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Aloha to RWA's SECOND CHANCES with Kerri Carpenter and HOMECOMING

Do you believe in second chances?

Romance Writers of America brings together seventeen of today's hottest authors in an anthology of never-before-published tales that reveal true love always deserves a happy ending.

Follow New York Times best-selling authors J. Kenner and Christina Lauren back to reader-favorite worlds.

New York Times bestseller Alyssa Day sprinkles djinn magic in her humorous paranormal romance, while Rachel Hauck brings the enchantment of the holidays in her New Year’s Eve contemporary love story.

And Liliana Hart delivers thrills and adventure in her characters’ search for the impossible.

With characters who find love through tough situations, in an elegant 1800s ballroom, with an old friend who shows up when least expected, at a tender age when cliques and homework get in the way of relationships, or after a random encounter in an unlikely setting, Second Chances delivers romance to strike every reader’s fancy.

Plus tales from:
Marilyn Brant
Kerri Carpenter
CiCi Coughlin
Cassandra Dean
Tina Ferraro
Renee Luke
Ariella Moon
Brandi Willis Schreiber
Lizzie Shane
Sharon Sobel
Damon Suede
Tara Wyatt

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Let's take a peak at Kerri Carpenter's HOMECOMING ....

With only two weeks until she starts law school, Lana Greene has one goal. She’s returning to her hometown of Cherrydale for a second chance at hooking up with her high school crush, Wesley Givens. After all, Lana almost hooked up with Wes after their senior prom. Too bad her lifelong best friend, Ford Campbell, has other ideas. He wants to show her that he’s the second chance she’s been waiting for all along.

[Lana Greene returns home after college before heading to law school determined to hook up with her high school prom date. Her best friend, Ford might just throw a wrench in those plans...]

After a much-needed long shower, my day of travel is washed away, my hair is shiny, and my skin is nice and clear. I throw on a pair of tight leggings and a baby blue tank top, accessorizing with both a long and short necklace and tiny star earrings that Ford gave me for my birthday last year.

As I make my way around my childhood bedroom, I can’t stop thinking about Ford. We didn’t get to see each other as much this year as usual. We had the same spring break but Ford went to Puerto Rico with some friends. Instead of spending Christmas at home like usual, my family went to Arizona to visit my grandparents. I missed him.

We’ve known each other for so long. No one knows me better than Ford Campbell.

On cue, I hear his car horn. Looking out my bedroom window, he spots me and waves and I wave back. I stop for a spritz of perfume before I dash down the stairs and yank the door open.

I pull up short to see that Ford has exited the car and is standing on my front porch with his hands in his pockets. “Ready?” he asks. “You smell good,” he adds.

“Just some perfume,” I say. Then I take him in.

Ford looks like … totally Ford. He’s wearing jeans, a button-down plaid shirt over a—what else—vintage Star Wars tee. Only, there is something else. Something … sexier. OMG. Did I just think my best friend looked sexy?

“Why is your face getting red?” he asks.

“No reason. Let’s go.” I slam the door shut, grab his hand, and quickly head for his car.

Award-winning romance author Kerri Carpenter writes contemporary romances that are sweet, sexy, and sparkly. When she’s not writing, Kerri enjoys reading, cooking, watching movies, taking Zumba classes, rooting for Pittsburgh sports teams, and anything sparkly. Kerri lives in Northern Virginia with her adorable (and mischievous) rescued poodle mix, Harry.

Learn more about Kerri and her books at

I am giving away a swag pack from RWA17 to four randomly selected commenters from my posts published in the month of September. To enter the giveaway,

1. Let's chat about Zumba - a favorite activity for Kerri.  Do you Zumba or enjoy other forms of exercise?  I enjoy a three mile walk in my neighborhood each night.

2. Comments are open through Saturday, September 30, 10 pm in Baltimore. 

3. I'll post the winner on Sunday, October 1.


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  1. Thank you so much for having me today, Kim!!! I hope everyone grabs a copy of the Second Chances Anthology. Trust me, there's a story for everyone in this one. ;-)

    It's true - I love, love, love zumba! The fun, bright clothing. The pulsing, upbeat music. So much fun. However, my doctor recently suggested I start doing yoga. What!!! Any advice for me?

  2. Haven't tried zumba, but I like yoga. Would also like to try Soul Cycle.

  3. years ago I did aerobics, later joined Curves for a few years, but I've never Zumbaed

  4. I'm not big on exercise. Working part-time gives me some exercise and I'm constantly going up and downstairs lol.

  5. I have never tried Zumba. I do love to walk. I walk everywhere; for pleasure and to run my chores.

  6. I bought a zumba program for my Wii,but my daughter borrowed it and I haven't seen it since. We live out in the country and as much as I like to walk, it isn't safe to do so on these roads. We have a stationary bike and that is about all I have been able to do. It isn't safe to ride our bike on these roads either.

  7. It's been a long time since I've done any exercise other then walking. But I have watched my daughter doing Zumba and let me tell you that seeing it at my age felt like I did it with her. lol
    Carol L
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  8. I walk every day.

  9. I go to the gym very often and workout.
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