Saturday, February 13, 2016

Celebrate Romance Every Day - Romance Reader Rendezvous

Today is the Romance Reader Rendezvous in Hawaii.  From its website (link),

This FREE event on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam for Oahu's military community celebrates romance novels and the women who love them. This is your chance to mingle with published romance authors, win great prizes, get signed books, and watch a special film all about the wonderful world of romance—the bestselling branch of the book publishing industry. What better way to kick-start Cupid's favorite weekend?

I commend Rachel Skinner - author, editor, and military spouse - for coordinating this event.  I also thank HelenKay Dimon, Eliza Gayle, C.K. Green, Sharon Hamilton, Lynn Raye Harris, Elle James, Cat Johnson, Chris Keniston, and Kallypso Masters for supporting this event!

USS New Jersey
Battleship New Jersey
Public Domain (link)

In a romantic twist, my husband and youngest son are spending the night aboard the USS New Jersey - an Iowa class battleship during WWII - with the scout troop.  When we lived in Hawaii, I spent the night on the USS Missouri - another Iowa class battleship from WWII - with the scouts at this link.  Check out more pictures of the Mighty Mo herehere, and here,   The Mighty Mo was the star of the movie BATTLESHIP - here.

WWII's iconic couple in front of the Mighty Mo

I know from personal experience that the USS Missouri does not provide room service.  But Room Service is a comedy routine from Hawaii's own Rap Reiplinger - check it out at this link.   My favorite line is:

Our first special is pickled pig's feet served with Spanish rice on mashed potatoes with your choice of dressing on your fruit cup with bread or toast.

Hawaiians never met a carb they didn't love. I
 also know romance readers never met a military hero/heroine they didn't love.  That's why I celebrate romance every day.

I am giving away a book choice from my convention stash to one randomly selected commenter - comments are open forum. Comments are open through Saturday, February 20, 10 pm in Baltimore.  i'll post the winner on Sunday, February 21.


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

USS Missouri stands guard over the USS Arizona Memorial


  1. I would love to spend the night on board, but never was able to arrange it.

  2. I had no idea you could spend a night aboard a battleship! What an experience that must be.

  3. Neat, I think my husband and his friends would love to spend the night on a battleship.

  4. Eww, pigs feet! :) Great post. Happy Valentine's day!

  5. Great experience. I have to agree eww about the pigs feet only because when I was a kid my neighbor use to sit and gnaw on those things and it looked really bad.

  6. wish I coulda been there in Hawaii - it's really cold here!

  7. What a fantastic event! I wish I could have been there in beautiful Hawaii.

  8. How exciting for you. I would love to take a tour.

  9. So cool
    Great pic

  10. Would love to win a book. I love Hawaii; went on our honeymoon.
    Karen T.

  11. I will skip the pigs feet. The rest sounds good.

  12. Too bad they never did anything like this at the bases where my husband was stationed. It would have been great fun.

  13. Wow, that sounds fantastic!

  14. That sounds interesting. Did not know you could do that.