans, spouses, dependents, and extended family.  Today's guest is military veteran, military spouse, and cosponsor of the SOS Military Mixer - Annie Marshall:

I come from a large military family and was the first of our females to join the service! In fact, when asking my great-grandfather’s permission, he said, “It’ about time the women in this family did something other than passing out donuts at the USO.” With his endorsement, the rest is history! LOL

After spending eight years in the United States Army, I met my Knight in Shining Armor, face to face, on the battlefield of a medieval reenactment with a sword and shield in my hands and a claymore in his. Then I married that man in a Twelfth Century Norman wedding ceremony one and a half years later. Then after seven years and two wonderful children, he decided to take his turn serving our country in the Army! So now instead of making formations, I stand amidst the ranks of Army Wives and make care packages for my GI Joe! And I’ve found that not only do I come from a strong military family, I come from an amazing stock of strong women who support their military men. Believe me, this job is much tougher.

Annie with cover model Bill Freida

Annie is the author of Celtic Paranormal Romance

Then at the age of twenty, I read "A Knight In Shining Armor" by Jude Deveraux. I was hooked and to this day, it remains one of my favorite novels!

Most of my books have a paranormal flare to them. I truly enjoy writing (and reading) about ghosts and time-travel. And if I can incorporate a castle or two in them, even better!

While living in Europe, I was able to visit several castles and fell in love with the medieval time period and have been fantasizing and writing about them ever since.

My family history is Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and Spanish. My husband's is Irish, Scottish, and English. We celebrate our different heritages and are teaching our children the wonders and joys of being Celtic!

Annie's books reflect her heritage and service:

In honor of Annie's service as a military veteran and spouse, I am giving away one of Annie's books from the SOS Military Mixer - signed to the winner!  To enter the giveaway,

1. Leave a comment about your family's heritage - have you visited the "motherland"?

2. This giveaway is open to US residents only (international readers can request convention bling at COUNTDOWN TO CONVENTION).

3. Comments are open through Saturday, April 2, 10 pm in Hawaii, to enter the giveaway. The winner will be announced on Sunday, April 3, during the Weekly Winners announcement post. I also contact the winner if I have winner's email address.

4. If you are new to SOS Aloha, please make sure I know how to contact you. If your Blogger profile does not provide your email address, please send it to (I have several unclaimed prizes because I do know how to contact the winner).


Kim in Hawaii

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I close with Annie's grandfather's Navy log during WWII

L Louisville KY 4:00 am 6/2/44
A Memphis TN 11:00 am 6/10/44

L “ 11:15 am “
A New Orleans LA 4:00 pm 6/12/44

L “ 10:30 am 6/18/44
A Panama City FL 4:00 pm 6/19/44

L “ “ 7/3/44
A New Orleans LA 9:00 pm 7/4/44

L “ 6:00 pm 7/11/44
A Key West 3:00 pm 7/15/44

L “ 180 degrees 3:00 pm “
A Gulf Port MS 4:00 pm 7/18/44

L “ 7:00 am 7/21/44
A New Orleans LA 2:00 am 7/22/44

L “ 10:30 am 7/29/44
A Colon Panama 1:00 pm 8/5/44

L “ 8:00 am 8/7/44
A Panama City Panama 5:00 pm 8/7/44

L “ 12:00 pm “
A San Diego CA 3:00 pm 8/19/44

L “ 6:30 pm 8/22/44
A Pearl Harbor HI 2:00 pm 9/2/44

L “ 7:00 am 10/2/44
A Kauri (T.H.) HI 7:00 pm “

L “ 7:00 pm 10/5/44
A Pearl Harbor HI 7:00 am 10/6/44

L “ 2:00 pm 10/14/44
Crossed International Date Line 6:11 am 10/20/44
A Eniwetok Marshalls Islands 6:00 am 10/26/44

L “ 12:30 pm 10/26/44
A Guam (Mariana) 6:00 am 10/31/44

L “ 3:30 pm 11/3/44
A Ulithi West Caroline Island 8:00 am 11/4/44

L “ 4:00 pm 11/12/44
Crossed Equator 0 Degrees/39 Longitude 12:20 pm 11/15/44
A Hollandia New Guinea 6:00 am 11/16/44

L “ 4:30 pm 11/20/44
A Bougainville Solomon Island 5:00 am 11/25/44

L “ 8:45 am 12/15/44
A Lai New Guinea 5:00 am 12/18/44

L “ 6:00 am 12/20/44
A Manus (Papua New Guinea) Admiralty Island 5:00 am 12/22/44

L Manus (Papua New Guinea) Admiralty Island 12:00 am 12/27/44
A Luzon Lingayen Gulf Philippines 7:00 am 1/3/45

L “ 5:30 am 1/18/45
A Leyte Philippines 2:00 pm 1/23/45

L “ - - - - - - 1/27/45
A Nasugbu Bay Luzon Philippines 6:30 am 1/31/45

L “ 2:00 am 2/2/45
A Mindoro Philippines 7:00 pm 2/3/45

L “ 5:00 pm 2/4/45
A Leyte Philippines 7:00 am 2/6/45


  1. Most of my heritage is German with a bit of Irish and this or that thrown in, and sadly no I have not visited Germany nor do I ever figure I would.

