Sunday, January 11, 2015

Aloha to Jill Marie Landis' TROUBLE IN PARADISE


The cold weather is pulling at my heartstrings for Hawaii.  I found a tattered book from my TBR pile to quench my thirst for warm weather - DESTINATION: MARRIAGE with Jill Marie Landis, Jo Leigh, and Jackie Braun (Harlequin, 2008).   Landis' story, TROUBLE IN PARADISE, is set on her home island of Kauai:

Talk about bad bridal juju. Carrie Evans is in Hawaii for a dream getaway wedding--with rain, a missing dress and absent guests. Is there enough Hawaiian magic to turn these nightmarish nuptials into the best day of her life?

Bride and Groom in Ko'Olina on Oahu

Ua ola loko i ke aloha. 
Love gives life within. 
- Hawaiian proverb

Carrie comes from a conservative family yet her parents have outgrown the intimacy of their marriage.   Her fiance, Kurt, is an artist whose parents lived happily together without a wedding.   Carrie and Kurt plan a destination wedding on Kauai to bring togegther their very different families.   Yet a last minute photo shoot of Kurt's artwork forces Carrie to travel to Kauai alone to meet with the wedding planner.  She reads an article in the airline magazine about Ho'ailona - signals - which spooks her when her checked luggage is missing, her car rental is changed, and wedding guests are delayed.  She even encounters an elderly Hawaiian man and a white dog with an ominous warning, he kau aunane'i i ka lae 'a'a - watch out lest the canoe land on a rocky reef.  His warning sends Carrie into a panic, wondering if the destination wedding was a mistake.  Can Kurt convince Carrie that love conquers all?  

TROUBLE IN PARASIDE is an enchanting novella with Hawaiian culture interwoven with Landis' distinct humor.  The Aloha Spirit is alive and well with Carrie's response to the omens and Kurt's efforts to keep Carrie focused.  Ultimately the couple learns that their love transcends any obsticle.

Recommended read for a snowy day ... or a sandy beach.

I found DESTINATION: MARRIAGE in the book swap at the Kapolei Public Library when Jill Marie Landis spoke to the RWA Aloha Chapter ... it was karma!

Bridal shoot on Kailua Beach

I am giving away "Aloha" swag to one randomly selected commenter.  To enter the giveaway,

1.  Leave a comment about destination weddings and/or vacations - have you done one?

2.  Comments are open through Saturday, January 17, 10 pm in Baltimore. 

3.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, January 18.


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

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  1. I have never been to a destination wedding.

  2. I never have been to a destination wedding.

  3. My daughter almost did that but too many people in our family would not have been able to attend. We had a friend that was having one but the wedding got canceled!

  4. No I have not been to a destination wedding. I am going to a wedding in a couple weeks but it is only about 15 miles away from my house.

  5. I've never been to a destination wedding. Sounds good.

  6. My cousin had a destination wedding and now her brother is thinking about doing it, too.

  7. The only destination wedding I've been to was here in Las Vegas at my brothers wedding.

  8. Never been or done a Dest. Wedding.

  9. No, likevhawwaii

  10. I do like the idea of a destination wedding. The planning would be hard I think. Not being on the spot.

  11. I have never been to a destination wedding--I have a friend who had one, though.

    I have been to Hawai'i--honeymooned on Oahu and the Big Island!

  12. Love the photos. Have not been either.
    Karen T.

  13. I didn't have one but since I had moved to a different state a lot of the guest traveled and a couple joked that it was a destination wedding. ;-)

  14. I have never been to a destination wedding.

  15. Nope, have never been either.