Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Aloha to Donna Kauffman and PELICAN POINT


One of my local friends has promised me a trip to Sandy Point on the Chesapeake Bay.   She noted that it might not offer the crystal clear waters of Hawaii, but it will reveal a comforting view of marine living. From its website (link),

This 786-acre Maryland State Park is located along the Northwestern shore of the majestic Chesapeake Bay. The park’s beaches and picnic areas are well known for their breathtaking scenic water views that overlook one of Maryland’s true treasures, the Chesapeake Bay. The park was first opened on June 25, 1952 and has provided its guests with various activities and services ever since.

Indeed, the crystal clear waters of Hawaii are hard to forget, especially those along the Mokapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail.
From its website (link),

The Makapu‘u Point trail, within Kaiwi State Scenic Shoreline, offers outstanding views of O‘ahu’s southeastern coastline, including Koko Head and Koko Crater. From the trail’s destination at Makapu‘u Head, one is rewarded with magnificent views of the windward coast and offshore islets, as well as the historic red-roofed Makapu‘u Lighthouse built in 1909, which makes a stunning picture against the deep blue sea below.

There is something about lighthouses that that pique my interest ... enter Donna Kauffman's PELICAN POINT, kicking off her new series, The Bachelors of Blueberry Cove:

Blueberry Cove, Maine, is as small-town as small towns get. More than a little quirky, it has sheltered generations of families. But there's always room for a new face…

Fixing things has always been Alex McFarland's greatest gift and keenest pleasure. But with her own life thoroughly broken, she's signed on to renovate the dilapidated Pelican Point lighthouse, hoping to reconnect with herself. The last thing she expects is to find herself falling in love--with the glorious coastline, with age-old secrets and welcome-home smiles…with rugged Logan McCrae, the man she just might be able to build new hopes on.

DIY is so much better with two...

I am giving away a print copy of PELICAN POINT to one randomly selected commenter.  To enter the giveaway,

1.  Leave a comment about points, coves, lighthouse, and/or blueberries - what do you love about them?

I eat blueberries - a noted superfood - every morning atop my granola!

2.  This giveaway is open to all readers.

3.  Comments are open through Saturday, November 16, 10 pm in Baltimore.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, November 17.


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

To learn more about Donna and her books, check out her website at

Check out my pictures of Makapu'u Point on my travel blog, ALOHA ON MY MIND, at this link.


  1. I live in the SW corner of lower Michigan, not far from Lake Michigan, so I'm a fan of both lighthouses and blueberries which are grown here. I look forward to picking them every summer.

    Marcy Shuler

  2. We have a Point with a large fountain where our 3 rivers converge in Pittsburgh. And I love blueberries when I can get them.

  3. Living in North Central Texas I don't get to see too many points, coves, or lighthouses and I do miss seeing them - like I did when I lived in the northeast. And the only time I get blueberries these days is when I can find them on sale because they are just far too expensive. So sad!!

  4. I love the tartness of blueberries and of course blueberry muffins.

  5. Like lighthouses, have picked blueberries before

  6. I seemed to read a lot of books featuring lighthouses when I was a child. I always wanted to live in one.

  7. I My mother was a collector of model light houses. Her favorite was the Cape May lighthouse. My mother has been gone for many years, but the sight of a light house or the picture of one always brings the warm loving memories of her to me.

  8. I think light houses are amazing. There is one nearby that does sleep overs for girl scouts. Wish I had done that one.

  9. I love lighthouses... and have read where local communities have come together to save them from eroding moving them.

  10. Ummmm I just learning to like blueberries...not my fav fruit.

  11. I only like blueberries if they're in muffins, or bagels. Love lighthouses, especially the ones in Cornwall.

  12. well this is one I would love to win....first of all because Donna Kauffman rocks! she is also wonderful about helping me with my soldier boxes....which I cannot thank her enough for.

    I have a funny story, my dad, he is a Marine/Greek man...strong personality very alpha ....he loves lighthouses...and was going to collect them. My mom told him no, we didn't need to collect lighthouses, lets collect teddy bears.....oh my gosh....low and behold they collected Teddy for years at Christmas I would buy dad lighthouses!!!!


  13. Grew up on Long Island, NY. I will never forget my only visit to Montauk Point Lighthouse, over 40 years ago. Watching the sunrise. Now, I don't remember the guy I was with, but the lighthouse I will never forget. Some things are better to remember. Cathy

  14. I love lighthouses. Have visited many and stayed in one that is a bed and breakfast.