Monday, September 11, 2017

Aloha to Delta Gamma's "Do Good" Week

I am an alumni member of Delta Gamma aka DG.   DG designated September 10 - 16 as "Do Good" Week.  I invited authors connected to sororities (DG and others) to share how they "Do Good" in their community - they'll appear later this week.

I kick off "Do Good" Week at SOS Aloha with my own efforts. I support three charitable endeavors - military appreciation, animal rescue, and food banks.  Here is my "Top  5" ways you can get involved:

1. Display the American Flag at home and work.

2. Send a care package to a soldier through USO Cares (link). Romance author Megan Mitcham is also accepting thank you letters for military/veterans at this link.

3. Thank anyone in uniform ... or those who wear military ball caps, T-shirts, etc. Most likely they are a veteran.

4.  Find an animal shelter near you - inquire how you can help. My family buys food and litter from the commissary and donates to 3 shelters in Howard County.  One shelter accepts donations of clean linens, towels, and blankets that I can no longer use due to tears, fading, etc.  I also donate the used toner cartridges from home and work so the animal shelter can receive a credit from Staples for office supplies.

5.  Find a food bank near you - inquire how to help.  Recruit volunteers from your church, neighborhood, or scouts to collect canned goods from shoppers outside a local grocery store.  This makes it easy for shoppers to donate ... and highlights the need to continually stock food banks.

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I am giving away a swag pack from RWA17 to four randomly selected commenters from my posts published in the month of September. To enter the giveaway, 

1.  Leave any comment - anything goes!

2. Comments are open through Saturday, September 30, 10 pm in Baltimore.

3. I'll post the winner on Sunday, October 1.


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

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  1. All good causes. We're having a yearly fundraiser at our American Legion that I always help out at among other projects. And caring for animals is an ongoing thing for me. Food pantries are another must. I imagine there will be some new fund raising for all the havoc due to the hurricanes.

  2. We have a flag pole that is lit 24 hours a day so we can fly the flag at all times except in bad weather.
    We are involved with the Red Cross. We are disaster volunteers dealing with local fires, floods, etc. and national disasters. We are also part of the R. C. Service to the Armed Forces. We support local military activities for the veterans, Guard, and Reserve Units. We are currently helping prepare a
    Stand Down for homeless veterans. We are also collecting household items for a program which works with homeless vets to get them into apartments. My house is full of things I picked up at our church's yard sale this past weekend that we worked.
    We volunteer with the local Honor Flight group that takes veterans to Washington, D.C. to see their monuments.
    We have fostered puppy litters for the local animal shelter over the years. We have adopted probably a dozen or so dogs and cats. We can no longer foster, but we do support the shelter with food and other donations.
    Our church has a food pantry and we donate to that as well as the local Second Harvest food bank.
    My husband belongs to the American Legion and DAV and I belong to a GFWC Women's Club. We support their charitable and community involvement activities.
    Needless to say, we stop to talk with veterans and military we see and thank them for their service. We volunteer at the local VA facilities. It means so much for the older vets to have someone to talk with. I am working on getting Red Cross volunteers to participate in the No Vet Dies Alone program at the VA hospital and associated facility.
    We have both bee 4-H, Girl Scout, and Boy Scout leaders and still help out when asked.
    Being involved is a good thing, but you must be careful not to get too involved. You can easily stretch yourself too thin. We have reached that point. It is hard to drop any of the worthwhile things we do. For starters, I am getting more volunteers to help and some to take the lead in some of what we do. I NEED to stay home and clean my house.

  3. All commendable endeavours. I actively support The Red Cross.

    1. That is much appreciated and so necessary right now. The Red Cross will likely have a presence in the areas Harvey hit until November. The areas hit by Irma will likely require even more time. Our region includes Florida, the Gulf states, and the Caribbean. Our assistant Disaster staff person is in St. Croix. It is in horrible condition.

  4. Great causes. I supported the Humane Society in their efforts to rescue pets left behind during hurricanes.

  5. Great causes. I always donate to different health charities on a regular basis as well as The Red Cross or Salvation Army when disasters occur.

  6. Wonderful charities, all. God Bless our Vets.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  7. my niece/goddaughter is DG at UD. I donated money to one of her fundraising causes.


  8. Wonder ideas. Always donate to various causes/charities.

  9. All great causes. God Bless all the hurricane victims and the US of America.
    Natty's Mama