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Aloha to Chloe T. Barlow, Gateway to Love, and CITY OF CHAMPIONS

Pro football is just around the corner ... let's celebrate with Chloe T. Barlow.  From her bio,

Chloe is a contemporary romance novelist living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and their sweet puppy. Chloe has always loved writing and cherishes the opportunity to craft her fictional novels and share them with the world.  When Chloe isn’t writing, she spends her time exploring Pittsburgh with her husband and friends. She also enjoys yoga, jogging, and all Pittsburgh sports.

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Kim:  Pittsburgh! What is your favorite sight, sound, and smell of the Steel City?

Chloe:  This is such a great question, because Pittsburgh really is a sensory experience for me. My favorite sights are probably the beautiful views from Mt. Washington. You can see the whole city spread out below, as if it were in a perfect snow globe. The sounds of the crazy Pittsburgh accent and the unique words that come with it (known as "Pittsburghese"), may be the winner on that front for me. It is so distinctive. When I hear it, I know I am home. My favorite smell would have to be the fresh crisp air in the morning in autumn. Just thinking about it makes me want to put on a sweater and sip coffee while I look at the brightly colored leaves.

Kim:  Pittsburgh sports - what sets Pittsburgh fans apart?

Chloe:  Sports fans don't get much more passionate than us here in "Steeler Nation." Before we moved here, my husband (then boyfriend) made sure to indoctrinate me into loving all Pittsburgh sports teams, and their mascots, like The Pirate's Parrot and Steely McBeam. It wasn't hard - trust me. That is why I couldn't wait to set my second novel, City of Champions, around the world of Pittsburgh football. That is definitely my most popular book when it comes to male readers.

Kim:  Who or what helped you along the path to publishing?

Chloe:  I have been so fortunate to have two of the best author mentors out there: Julia Kent and Helena Newbury. These two New York Times bestselling self-published authors took me under their wings when I was drafting Three Rivers. They gave me moral support, business advice, editorial notes, and general support, which was so necessary to my having the courage to move forward and share my stories with the world. If you haven't checked out their books, you really should. These two women balance humor, romance, steaminess, and angst in a truly great way.

Kim:  Tell us about your series Gateway to Love - what's so romantic about Pittsburgh?

Chloe:  The geography itself is romantic – bridges, hills, and those famous rivers. I called my first book "Three Rivers" in part because it was a metaphor for the growth of the hero and heroine, but also because they are a metaphor of life and love for me. They call them the three rivers, but as with love, they are really two becoming one – each joining the other to become something bigger, and greater together.

I also find Pittsburgh's tradition of having folks with a passionate work ethic and real life commitment to family and love to be really special. People are deeply invested because they love this city and that has a certain romantic appeal to me.

Kim:  What's next for Chloe T. Barlow?

Chloe:  Right now, I am wrapping up book three in the Gateway to Love series. It's called A Steel Town, and is Trey's story. Oh boy, do I love that guy, ha ha. I am also working on a standalone steamy thriller that I can't wait to be able to dive into full time. Other than writing, I love to meet readers, so I have a lot of events and speaking engagements coming back, such as Authors in the OC and the RT Houston Roundup in October and a talk I am giving at the Penguin book shop in Sewickley, PA in November. 

Steely McBeam with military veterans at RT/2008
(Fabio's hair is in the upper right)

Mahalo, Chloe, for sharing your love of Pittsburgh, football, and romance with us!  Chloe is giving away a copy of CITY OF CHAMPIONS to one randomly selected commenter:

How do you find the will to try, when you've spent all your life playing on a field strewn with shattered lives and broken rules?

Tragedy and betrayal taught Jenna Sutherland early on that her safest bet was to fiercely avoid any risk, whether it is in work, life, or love. Now a respected orthopedic surgical resident on the cusp of finally breaking through in her career, she’s more guarded than ever.

When injured NFL quarterback Wyatt McCoy bulldozes into her life there’s no denying he’s cocky, selfish, and downright dangerous — everything Jenna’s sworn she doesn’t want.

Suddenly the levelheaded doctor finds herself facing down her greatest fear, and she’s tempted to gamble all she’s fought so hard to build. The two embark on an intense holiday love affair that quickly teeters on obsession, and tempts them both to think they could go all-in on a real future together. Yet Wyatt's desperation to stay on the field — and out of the operating room — lures him to take dangerous risks with Jenna's trust.

Will they win at love or lose everything — including their fragile chance at happiness? 

To enter the giveaway,

1.  Have you visited Pittsburgh?  My family attended the SOS America Military Tribute during the RT/2008 in Pittsburgh.  I invited Steely McBeam to be our guest!

2.  Comments are open through Saturday, September 12, 10 pm in Baltimore. 

3.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, September 13.


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

Book 1 in the Gateway to Love Series


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