Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Aloha to Heidi Hormel and THE BULL RIDER'S REDEMPTION - Book Review



Clover Van Camp meets her match when her plans to turn a struggling Arizona town into a Wild West resort are blocked by the hunky mayor, retired bull rider Danny Leigh. To make things more complicated, this isn't the first time the two of them have tangled…

Danny knows Clover usually gets her way, but this time he won't back down. He's got a few things to answer for and a town to save. Besides, reconnecting with his former fling has benefits, as long as he doesn't get distracted by their mutual attraction. Will Danny and Clover let their ambition keep their hearts divided?

When in doubt, let your horse do the thinkin'. -- Old West Proverb

Teenagers Clover Van Camp and Danny Leigh first crossed paths when she, as a junior beauty queen, presented him with a trophy as a junior rodeo champion.  Fast forward several years - Clover slipped off her stilettos and pulled on cowboy boots to buy failing properties for a resort project in Angel Crossing, Arizona. She expected to bump into Danny, the new mayor of the desert town, but she did not consider that he has his own plans for Angel Cross. Nor did she envision that an abandoned dog which she and Danny rescued would open her heart to her teenage crush.

THE BULL RIDER'S REDEMPTION is a heartwarming romance set in a dusty town - the least likely place where an uptown girl would fall in love again with a down home boy. Heidi plays upon the "opposite attracts" theme to bring together two fated lovers who revitalize Angel Crossing along the way. I appreciated that Hormel reminded both Clover and Danny of their humanity as they cared for the abandoned dog

THE BULL RIDER'S REDEMPTION is Book 5 in the Angel Crossing - beloved characters from previous books make guest appearances throughout the story but still allow Clover and Danny to shine as they find their happily ever after.

THE BULL RIDER'S REDEMPTION is now available from Harlequin.

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  1. I have the jeans of course, but also one or two western style shirts (the ones with the pearl snaps & that western yoke) - my boots aren't strictly western, but they would do. And there are a few straw cowboy hats around.

  2. Don't have any western style clothes.

  3. Just jeans for me as well. When I was in Texas and looked at some boots. My but they are expensive.

  4. Just jeans and one western shirt. But I would love a pair of cowboy boots. I've seen some that were beautiful but like Debby said, they were more money then I could pay. lol
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  5. I have jeans and a pair of cowboy boots.

  6. I've got jeans and some incredibly comfortable cowboy boots. I'd wear the boots every day of it didn't get and stay so hot here!

  7. I've got jeans and several pairs of cowboy boots.

  8. Jeans only for me