Monday, September 14, 2015

Aloha to Inés Saint and NEEDS A LITTLE TLC


Hubby and I recently bought an older home that will require some updating ... I wonder if the Amador Brothers are available!   NEEDS A LITTLE TLC is Book 2 in the series ... 

In Spinning Hills, Ohio, “quirky” is a good thing—especially the charming houses that line the streets. One by one, the Amador brothers are restoring them, committed to a new beginning for the old-fashioned town. But they’re learning that every house needs a heart to be a home…

Real estate agent Cassidy Morgan specializes in historic homes, but her own history is something she likes to avoid. Back in Spinning Hills for the first time in ten years, she has a chance to put her small agency on the map as the premier realtor of restored houses. But it means a partnership with the one man she’s never forgotten—and can’t quite resist…

Sam Amador doesn’t quit—and he doesn’t run away from his problems, like a certain stubborn, extremely attractive real estate agent did all those years ago. Working with Cassie is a risk, but Sam knows his heart is more likely to suffer than his renovation business. How can he convince her that this time, Spinning Hills is where she belongs—and that his love has always been hers?

Inés Saint was born in Zaragoza, Spain. She’s bilingual and bicultural and has spent the last decade raising her fun, inspiring little boys and sharing her life with the man of her dreams. Her greatest joy is spending quality time with the family members and close friends who happen to provide the inspiration for both the nutty and wise things her characters say and do.

Victorian home where I lived near Boston -
it was renovated in 70s chic.

Inés is giving away a digital copy of NEEDS A LITTLE TLC to one randomly selected commenter.  To enter the giveaway,

1.  Leave a comment about home renovations - any advice?

2.  Comments are open through Saturday, September 19, 10 pm in Baltimore.

3.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, September 20.


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

Inés offers an excerpt from NEEDS A LITTLE TLC .... 

“I knew you were listening, and I knew you didn’t have it in you to be a silent anything. Why are you using your mom’s last name? Hiding from someone?”

Cassie closed her eyes and counted to ten, again. The words, we’re both professionals, Mr. Amador, let’s begin by treating each other as such, were at the tip of her tongue. True words. A perfect comeback. But she and Sam had been the best of childhood friends, and Sam’s words were just as true. After all, he had somehow known she was listening. But he didn’t have to know that if she could crawl through the airwaves, come out the other side, and hit him with his phone, she would.


Sam leaned back in his chair and tried to think above the many feelings coursing through him. Part of him had gone back to a time when he’d known Cassie like the back of his hand, and he couldn’t help but enjoy the situation. Ten years might have passed, but there was no doubt in his mind she’d hit him over the head with his own phone at that moment if she could.

“Sam?” she finally spoke.

“I’m here.” It was a normal response, but something within him recognized a deeper truth. He swallowed hard.

“Life is funny, right? It looks like our old shared interests have brought about the possibility of a business partnership. I can guarantee we’re right for the job, and I’d like my associate to meet with you soon to discuss it. When would be a good time for you?”

All business. He’d never heard her like that. They weren’t the same people they’d once been. Maybe she didn’t even want to hit him over the head with his phone.

Book 1 in the series ...


  1. We painted and tore off wallpaper before moving any furniture into the house. That was very helpful.

  2. Patience and a sense of humor will help!

  3. For home renovations you should expect the unexpected.

  4. Always do the renovations before you move in.

  5. I love watching the home improvement shows, but unless I had a crew that would be willing to go in and do all that before I moved in, I would't buy a fixer upper :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. My grandfather gave this advice back in the 1950's..." It will cost about twice as much and take twice the time you think it should." and it's worked for everyone in our family in these subsequent years!

  7. Yes, hire someone to do the work lol.

  8. Be prepared to live with chaos for awhile!

  9. can take longer than you think

  10. Advice, if you start, be ready to work on it for the long haul. We bought a 1898 victorian farm house. It was solid, but the interior needed a lot of work. We had to gut it down to the studs. 22 years later, we are still working on it.

  11. Be patient because it always takes longer than expected.