Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hawaii Five O: Kanaka Hahai (The Hunter) - TV Review

Hawaii Five O has been hit or miss for me throughout Season Six (2015/2016).  Friday night's episode, Kanaka Hahai (The Hunter), brought back the magic.  In fact, the episode featured three story lines for the ensemble cast.

Kanaka Hahai opens with Danno taking his children, Grace and Charlie, to the North Shore for Huli Huli chicken from a road side stand.  Grace grumbles that Danno made her leave her cell phone in his car. He asks her to embrace the opportunity to spend time with family.  Grace responds that she can't without taking a selfie and posting to Instagram. As they leave the park, Danno realizes his beloved car has been stolen (the running joke is Steve always drives his car). He leads his children to the bus stop for a ride back to Waikiki. When Da Bus (link) pulls up, the driver is Mamo Kahike, a recurring character who knew Steve and Mary as children. Mamo is portrayed by Al Harrington, a Samoan actor who starred as Ben on the original Hawaii Five O series (Ben replaced Kono on the team).

As they ride along, Danno spots his car pulling out of a gas station. He orders the passengers to the back of the bus and directs Mamo to trail the car, but not so close. Mamo follows the car into the pineapple fields to Danno's chagrin. Danno orders the passengers off the bus, gets behind the wheel, and chases down the thieves.  Hawaii Five O returns to its trademark thrills, humor, and cultural references which won fans in the first season.

Meanwhile, two Asians was ashore in Makaha, leading Steve to investigate a "ghost" ship.  In reality, The Ghost Fleet is a documentary of the human trafficking in the fishing industry.  I commend the producers of Hawaii Five O for addressing a real problem in Southeast Asia.

Finally, Abby confesses to the H50 team that the FBI recruited her investigate them for corruption.  She quits the sting and Steve invites her to join H50.  Chin Ho is pleased that she will be staying on the island.  I am happy to see Chin Ho smile after the grief he has experienced at the hands of the writers.

The episode closes with Kamekona Tupuola - former convict turned confidential informant - serving his shrimp plate to the gang from his food truck in Waikiki.  He reminds Danno that Huli Huli chicken only leads to trouble and nothing beats his garlic shrimp.  As the screen fades to Diamond Head,  I am reminded that the biggest star of Hawaii Five O is the gorgeous backdrop.

CBS announced last week that it renewed Hawaii Five O for its seventh season in 2016/2017.

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  1. I'm a vegetarian so I'd pick tofu :-D

    1. Kamekona also serves tofu from his shrimp truck!

  2. I eat a lot of chicken so having shrimp is a treat!

  3. Love both so it's hard for me to choose.

  4. Your brief run down makes me want to watch the show! I've never caught an episode.

    I have had shrimp from the shrimp trucks on Oahu, yum!!

  5. We eat tons of chicken, every way possible but I love seafood, especially shrimkp. I'd pick the shrimp for sure.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  6. I like Shrimlp love seafood

  7. I like them both so it is hard to choose. We save shrimp for special meals and eat a lot of chicken. When I was in the Philippines, I loved getting the prawns fresh off the boat. They we so good. Haven't really seen any that big since being back in the States. They used to fix scrambled eggs with little shrimp, onions, and tomato. I have tried to fix it here, but the shrimp just aren't the same.

  8. I eat a lot of chicken so if I had the choice, I would choose shrimp.

  9. I chose both really

  10. I don't like shrimp. Easy choice - chicken it is.

  11. I like both but I would chose chicken any time

  12. Glad they brought the pizazz back to H5O! I think I'd pick chicken first then shrimp. :)

  13. I would rather have shrimp over chicken.

  14. I would choose shrimp if prepared in a way I can eat.

  15. I like them both, ckn parm, marsala, shrimp stuffed with crab, grilled.

  16. I like both - I tend to eat more chicken especially at home, but often get shrimp out. I enjoyed that Five-O episode too.

  17. Since I enjoy eating both chicken and shrimp, I would order both and share with a friend.

  18. I love both but seafood is amazing so I'd choose shrimp!