Sunday, April 13, 2014

Seeking military connections for article to celebrate Armed Forces Appreciation Month

Aloha! Joyce Lamb from USA Today/HEA Book Blog has graciously agreed to publish an article about romance authors, bloggers, and readers with military connections in celebration of Armed Forces Appreciation Month in May.

Actually, I am going to break it down to four articles:

- May 7: Military Brats
- May 14: Military Spouses
- May 21: Military Veterans
- May 28: Friends of military families (including all relatives of military personnel)

If you are a miltiary brat, spouse, and/or veteran, I would appreciate a short blurb to detail your favorite and/or life changing experience from your interface with the military. You are welcome to submit a blurb for each category that applies (i.e., I am a veteran and spouse).

If you are "Friends of Military Families", i.e., have sent packages to deployed personnel, greeted deployed personnel at the airport, volunteered with military families, etc., I would appreciate a short blurb to detail how your support impacted your life.

I will publish all blurbs on my blog, SOS Aloha during the corresponding week. From the blurbs, I will select a sample to include in my articles for Joyce.

Please also include one social media contact - website, Facebook, and/or Twitter - for me to include with your blurb.

Deadline is one week before publication (see schedule above) to

Thank you in advance for your support of military families.


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City


  1. Nice of you to support

  2. You might check in with Alyssa Day -- she is going to RT and her husband is in the Navy.

  3. What a fantastic idea!! I will share this. :)