Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Aloha to Delta Gamma's "Do Good" Week with Alexandra Haughton and DESTINATION, LOVE

Social media enables me to find romance authors who share common ground .... I discovered Alexandra Haughton is a Panhellenic sister ... and I invited her to participate in "Do Good" Week.

One of the best qualities of Panhellenic women is our life-long commitment to philanthropy, so I was delighted when Kim asked me to take part in her celebration of Delta Gamma’s “Do Good” Week. (Though I pledged ADPi, I did pref at DG, so we’re practically sisters.) 

From the time I was a little girl, my parents taught me the importance of sharing our blessings—whether that meant time or money. We didn’t call it philanthropy. (That word often makes one think of red brick buildings covered in ivy with a series of hyphenated names on them, doesn’t it? Believe me, if there are any Haughton names on hospital wings and university buildings, they’re from a much different branch of the old family tree.) In fact, I’m not sure my parents ever really called it anything. It was just the way they were raised, to seek out those in need and do the right thing. I’m grateful to them for the thousands of non-showy ways I witnessed their philanthropy over the years.

I had planned share with you two of my favorite local organizations, the Ronald McDonald House (link) and the Richardson Adult Literacy Center (link) whose Buns and Roses Romance Tea fundraiser raises thousands to transform the lives of adults in the Dallas area each year.

Then Harvey happened in my backyard. No, not my actual backyard—I’m a Dallas girl and far from any danger. But all of Texas is my backyard, and there wasn’t a person among us who didn’t have a cherished family member or close friend with stories of loss. And it’s not just Houston, though the city has been much in the news.

Millions of families have been impacted. And some are still in critical need. I’d like to highlight the food banks (especially those in the Beaumont and Corpus Christi areas) and the Texas Diaper Bank listed in this NPR article (link).

Back in my actual backyard, over three thousand evacuees from Harvey are in the mega shelter downtown, with more set to arrive. The Dallas Public Library is accepting donations of books, games, and cards to share with those sheltering. And we know how much access to a good book can help during troubling times.

I’m working with several other romance authors and bloggers to collect books. If you’d like to help out by sending books, feel free to email me (link).

And, at the time I’m writing this, Irma is bearing down on the Caribbean and Florida—by the time you’re reading it, we’ll know the extent of the devastation there. And I thank you for doing good work to help your neighbors in need, no matter where you are. 

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Alexandra Haughton lives and writes in a cozy urban cottage. Contrary to popular belief, it is not wall-to-wall pink and glitter. (Yet.) She makes a mean chicken fried steak and has a weakness for Italian Cream Cake (no nuts). When Alexandra isn’t writing contemporary romance, you can find her out and about in Dallas and on social media, where she shares all her secrets on Twitter and Instagram @WriterAHaughton

Alexandra Haughton

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PS Come back on October 16, 2017, and we'll chat more about Alexandra's DESTINATION, LOVE series. 


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