Sunday, April 10, 2016

Aloha to Rose Gordon and THE PERFECT LADY WORTHE - Novella Review


The last thing Jane Cavanaugh would ever expect is to be married—she is an invalid, after all—but that doesn’t mean she can’t help with her sister’s husband hunt! (Even if it is with a wee bit of reluctance.) 

The last thing Gareth, Lord Worthe would ever want to do is to fall in love with his closest friend’s younger sister.

But fate just might have something else in store for these two…

A late-nineteenth-century Photochrom of the Great Bath at the Roman Baths. Pillars tower over the water, and the spires of Bath Abbey – restored in the early sixteenth century – are visible in the background.
Roman Bath in Bath, England
Public Domain (link)

You'll find a heart that you've always been lookin' for
How could anybody ask for much more

- Celine Dion, Treat Her Like a Lady

Jane Cavanaugh is resigned to her life as a spinster. She fell off a horse at a young age, damning her to never walk again. Yet her younger sister is determined to include Jane in her introduction to the ton. Their older brother offers a compromise to protect Jane from malicious gossip as a cripple. He sends the sisters to Bath to sample society.

In Bath, the sisters enjoy the hospitality of their brother's friend, Gareth, Lord Worthe. At first, Gareth mistakes Jane as her sister's companion, not realizing she is confined to a wheeled chair. He is later embarrassed to find her sleeping downstairs in a receiving room since his staff did not prepare for a handicapped guest. Jane, too, is embarrassed for drawing attention to her special needs. Over the next few days, Jane and Gareth engage in friendly banter as her sister evaluates suitors. Gareth soon realizes Jane fulfills the hole in his life. As Jane prepares to let go of her sister to marriage, it is she who receives an unexpected proposal from Gareth.

Gordon offers a sweet romance between a lady and gentleman whom their peers would consider an unlikely pair based on her disability. I appreciated Gordon giving us a glimpse of what it must be like to be "imperfect" in a society that seeks perfection. My only complaint is this novella was too short to explore the themes of disability, loneliness, and love with no boundaries.

I received a print copy of the novella from Kimberly Rocha of Book Obsessed Chicks (link).

I am giving away Regency swag to one randomly selected commenter. To enter the giveaway,

1. Leave a comment about "healing waters" like those found in Bath, England - have you visited any special springs?  I previously lived in Safety Harbor, Florida, home of the Espiritu Santo Springs once thought to be the Fountain of Youth.

2. Comments are open through Saturday, April 16, 10 pm in Baltimore.

3. I'll post the winner on Sunday, April 17.


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  1. We went on a day trip to Bath when we went to England. Loved it there. Was fun touring the baths.

  2. No, but it would be interesting!

  3. Never, but would love to. Next time I go home for a visit, I'm going to Bath.

  4. No, but would love to visit Bath.

  5. I've never been to a spring or anything that said healing waters but it would be interesting.

  6. No I've never visited a spring or healing water.

  7. I've visited Bath, but not to use the waters - it would be fun to go someplace like Iceland to use the waters there.

  8. The special springs we visited had carbonated water bubbling up from the earth. They were not set up for bathing. Rather people would collect the naturally carbonated water and add lemonade mix (or other drink mixes) and make a soda.

  9. No, there is nothing like that around here. I'd love to visit Bath though.

  10. I did visit Bath in England and saw the springs but did not go in. Not sure if you can

  11. Oh, I'd love to win regency swag! In fount the Historical Rimance Retreat and still need to get everything for the ball!!
    As to your question, I've been to Wiesbaden, Germany that has "healing waters" but if you ask me, they smelled something terrible and didn't look all that clean. :(

  12. I have never been there, but we visited some special ones in Israel when we went there. It was soothing! I can see where others would find healing out of them.

  13. I've been near some "healing waters" in Virginia, but not close enough to dip my toe in ;)


  14. I never have. I would love to visit Bath. This sounds like a wonderful and heartwarming read. Thank you for the giveaway.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com