Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Aloha to Cindy Gerard and TAKING FIRE (One Eyed Jacks, Book 4)


The most explosively sexy One-Eyed Jacks adventure yet from the RITA Award-winning, New York Times bestselling romance author whose name is “synonymous with high stakes and high action” (RT Book Reviews)!

Betrayal. Retribution. Redemption?

Six years ago, tough-as-nails military contractor Bobby Taggart met the woman of his dreams in war-torn Kabul—a sexy, whip-smart war correspondent who approached him at a local bar, took him to bed, made him fall in love…and then mysteriously disappeared. In her wake, the terrorist leader he’d been mining for valuable intel was assassinated—then Bobby discovered his phone had been bugged. And he’s pretty damn sure he’s been played for a fool.

Now, a covert security mission for the U.S. Embassy in Oman unexpectedly reunites him with Talia Levine, the woman who betrayed him and broke his heart. And there’s one more secret she hasn’t told him—one that will change his world. But as the heat of anger mixes with a still-simmering passion, dangerous forces close in, their sights set on Talia. Trust is the only way they will survive—but with their lives in the balance, can Bobby risk trusting her again?

The only thing Cindy had in mind when she started writing her first book was finishing it. The issue of actually selling it came much later. Only after she made that life-altering first sale did she realize that one book would never be enough. Now, over 20 books and numerous awards later, Cindy laughingly admits that she can barely remember life before...well, was there life before writing?

Actually, yes there was, and still is. A professional career woman, Cindy is a trainer for the Iowa Department of Human Services, a position she states is both challenging and rewarding. "Human Services is a front-line, real-life event. Everything about the job is immediate, from serving families in crisis, to assisting staff with difficult situations, to meeting tension-fraught deadlines."

Cindy's career has taught her much about the human condition, its frailties, its strengths, and its spirit. The evocative emotions that pour from the pages of her books are a reflection of some of her work experiences. Her writing celebrates life's richness and trials, offering a wide range of emotions — hope and elation, anger and indecision, laughter and, of course, love. And, according to her readers, her powerful love scenes run the gamut from steamy to tender to lusty to just plain fun.

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Pella, Iowa

I am giving away a print coy of TAKING FIRE to one randomly selected commenter.  To enter the giveaway,

1. Leave a comment about Cindy's home state of Iowa, the Hawkeye State.  My inlaws stopped by Pella, Iowa, founded by Dutch immigrants (we previously lived in the Netherlands). Check out Pella on my travel blog at this link.

2. Comments are open through Saturday, February 27, 10 pm in Baltiimore.

3. I'll post the winner on Sunday, February 28.


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City


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  1. Iowa is the next state over.....I used to go gambling there!!!! And I love their corn.

  2. I'm afraid I've never been - I think of it as farmland.

  3. I have never been there & didn't know Pella was founded by the Dutch. Learned somthing new :)

  4. I flew into Sioux City, Iowa once. My mom and I were on our way to South Dakota, but this was the closest airport to our destination.

  5. I really don't know anything about Iowa.

  6. I've never been to Iowa. Wasn't Radar from MASH from Iowa?

  7. We have been through Iowa, but have never really visited the state. We were always on our way someplace else. Pella looks like an interesting and fun place to visit.
    Unfortunately the only time we stayed in Iowa was when we were caught in a blizzard. With wind chill, it was -100 and the interstate was shut down. Nothing moved for 4 days. We got the last room at the 2 motels at the exit where we had to pull off. We were on a PCS move and had cases of canned veggies (glass jars) and plants we had to unload into the room. Our 2 young daughters, a dog and a cat shared the room. The snow blew in around the door and the room never got above 55 degrees. All our meals were at the greasy spoon cafe attached to the motel. We had to carry the dog out so her feet wouldn't freeze to the ground. It was an adventure and the girls still talk about it 35 years later.

  8. Hi,

    now I am wondering why it is called the Hawkeye State. Must check it out.

  9. I have only been through Iowa. Never stopped for a long period.

  10. My parents had friends who lived in Iowa. But I've never visited there...

  11. I have never been there nor know anyone who lives there.
    Patty B43

  12. Don't know anything about Iowa never been there I'm far far from there

  13. Don't know anything about Iowa.
    Karen T.

  14. I have never visited Iowa, but Pella looks very interesting.