Saturday, August 1, 2015

August roars with Romance

8/1:  Celebrate Little Victories with Kandy Shepherd

8/2:  Weekly Winners
8/3:  ML Buchman's HOT POINT 
8/4:  Happy Birthday, US Coast Guard!
8/5:  Wednesday's Warriors 

8/6:  Nancy Lee Badger's IGNITE
8/8:  Samantha Chase's MADE FOR US 
8/9:  Weekly Winners 
8/10: Debra Holt's MERCY'S RESCUE
8/11: Heather Boyd's MISS RADLEY'S THIRD DARE 
8/12: Wednesday's Warriors
8/13: Sophie Jordan's ALL THE WAYS TO RUIN A RAKE 
8/14: Carol Ross and the Harlequin Heartwarming Christmas Anthology
8/15: Alyssa J. Montgomery's THE DEFIANT PRINCESS
8/16: Weekly Winners
8/17: Dylann Crush's A First Timer's Perspective Of RWA 

8/18: Librarian's Day at RWA
8/19: Treasure Hunters at RWA 
8/20: My workshop at RWA - How to Promote Your Book (and still have a life) 
8/21: Hester Browne's THE FINISHING TOUCHES - Book Review
8/22: Sophia Kinsella and MINI SHOPAHOLIC - Book Review 
8/23: Weekly Winners
8/24: Patience Griffin's SOME LIKE IT SCOTTISH 
8/25: Jodi Thomas' RANSOM CANYON
8/26:  Sue-Ellen Welfonder’s TO DESIRE A HIGHLANDER
8/27: Marina Adair's A TASTE OF SUGAR 
8/28: Julie Anne Walker's TOO HARD TO HANDLE
8/29: Kelly Bowen’s YOU’RE THE EARL THAT I WANT
8/30: Weekly Winners
8/31: Amanda Forester's THE HIGHLANDER'S BRIDE

9/1: Shana Galen's THE ROGUE YOU KNOW

9/2: Tracy Solheim's SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY
9/3: Sara Humphrey's BRAVE THE HEAT
9/4: Anna Schmidt's THE DRIFTER
9/5: Celebrate Little Victories 
9/6: Weekly Winners
9/7: Grace Burrowes' THE DUKE AND THE DUCHESS 
9/8: Chloe Barlow's CITY OF CHAMPIONS
9/9: Rachel Goodman's FROM SCRATCH
9/10: Tessa Dare's WHEN A SCOT TIES THE KNOT
9/11: Reserved 
9/12: Celebrate Little Victories
9/13: Weekly Winners
9/14:  Diane Barnes' WAITING FOR ETHAN
9/15:  Ines Saint's NEED A LITTLE TLC
9/16: Wednesday's Warriors with Donna Steele
9/17:  Eileen Dreyer's ISN'T IT ROMANTIC
9/18: Air Force's Birthday 
9/19: Celebrate Little Victories
9/20: Weekly Winners
9/21: Shelley K Wall's LOVE ME
9/22: Open
9/23: Wednesday's Warriors

9/24: Carol Ross' IF NOT FOR A BEE
9/26: Celebrate Little Victories
9/27: Weekly Winners
9/28: Lucy Farago's SIN ON THE STRIP
9/29: Kate Mary's NO REGRETS
9/30: Wednesday's Warriors

10/1: Open
10/2: Open

10/3: Celebrate Little Victories
10/4: Weekly Winners

10/5: Jane Ashford FIRST SEASON / BRIDE TO BE
10/6: Adrienne Giordano's THE REBEL 
10/7: Wednesday's Warriors
10/8:  Rosanne Bittner THUNDER ON THE PLAINS
10/9: Open
10/10: Celebrate Little Victories
10/11: Weekly Winners
10/12: Lindsay McKenna
10/13: Happy Birthday, US Navy

10/14: Eileen Dreyer's PRINCE OF A GUY 
10/15: Harlequin Heartwarming Christmas Anthology - Release Day Celebration
10/16: Heather Boyd's MISS MERTON'S LAST HOPE

10/17: Celebrate Little Victories
10/18: Weekly Winners
10/19: Laurie McBain's Dominick Trilogy

10/20: Open
10/21: Wednesday's Warriors
10/22: Open

10/23: Open
10/24: Celebrate Little Victories
10/25: Weekly Winners
10/26: Reserved - Avon Romance 

10/27: Open
10/28: Wednesday's Warriors
10/29: Open - Avon Romance 
10/30: Open
10/31: Celebrate Little Victories 

11/12:  Eileen Dreyer's  THE PRINCESS & THE PEA

11/24: Mingmei Yip's THE WITCH'S MARKET 

12/1:  Melinda Curtis' A MEMORY AWAY 

12/2:  Collette Cameron's HEARTBREAK & HONOR1/11/16:  Eileen Dreyer's A FINE MADNESS


  1. Can't wait to experience the month ahead

  2. Looks good.

  3. Hi Kim- I've lost your card, but we met at RWA National (breakfast) and spoke briefly about me possibly being a guest on SOS Aloha this fall. I have two sports romances out through Carina Press and will have a third in early 2016, under the Red Hot Russians series. My website is Please let me know how to contact you. Thanks.

  4. Great line up as usual. Some of these are already on my "wish list".