Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Aloha to Jodi Thomas and A PLACE CALLED HARMONY


The best selling, award winning, and truly charming Jodi Thomas joins me today to celebrate the release of  A PLACE CALLED HARMONY ...

Once in a while in my career of forty books, there comes a story I know I have to write. It waits like an impatient child in the back of my mind for its time to shine. A PLACE CALLED HARMONY was one of those stories. As I moved through the Harmony series, getting to know the people of Harmony, Texas, better with each book I knew that someday I’d tell the beginning of their town. From the day I started writing the characters came through clear. I had to find men strong enough to influence the generations of Mathesons, Trumans and McAllens.

When Truman, Matheson and McAllen’s stories began to dance in my mind, I found myself staying up later every night to write more. I love the way the three men interacted and the way all three loves storied grew. I have a feeling that readers will be staying up a little later to read one more chapter.

I felt close to all of them, because my great-grandparents settled this same country over a hundred years ago. My grandmother was even born in a covered wagon.

So follow me through A PLACE CALLED HARMONY you’ll love the story.

I was sitting at Jodi's table at the RWA Awards Ceremony in 2011
when she won the RITA for WELCOME TO HARMONY.

Mahalo, Jodi, for giving readers A PLACE CALLED HARMONY:

New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas has captivated America with her novels set in the small town of Harmony, Texas. Now she tells the story of the three hard-luck men who first settled the town, a place where last chances and long-awaited dreams collide…

Desperate to escape his overbearing father, Patrick McAllen disappears with his bride, heading north to build a new town—discovering strength, honor and true love along the way.
After drinking away the grief from his family’s death, Clint Truman avoids jail by taking a job in North Texas and settling down with a woman he vows to protect but never love—until her quiet compassion slowly breaks his hardened heart wide open…

All Gillian Matheson has ever known is Army life, leaving his true love to be a part-time spouse. But when a wounded Gillian returns home to find her desperately fighting to save their marriage, he’s determined to become the husband she deserves.

Amidst storms, outlaws, and unwelcome relatives, the three couples band together to build a town—and form a bond that breathes life into the place that will forever be called Harmony.

I am giving away a print copy of A PLACE CALLED HARMONY.  To enter the giveaway,

1.  Leave a comment about harmony - what brings peace for you?

2.  Comments are open through Saturday, October 11, 10 pm in Baltimore.

3.  I'll post the winner on Sunda, October 12.


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

Learn more about Jodi and her books at jodithomas.com.

The beach brings me harmony ...


  1. Seeing the beach on a quiet and relaxing day. Reading a good book helps too!

  2. Praying and reading bring me peace. I'm so glad Jodi's written a book to give us background on the Harmony characters--love this series!

  3. Reading and getting together with friends and family and my cats.

  4. Prayer always brings me peace.

  5. Reading brings me peace. Spending quiet time at the beach or anyplace near water brings me peace.

  6. Reading and books bring me peace! My husband and I both love Jodi's books, we are big fans.

  7. Reading while drinking a cup of tea!