Sunday, May 8, 2011

Navy Seal Euphoria - Supporting Deployed Personnel

1.  As we continue to honor the Navy Seals for their brave action last Sunday, several book blogs have called upon readers to support deployed personnel.  Several sites have been recommended:

- Operation Paperback:  A non profit organization that seeks readers to send books to deployed personnel who request specific titles, authors, and genres.  Operation Paperback also fills requests from stateside facilities, such as Veterans' hospitals and outreach centers.  It is part of the Blue Star Family network and I support it.

- Books for Soldiers:  This organization is new to me.   Its website indicates that it works in the same manner as Operation Paperback - finding readers to fulfil soldiers' requests.

- Adopt A Platoon:  This organization is new to me.  Its website indicates that it is a part of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), so it must have a significant national presence.

2.  But I have three personal contacts in the desert who also seek support:

- A "joint" medical team who are romance readers.  I share their names with you:

Lisa, Cristina, Tamara, Maricruz, Tina, Whitney, Stephanie, Amanda, Tawni, Sherry, Joanna, and Tammy.

- Juliana, a Marine, Mom, and a romance reader.

- A request came in this week from an Marine NCO whose unit is "not getting showers or hot meals".  He requested snacks for his unit.

Deployed personnel tend to share their goodies ....

If you are interested in supporting these deployed personnel, contact me at

3.  The silent auction of Jodi's quilt continues:

Proceeds of the silent auction benefit the families of Navy Seals.

4.  From Pamela Clare about a special documentary:

I wanted to let you know about a project one of my fellow journalists is working on. Michael de Yoanna is one of the guys who was on my "Dream Team" after which the I-Team is loosely modeled.  He's trying to put together funding for a film about the long road to recovery that returning soldiers face:

5.  From Elaine Levine with RomCon:

Our American Hero scholarships provide a free registration to active duty personnel and their families, as well as veterans and their families.  Here is the link to register--

I hope this makes it easier for some very deserving folks to join us for the fun this summer! Thanks for your help in getting the word out!

I appreciate any help you can in spreading the word about these projects!


Kim in Hawaii

"Yes, Chin, Navy Seals are No Ka Oi"


  1. Thanks Kim, all great and deserving units.
    Happy Mother's Day..:)
    Carol L

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