    Though when I was a senior in high school I was mistaken for a German Exchange student. That was good and bad.. bad in the sense that I went all four years and no one really knew me.

    Would I move around? I believe so. I would so love to see other places.

    Raonaid (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. I am a mix of several nationalities. My father was half African American and German and my mother is a mix of french and English. As for visiting the mother land. I would love to visit my mothers hertigage first. England and France but I have no desire to visit Africa or Germany. Not that there is anything wrong with those places but they are just not on the top of any lists!
    I do have a favorite pet, a cat that I would take if I could and if I was in a military family.
    Thanks for a great post today!

  3. My "motherland" is South Korea but not much of my family lives there so I've only traveled there five or six times. I have family scattered across the world (Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Turkey, surely I'm forgetting a few) and then there's my father and I in the But I am 100% Korean :)


  4. My hertage is Irish on dads side and german on moms. I will go to Ireland someday. I would love to move around and would take my cat.JodiT

  5. My family's ancestors came to America from Glascow, Scotland. My father used to tell us that our last name, Ryon, had been changed to that spelling because our ancestors had been thrown out of Ireland and had "escaped" to Scotland. Well my father did have a sense of humor. It wasn't until we did some research into our heritage that we learned that even though our ancestors had left from Scotland hat we are probably English with some Scotish relatives.

    My sister thinks that we may have lived in the borders of England and Scotland originally (possible Border Lords?) but we have found relatives from the highlands (Loucks) as wells.

    I also have a grandfather that was German but we haven't found much information about his family (Harnischfeger) and on top of that my husband is half Italian and half English and his great-great English grandfather (Fenner) was one of the colonial Governors of Rhode Island.

    My nephew found a link that my family is related to Ethan Allen and also John Rolfe (of Pcohantes fame). We just tell our sons that they are mongrels - a little of this and a little of that!

  6. I can trace my family back pratically all the way around the world, (India, Italy, Scotland, England, Mongolia, France, Ireland, etc.) but I've never traveled to any of those places =(

  7. My family is from all over. My dad's ancestry is from Ireland and my mom's is Native American and German.

    I would move my rats with me they are easy to Just move the cage and go.

  8. I'm a European mutt...German, English, French, Irish, Dutch, Polish....but ironically the only European country I have visited is Portugal! And no I am not Portuguese lol..

  9. Motherland? No. Maybe if I were more fluent, I'd go. Or maybe not. I don't like traveling as much as I used to.

  10. I'm a 100% Italian and I did make it to Italy back in the 80's.

    Do not enter me in the contest.

  11. I have German and Polish roots. Unfortunately I've never been to either country but would love to someday!

  12. I am Irish/English. Have never been to either country.

  13. Annie, Your husband's ancestry is a lot like mine. Mostly Irish and a wee bit of Scot. My hubby on the other hand is 100% German. Yes, beer and Scotch are about the only alcohol drunk in my house. :D
    I've been to both countries and felt at home more so than living in the US. I guess my soul was born over in the Emerald Isle.

  14. I'm half Brazilian and half...American? lol I think it's English, maybe Scottish, German...I go to Brazil every couple summers (winter there!).

  15. I am 1/4 Irish, my grandfather was 100% Irish on my moms side, and the rest French, my dad was 100% on his side. As for waiting to see Ireland it is a dream of mine and to see Scotland as well.
    My nephew spent time in Ireland last summer he loved it. He lost a case that died and instead of saving for another, he went to Ireland with his girlfriend, he came home weeks later and finally got a car. Ac/dc he wants to go back to the homeland and look up our history and any relatives. Me I want to go so badly maybe one day.

  16. I am a mix of a lot of nationallities: Italian, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, French, and German. I am more Italian then anything else though. I haven't been to the "motherland" yet but I hope to visit one day.

  17. To All;

    It was a pleasure being here on the SOS blog and sharing a bit about my family with you!

    It was very interesting reading about everyone's heritage! The melting pot is what truly makes us America and gives us such a unique culture!

    Haunts and kisses!

    Annie Marshall
    Celtic Paranormal Romance

  18. Well Annie, I'm thrilled to meet another Author who writes Celtic tales. Highlanders are my favorite read and when I saw your picture with cover model Bill Freide I almost choked on my Pepsi. Beautiful smile. :)Your books are certainly on my TRL. And a big Thank you and your hubby for serving.
    I'm Scots/Irish and Italian. I've never been to either of the homelands but I'm still hoping.
    Carol L