Thursday, October 9, 2014

Supporting Deployed Personnel - Holiday Cards, Charity Swags, and Lollipops!

Several readers are bemoaning that stores are already offering Christmas merchandise, even before Halloween and Thanksgiving.  While I agree with the sentiment, the Christmas merchandise reminds me of the deadlines to support deployed personnel.   

I offer a few tips to bring holiday cheer to them ...

1.  I have addresses for several deployed personnel.  If you are interested in supporting them (and others in their unit), contact me by email,

2.  Holiday cards are an easy project for Scouts, classrooms, youth groups, etc.   You can use boxed cards or construction paper to write generic cards that will be distributed to members of the unit.   I've already scheduled my son's scout group to write cards on Tuesday, November 11, Veterans Day.

3.  Charity Swag:  The holiday season bring unsolcited mail from charities seeking donations, including calendars, pens, and other swag.   If you have items you can't use, consider sending them to deployed personnel.  

4.  Lollipops:  Lollipops go a long way with the local children.   How about sending a bag along with the holidays cards and charity swag?  

5.  Other items to send for local children:  new or gently used stuffed animals, small toys, blankets, diapers, school supplies, children's books, and linens, especially pillow cases.  The staff use pillow cases to distribute donations.  

You can send these items by USPS via domestic rates.  The USPS discounts the large flat rate box for APO address.   For larger quantities, you can send via parcel post.  It will take up six weeks, but the need will extend even after the holidays.


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City


  1. So nice of you to post where help can be given.

  2. Such wonderful things to do. We always done some things through our American Legion and this year my husband's workplace is getting into it too!

  3. Great suggestions Kim, also any kind of hard candy. I lined the bottom of my boxes with the Sunday funnies!

    Put me down again for sending out holiday cards to our military.