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Aloha to Patience Griffin and THE TROUBLE WITH SCOTLAND - Art Imitating Life

The Trouble With Scotland (Kilts and Quilts, #5)

Patience Griffin joins us today to celebrate the release of THE TROUBLE WITH SCOTLAND ...

Art Imitating Life

We never know when an unexpected event will happen and our life will be changed forever. This is what happened to twenty-two year old Sadie Middleton in The Trouble with Scotland. And to my best friend’s daughter, Amber.

In November 2014, Amber, a seemingly healthy young adult, suddenly felt overtired and not herself. A checkup showed Amber’s kidneys were barely functioning. The diagnosis…Stage Four Chronic Kidney Disease. There was no explanation or no defining moment to blame it on and there was only one way to fix it—Amber needed a new kidney. Since she was young and in good health, her doctor was hopeful to put off the transplant for two to five years.

All of us—her parents, friends, and family—were stunned. This couldn’t be happening to such an amazing family. What was Amber going through? What was my best friend going through? How do you take a diagnosis like this and turn it into a reality that you can live with? I turned my questions into The Trouble with Scotland.

Amber with Patience

When people hear about this book, the number one question I receive is…Does the book have a happy ending? The answer is YES! And Amber?

The two to five year projection for needing the transplant had been too optimistic. Last fall Amber’s kidney function deteriorated rapidly and she needed a transplant immediately. Good news came when her father was cleared to be the donor. Amber’s father, David, gave her a kidney in December 2015.

Amber's mother with Patience

Father and daughter came through the surgeries like champions, with Amber going home from the hospital only six days after her transplant. Both are feeling well and are back at work. And my best friend, Amber’s mother? She’s finally breathing easier. Feeling grateful. So am I. Grateful for modern medicine. Grateful for knowing such an amazing family. And grateful I have writing to answer the tough questions when something bad happens.

I’m working with the National Kidney Foundation to raise awareness for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and to raise funds for their organization. CKD is silent; most don’t know they have it until it’s progressed to Stage Four. Fact: 26 million American adults have CKD and millions of others are at increased risk. If you would like to donate or find out more information, please click here: 


The quilting ladies of the Scottish village of Gandiegow are known to piece together more than just fabric . . .

Life isn’t going as planned and Sadie Middleton is rethinking her whole future. Thankfully one thing is staying the same: She’s able to share her love of quilting with her grandmother Gigi. The two of them enter a contest and win an all-expenses-paid trip to the Kilts and Quilts retreat in the Scottish Highlands. But their victory turns hollow when Gigi passes away before they can go. Sadie is grief-stricken, but her brother convinces her to take the trip to Gandiegow anyway.

There she meets a charming circle of quilters who remind her of her grandmother—and Ross Armstrong, a handsome fisherman who brings a smile to her face. Newly single, Ross intends to enjoy his freedom. That plan goes awry as he comes to know Sadie—and a surprising spark is lit. Too bad some well-meaning folks want to protect Ross from getting hurt again and are determined to keep him and the American lass apart. . . .

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The Trouble with Scotland is also in audiobook (link)! Squeal!!!

This is the last Quilt giveaway planned, so get your entries while they’re hot! I’ve given away four quilts so far! (US only. Apologies to my International Friends.)

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