Monday, May 2, 2016

Aloha to Kiersten Hallie Krum and WILD ON THE ROCKS - Book Review

Barefoot Bay: Wild on the Rocks (Kindle Worlds)

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Wild on the Road

Driven by wanderlust and insatiable curiosity, Quinn Forrester views every new gig for her mixologist business as another chance for adventure. Until the night she wanders down the wrong hallway and witnesses a mob murder. After a week on the run, lack of funds and few options land Quinn in Barefoot Bay where she takes a job tending bar at the swanky Casa Blanca resort…and hopes no wise guys show up to make her sleep with the fishes. But nothing whacks a low profile like having your Navy SEAL ex-husband walk through the door—especially when he’s the love of your life you left behind.

Wild on the Beach

Discovering his restless ex-wife at Casa Blanca—and still going by his name—is enough to drive Lieutenant Commander Jasper McQueen wild. When she ran out on their marriage, Quinn left him a broken man. Now with his career in jeopardy and his sexy ex-wife at hand, Jasper is ready to chuck responsibility and submerse himself in a hedonistic affair—all sex, zero emotions—with the woman he won’t forgive and can never forget. And this time, when they’re done, it’ll be Jasper who does the leaving.

Wild on the Rocks

But a mob enforcer has tracked Quinn to Barefoot Bay. With her days numbered, Jasper may be her only shot at living through the night—if Quinn can get him to believe in her one last time.

Wild flowers grow where they will - Rachel Lambert Mellon

Krum kicks off WILD ON THE ROCKS with a hold-your-breathe scene with Quinn Forrester running for her life from the mob in New York. Meanwhile, her ex-husband, Jasper McQueen, confronts a biker gang to save a SEAL team member in San Diego. Both escape from their dangerous situations to Barefoot Bay on Florida's West Coast. Their accidental reunion sparks both passion and anger as they confront their lingering feelings for the other.

Krum delivers a high octane romantic suspense that kept me on edge throughout Quinn's journey back to Jasper. She captures the challenges of military life and its impact on personal relationships. I appreciate that neither Quinn or Jasper are perfect ... yet they are perfect for each other. WILD ON THE ROCKS is a sexy beach read with a chaser of adrenaline.  

Recommended read for fans of heart pumping action, a heroine with mojo*, and an honor-bound hero who deserves a second chance.

(*heroine makes a mean mojito)

I received a digital copy from the author for an honest review.

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  1. I drink red wine most of the time but occasionally I like a Black Russian :)

  2. I don't think they had Long Island Iced Tea when I was in college, too long ago. They hadn't started coming up with so many specialty drinks. Rum and Coke or Seagrums and 7-Up were about the most exotic we got.
    Now I do like White Russians. Gin and Tonic, Margaritas, Planter's Punch all are good. More often than not, however, I have a glass of wine.

  3. I used to like Sea Breeze. My neighbor would fix them for me. Now I too enjoy mainly wine.

  4. In college, I was a Long Island Iced Tea girl, too!


  5. Even though I prefer white wine, I occasionally enjoy a frozen strawberry daiquiri.

  6. Sex on the beach is my favorite all time drink. Then Pink Mascato Champagne

  7. I don't really like alcoholic drinks. But I did have a chocolate martini on a cruise recently and it was okay.

  8. I dont drink a lot however I do enjoy wine coolers and I like vodka and cranberry juice.

  9. Mexican Martinis are my favorite mixed drink. I'm thrilled to finally have found a good very low sulfide wine maker so I can drink wine again.

  10. I'll counter Catslady with a White Russian. It is delicious!