Saturday, July 19, 2014

Aloha to the HOT ALPHA SEALS: Military Romance Megaset


The summer is sizzling ... and its about to get hotter with the HOT ALPHA SEALS: Military Romance Megaset, available July 22 at this link (also available for preorder):

12 New York Times, USA Today or Award-winning bestselling Hot Alpha Authors bring you this Military Romance Megaset for your reading pleasure:

THE KISS OF A SEAL by Award-winning Author Anne Elizabeth -- Jessa Grainger's world is rocked by the kiss of a SEAL, SO-1 Link Tyler. It wouldn't be a problem for an ordinary person, but being a Navy Consultant working on the Amphibious Base as well as being engaged to a SWCC man make the situation very sticky.

NIGHT WITH A SEAL (Hot SEALS #1) by New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Cat Johnson --When navigating military red tape begins to present more challenges than the enemy, it makes SEAL Jon Rudnick question his future. So does Alison Cressly, the one woman he can't get out of his head.

HOT BAYOU SEAL by Award-winning author Cindy Dees -- SEAL Ford Alambeaux is a busted up SEAL on his way out of the teams. Trina Zarkos is being tossed out of SEAL training like every other female candidate...until they're thrown together on a way off-book mission to see if she can play with the big boys or not.

DELTA: RETRIBUTION by USA Today bestselling author Cristin Harber -- Fallen Navy SEAL and Titan Group's Delta recruit Trace Reeves wants nothing more than a one-night stand to forget that his twin brother was killed-in-action. But when his one-time fling becomes his high value target, the lines blur between her rescue mission and saving himself.

WATCH OVER ME (An Uncharted SEAL story) by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Delilah Devlin -- Deke Warrick's unsanctioned detail is to keep tabs on a congressman's niece while she vacations in the Caribbean. He's determined to keep his distance, from the beautiful Nicky Martir--until she's snatched from their hotel room.

SEAL'S OBSESSION (A Take No Prisoners story) by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Elle James -- Mission: Halt pirate activities off the coast of Honduras. SEAL TEAM 10's Jack Fischer goes undercover as a deck hand on a medical boat where he finds himself falling for the dedicated Dr. Natalie Rhoades.

The SEAL (a Sex, Lies & Spies novella) by USA Today bestselling author Gennita Low -- Mari Lords is tasked by her father to steal the seal that is an important clue in a round-the-world treasure hunt called The Game. When her opportunity comes during a party, she finds another kind of SEAL, Angel Marcello.

UNBREAKABLE SEAL by USA Today bestselling author J.M. Madden -- Maxwell Tate fights against a psychotic dream world, until he no longer knows what's real. Lacey Adams knows she can't save all of her cases, but can she salvage the unbreakable SEAL?

MISTER BLACK A Billionaire SEAL Story, Part 1 (In the Shadows) by Award-winning author P.T. Michelle --He is Black: a deadly enforcer and masterful seducer. I am Red: a justice bleeder and willing participant. When our secrets converge in a passionate encounter, stepping out of the shadows just might be worth the risk.

STONE HARD SEAL by Award-winning author Sabrina York --When Ryder "Stone" Maddox's meets Lily Wilson--a senator's daughter who is definitely off-limits--he's determined to keep his distance, despite her irresistible allure. But Lily has plans of her put his heart of stone to the test.

SEAL'S PROMISE by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Sharon Hamilton --Navy SEAL T.J. Talbot, SEAL Team 3's bad boy, makes a deathbed promise to protect and care for his fallen buddy's wife and child. The only problem is, she hates him.

BREAKING TIES (a SEAL Team Heartbreakers story) by bestselling author Teresa Reasor -- Navy SEAL Oliver Shaker is blindsided when he learns that not only does his wife, Selena, have a life-threatening illness, but she's also pregnant, stretching their marriage to the breaking point.

Mahalo, authors, for spotlighting Navy SEALS!   I am giving away a digital copy of the HOT ALPHA SEALS: Military Romance Megaset to one randomly selected commenter.  To enter the giveaway,

1.  Real life NAVY Seals are fairly elusive ... so let's chat about other marine animals.  Do you have a favorite?   I'm partial to the Hawaiian monk seal and Hawaii's state fish - humuhumunukunukuapua'a (break it down into the repeated words: whomoo-whomoo-newkew-newkew-ah-pooh-ah-ah). 

2.  Comments are open through Sunday, July 27, 10 pm in Baltimore.

3.  I'll post the winner on Monday, July 28, assuming I recover from RWA!


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City 

Hawaiian monk seal near Ka'ena Point


  1. First of all I love reading about Navy Seals!

    I have to admit that I do not have any favorite marine animals!

  2. I like the sea cow. They are endangered.

  3. I love watching the dolphins as they swim and race along side of the boat that I'm in. They are so beautiful and graceful.

  4. It was so much fun to watch the seals in the Alaskan area of the Pacific...

  5. Toss up between dolphins and whales.

  6. I truly think I like them all!!!

  7. I love books with Navy SEALs! ;) I like watching sea otters.

    Marcy Shuler

  8. Kim, that's like asking me which is my favorite child! How do you choose when they are each so unique and wonderful. Thanks for doing such a great blog for this series' rollout. Can't wait to read it.

  9. I like them all. Seals, dolphins, whales, manatees. and sea otters are among my favorites.

  10. Dolphins are my favorite. It must be from watching Flipper when I was a kid.