Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Aloha to Genevieve Lynne and SECONDHAND SINNERS


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In Bokchito, Oklahoma, you know everyone and trust no one…
Emily Matthews swore she’d never expose her son Jack to her dysfunctional family that sent her running from Bokchito at only seventeen. The sins of her past still haunt her, but when her brother lands in jail, she has no choice but to go back and face her old demons.

Miller Anderson has never forgotten about the girl who ran out of his life thirteen years ago…

And with the secret he’s keeping from Emily, he knows he most likely never will. But when his daughter Abby plays matchmaker to set him up with his lost love, he can’t resist the resurgence of emotion that has them reliving their high school glory days.

Evil has a way of waiting for what it wants…

Just when Emily and Miller discover their old flame hasn’t died, they learn another fire has been smoldering in Bokchito. Her family’s long line of sins, kindled with a generation-old grudge, ignites when Emily discovers the truth about Miller’s daughter and is forced to choose between protecting Miller’s secret and the one thing she can’t afford to lose…her son Jack.

Caught up in a game of lies and dirt road scandal, Emily must risk everything to save her son and preserve Miller’s good name, or let her family’s darkest secret ruin them both.


Genevieve Lynne grew up in a small Texas town where everyone knew each other and gossip was considered a legitimate news source. She was raised on heaping doses of her grandmothers’ fabulous cooking, sweet tea, hot summer nights at the lake and maternal guilt. Even after moving to Austin to pursue her bachelor’s degree in English at The University of Texas, she never could shake the small town out of her. She’s still working on the guilt thing.

She loves to incorporate the charm of crazy close families and small-town life into her stories. She now lives in Fort Worth with her husband and three sons.

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Genevieve offers an excerpt from SECONDHAND SINNERS ...

Emily was in the water up to her waist when she twirled around and motioned for him. “Are you coming, or are you too afraid?” she yelled and then laughed.

He pulled his boots and his socks off and ran out to meet her. When he got close enough to grab for her, she screamed and dove under the water. He dove under too, and swam as hard as he could, despite his wet jeans weighing him down. Even in the murky water, he got hold of her leg. She kicked free.

“See?” she said, swimming backward and splashing water at him, “I’m not afraid.”

“Neither am I.” He lunged for her once more, seizing her wrist, and pulled her to him. To his surprise, and delight, she didn’t resist. Maybe it was because she couldn’t touch and he could. Feeling more confident than he had in years, he took hold of her around the waist and pulled her closer.  They stared at each other as they sucked in deep breaths.

“I’m out of shape,” she said.

“You’re in great shape.” He couldn’t stop looking at her lips. They were so inviting and he wanted to kiss her worse than he’d wanted anything.

Emily wrapped her arms around Miller’s neck and her legs around his waist, putting them face-to-face, nose-to-nose, lips-to-lips. Other body parts were touching too. He didn’t dare concentrate on those.
“I think about that time we swam in the rain too,” she said. “All the time. I wanted to get you out here so I could tell you that without the little ears listening. I also wanted to thank you for being so nice to Jack.”

“You’re welcome.” He couldn’t stop staring at her lips. What was wrong with him?

She gently bit her bottom lip as she pushed his hair off his face. It was so simple yet so intimate that it sent a surge of desire through him that was so strong it nearly overwhelmed him. He had her in his arms again. How could he ever let her go? He couldn’t. Yet every decision he’d made up to this moment in his life was based upon the belief that Emily didn’t want him, that she would never come back, and that he wouldn’t want her even if she did. A few drops of rain fell around them.

She wrapped her arms tighter around his neck and shook her head. “I can’t—”

“Mooooom! You’re scaring all the fish!”

Emily sighed. “I almost forgot about Jack and Abby.”

Jack and Abby? Who were Jack and Abby? And what was she about to say? She couldn’t what?

“I guess we should get back.”

He nodded like an idiot, and, like an even bigger idiot, he let her go. Again.


  1. Genevieve I love this story. It sounds awesome. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for a chance to win!!! This book sounds good.

  3. Thanks for the excerpt and links!!

  4. I love the title of this book. It makes me want to read more.

  5. Sounds like a great read. Thanks for the post and chance to win.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  6. Sounds like a great read. Thanks for the post and chance to win.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  7. Thank you for the excerpt, I enjoyed it. Congratulations on the release of SECONDHAND SINNERS.