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Aloha to Kirsten Lynn, CHOCOLATE COWBOY, and Gorgeous Wyoming


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Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the summer travel season. Navy historian turned romance author Kirsten Lynn joins us today with gorgeous photos which inspired her latest release, CHOCOLATE COWBOY.  Bonus: the hero is a Marine.


First, thank you Kim for hosting me today and for all of your wonderful support!

Hello! My name is Kirsten Lynn and took to heart the saying “write what you know,” combined it with what I love and so I write Western and Military romance. All roads lead to Wyoming in the majority of my stories, even my Marines and SEALs tend to end up spending some time in the Cowboy State.

In my most recent release, CHOCOLATE COWBOY, Gunnery Sergeant Jared Worrell returns home to Ten Sleep, Wyoming at the request of his mother. For a man who wanted to be an active duty Marine until the day he took up a new post at heaven’s gate, he can’t muster up any enthusiasm for returning to small-town Wyoming…until he meets Lucy Thomas. Lucy is a photographer and through her eyes, Jared can finally see the beauty of his home state.

Like Jared, I left my home state of Wyoming to work with the Navy and Marine Corps as a historian in Washington, D.C. Unlike, Jared, I have always appreciated the great beauty of this wild country, and I was more than ready to move back and soak in the wide open spaces. Like Lucy, I love taking pictures of Wyoming and thought it would be fun to share some of the pictures I took while writing CHOCOLATE COWBOY for inspiration.

So come on and join Jared, Lucy, and me on a trip over the Bighorn Mountains and around Ten Sleep, Wyoming. (PSA: My photography skills aren’t as advanced as Lucy’s)

We’ll start where the story does on the “main street” of Ten Sleep.

There are as many stories as storytellers as to how the town got its name. One story says the name Ten Sleep came from the Indians' reference to a ford across the creek, on the old Bridger Trail, as being 10 days (sleeps) journey from Fort Laramie in the southeast or Yellowstone to the west. The other story relates to a large Indian camp on the Platte River near the present site of Casper, Wyoming, which was known to the early trappers as the Old Sioux Camp. To the north, near the present site of Bridger, Montana, on Clarks Fork River, was another large and well-known Indian camp. They both were important crossroads of the nation and trails led from them in all directions. Half way between the two was Ten Sleep. The Indians measured distance by the number of sleeps - which was 10 - between the two camps.

The land around Ten Sleep is gorgeous and was a major source of contention between the cattlemen and sheepherders during the late 19th Century. Today the land is still some of the finest ranch land with many spreads passed down from generation to generation. Jared’s family was one of these. I couldn’t resist capturing a few shots of some information for the Worrell family ranch.

Throughout the story, Lucy visits some of the most beautiful places in Wyoming and I try to bring places like the Tetons and Wind Rivers to life and paint a picture for the reader. I could share hundreds of pictures, but for today I’ll limit the pictures to the mountain range near and dear to my heart, and nearest Ten Sleep. I’ve driven over the Bighorn Mountains a hundred times as I visit various areas of Wyoming, but they never grow old and I always have stop for pictures. Their beauty is why I set the majority of my stories in the basins and valleys around them. 

There are two highways over the mountains. One will lead you over the mountains and to Ten Sleep. In summer the mountains dress up in their finest. 

But there’s always the rugged beauty.

And then we reach the bottom and Ten Sleep Creek.

We can’t take a tour of Wyoming without a picture of cows. J Since Red Angus are featured in CHOCOLATE COWBOY, and for good reason since they’re a popular breed, we’ll end this brief tour with a two bovine who weren’t camera shy. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour. I tried to choose those photos that would give you the best peek at the area.

Before riding off into the sunset, here’s the blurb to CHOCOLATE COWBOY:

GySgt Jared Worrell wanted one thing—to live and die a Marine. He’s made a good start at the first and come close to the second more times than a man should. One call from his mother changes all his plans, and he’s headed back to Ten Sleep, Wyoming. The Reserves feed his need to be a Marine, but what does a man do the rest of the year in a town so small it doesn’t even have one stoplight? His mom has the perfect solution; Jared should use another talent and become the town chocolatier. He’s just recovering from that bomb when she drops another…

Lucy Thomas fell in love with Ten Sleep when her parents fulfilled their dreams of owning their own ranch. Now Lucy is living her dream of photographing Wyoming from its landscape to its people, but she’s never really felt a part of the small town where everyone has known everyone else forever. Turning the doorknob to her friend’s house brings her face to face with a man whose arms she’d love to call home. He’s a Marine, cowboy, and can a woman resist?

Coming home never tasted so sweet.  I’d like to giveaway two e-copies of CHOCOLATE COWBOY. Just tell me what’s your favorite chocolate treat?

Thank you for stopping by! 

Kirsten Lynn

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  1. Triple chocolate cake from Portillo's Beef.

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  5. We have been to Wyoming, but I don't think we went through Ten Sleep. I will have to get the map out and check. Beautiful country.
    I enjoy lots of different types of chocolate. One favorite is chocolate covered caramels.

    1. Thanks, Pat. Yes, Ten Sleep is close to where I live. Most people miss it as it is a small ranching community.

  6. Those are great pictures. My favorite chocolate treat is Chocolate Truffles from Fiji's. That company makes the best truffles.

    1. So glad you enjoyed the peek, Mary. Truffles are a specialty for the hero of this book.

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