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Aloha to Jodi Thomas and ONE TRUE HEART


Texas sweetheart, Jodi Thomas, joins us today to celebrate the release of ONE TRUE HEART, Book 8 in the Harmony series, available April 7, 2015, from Berkley Romance ...

ONE TRUE HEART is a book I’ve been waiting to write for several years. Sometimes characters sat around the kitchen in my mind waiting for their story to be pulled off the back burner and come to life. For those of you who have followed me through Harmony you’re going to see one of my favorite couples Beau and Trouble. And of those who are new, you’ll meet new characters that I think you’ll fall in love with.

I think I’ve wanted to write this story since I wrote TWISTED CREEK. After all, someone had to move into Luke’s cabin after he moved out and what better than a broken hero.

When you step into ONE TRUE HEART you’ll step into Harmony where the lives of the people in the town blend together. You’ll meet Millanie McAllen and Drew Cunningham. Both hiding out from life for different reasons. In their love story the gentle, loving man wins out. As they face the truth about real love they also must both face their fears.

Drew, who is always organized and calm has, what he believes, is the craziest sister on the planet. She dances in the moonlight and tells fortunes. In her first session with Johnny Wheeler, he’s arrested for killing his ex-wife. Kare knows Johnny didn’t do it. She didn’t see murder in his lifeline. Johnny thinks she’s nuts, but she’s determined to help him even if she has to draft her big brother to help.

Another story threads its way through the book. Beau Yates comes back to town for a few days. He’s a successful singer in Nashville, but deep down knows that all his love songs are about one girl. He doesn’t even know her name, he simply calls her Trouble. She used to pick him up after work. She’d every dream he’s ever had about love.

This story has people who will come to life as you read. You’ll fall in love with a first love and fall in love for the last time with a forever love. I hope my characters will walk off the pages for you as they have for me.

Now and then I get a letter or e-mail asking me where Harmony, Texas is. It’s in my mind. It always has been. It’s the small town where people care about each other. It is as alive as any town I’ve ever lived in and I hope it will come alive for you also.

Happy reading,

Jodi Thomas

Jodi Thomas

Jodi Thomas is the NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of 41 novels and 13 short story collections. A five-time RITA winner, Jodi currently serves as the Writer in Residence at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas. 


Jodi Thomas takes us back to Harmony, Texas—a small town where love blooms and secrets of the past threaten to alter the future… 

Millanie McAllen is always logical. But after returning to her childhood home, she learns that some things are beyond explanation—like her undeniable passion for Drew Cunningham… After finding success as a singer on the road, Beau Yates returns to Harmony to make peace with his dying father— only to find the woman he’s been dreaming of for years. But the secrets they discover might be too much for him to bear… 

When Johnny Wheeler is charged with his wife’s murder, he turns to the only person who believes he’s innocent. Fortune teller Kare Cunningham’s life has always danced around reality—but Johnny is able to ground her like no other… As their paths cross in new, captivating directions, the townspeople of Harmony need to learn to love and let go in order to live together in their little slice of heaven. 

“Filled with amazing people..”—Romance Reviews Today

Pre-order from jodithomas.com.

Jodi (center) with her RITA award in 2011.

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