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Aloha to Shana Galen and LOVE AND LET SPY - Excerpt Tour


I am honored to host Shana Galen's Excerpt Tour to whet your appetite for LOVE AND LET SPY, available August 5 from Sourcebooks:

Her name is Bonde, Jane Bonde…

A beautiful and eligible member of the ton, Jane has more than a few secrets: she’s one of the Crown’s most elite agents. She may be deadly, but she doesn’t know a thing about fashion, flirtation, or love…until Dominic Griffyn shakes up her carefully stirred world and asks her to be his bride. He’s exactly the kind of man she’s not looking for. And he’s dangerous, because falling into his arms is so much more satisfying than saving England from her enemies.

He’s an improper gentleman who needs a wife…

Tall, dark, and tortured, Dominic Griffyn is haunted by demons from his past. When his stepfather insists that he marry, Dominic allows himself to hope that the beautiful but mysterious Miss Bonde might help him forget his troubles. As they grow closer, it’s clear that there’s more to Jane than danger. She might be just what his neglected heart needs.


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I am currently reading LOVE AND LET SPY and loving it! Here's your excerpt ....

The door opened, and Carlisle, one of Dominic’s half brothers, entered. “Oops! Sorry.” He stepped back out just as quickly, but not before catching Dominic’s eye and giving his older brother a grimace.

“No, no, Carlisle,” their mother said. “Your father and I will speak in the parlor. You go ahead.” And she tugged the marquess out of the room, leaving Carlisle little choice but to enter.

“I’m not going to ask what that was about,” Carlisle said, “so you’ll have to volunteer the information.”

Dominic couldn’t stop a smile. Carlisle was his youngest half brother and just out of school. At nineteen, he was not yet jaded by the world. But then again, why should he be? He was the son of a marquess, he was handsome with his blond hair and brown eyes, and he was wealthy. Nothing could touch him.

“I’ll give you one guess,” Dominic said, lifting his teacup from the drawing--room side table. He’d always liked his youngest brother. With thirteen years between them, they were too far apart to be rivals.

“The woman who showed up with the babe last week?”

“Your father wants me to marry before I bring more shame on the family name.” He sipped the tepid tea. He’d not even had a chance to taste it before his stepfather launched into his tirade.

Carlisle popped a tea cake into his mouth and reached for another. “Is marriage so bad?”

“I don’t see you rushing into the parson’s mousetrap.”

Carlisle held the tea cake in front of his chest like a shield. “I’m far too young. You’re an old man.”

“Charming to the last,” Dominic retorted.

“Was the babe yours?” Carlisle asked, his mouth full. Dominic rolled his eyes. The boy had no sense of decorum.


“Whom do they want you to marry?”

“Does it matter?”

He seemed to consider as he reached for a dainty sandwich. “It might.”

“A Miss Jane Bonde.”

Carlisle dropped the sandwich, and it rolled under a chair. The boy ignored it. “And you refused?”

“I don’t want to marry, and I certainly won’t marry some chit I haven’t even met.”

“But you’ve seen her?”

“I don’t think so.” Dominic avoided social events. He had nothing to say to the ton. He was well aware they looked down on him. He did not need to be reminded of it nightly.

“That explains it then.” Carlisle reached for another sandwich.

Bond in service to the Queen for the London Olympics 2012

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