Monday, May 16, 2011

Your Heart Beats Red - A Tribute to the Military

Today is  double header to celebrations two distinct events in May.  Check out the spotlight on Jade Lee as part of  Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage.  

Our other celebration is Military Appreciation - last week we met deployed medical staff.  I also posted guest blog at the Reading Reviewer about military spouses   Today, I share a poem from a military mom:

Your Heart Beats Red

"Don't do this"  I cried through my tear
All of my pleading fell on deaf ears.
"What are you thinking?  Our Country's at war.
What of your children, the babes who you bore?"

"I have to do this," she cleared to me.
"It's an honor to serve and defend the free.
Within months of training I passed the test.
Now in the Air Force, I will give my best."

Love for your Country, yes it's true.
Your heart beats read, white, and blue.

Boot Camp, tech school, books to read.
A new vitality, live by the Creed.
Your family now part of Military Life.
Frequent adventure, sometimes strife.

PCSing* and packing, it's time to move,
All getting use to the Military groove.
We will lend you our support, where ever you go.
So very proud, but that you must know.

Remember, cream rises to the top.
Distinctly selfless, please never stop.
Commitment to Mission always gleams through.
So very successful in all that you do.

Yes my daughter, you answered the call.
You give your best and deliver your all.
A wonderful Airman, that you are.
An awesome example, a shining star.

Love for your Country, yes it's true.
Your heart beats red, white, and blue.

Mahalo, Military Mom, for sharing your poem with us!  In honor of our military, I am giving away a book of choice from the RT staff to one randomly selected commenter - the military protects our freedom to write what we want and read what we want.  To enter the giveaway,

1.  Leave a tribute to those who defend freedom.

2.  This giveaway is open to all readers.

3.  Comments are open through Saturday, May 21, 10 pm in Hawaii.  I'll announce the winner on Sunday, May 22.


Kim in Hawaii

- To support military personnel, read this blog.

- To bid on Jodi's quilt, read this blog.   Proceeds benefit the families of Navy Seals.

Sailors salute as their ship passed
the USS Arizona Memorial.

* For our non military readers, "PCS" is Permanent Change of Station - when military personnel move from one duty station to another.


  1. No words can express on how I feel about our Military Personnel both past and current. They give up so much to keep our country free and safe. God Bless and Love Them and every day say a little prayer for them.

  2. Since my connection is spotty and I don't know when I'll be back on today I just want to say that is a very thoughtful poem.

  3. Thank you for those very moving words. I have an older brother who served 18 years in the Army and was injured in Iraq. Thankfully he is alright. I know how hard these men and women work and how hard it is on the familes left wondering form day to day.

  4. A lovely poem and well said. I agree with Artemiss, that unless you have been or are a part of it, you can not describe what is like to have a loved one in the military - especially during war time. I'm so proud of my husband and that we both continue to work at our American Legion to help those past and present!

  5. There are no words to express my gratitude to the American military, they protect the world.
    I thank the Lord for such courageous men & women. You and your families are so brave.
    THANK YOU with all my heart.

  6. I have had numurous family members and friends who have served in the military. I have the upmost respect for all of those who risk their lives to serve and protect all of us. Thank you all so much.

  7. Beautiful post. The military has our heart felt appreciation for their service.

  8. Thanks to the US Military we have our freedom!

  9. My family was so relieved that my cousin left the Marines before any of the big conflicts happened. I can't imagine what the families of active servicemen and servicewomen go through.

  10. A big shout out to all of the men and women who serve our armed forces both home and abroad. Our country was founded with outstanding men and women just like you. Thank you maintaining and ensuring our freedoms!!

  11. As a member of a military family, I do know what we expect from our military. My father is retired as is my father-in-law from the military. My husband was in the MPs. I cannot admire them enough. To night we watched an episode of West Wing where one the characters arranged a military funeral for a homeless man. It was beautiful. debby236 at gmail dot com

  12. A wonderful poem that makes you proud!

  13. Thanks for sharing that lovely poem with us, Kim. I can't imagine what it must be like to be a part of a military family, but I do respect and appreciate all military personnel of past and present.

  14. Thank you. Understated, but true.

  15. even we are from different country..but the Army do the same, Protect the citizens.
    thank you for your beautiful post Kim !

  16. I've lived in cities with military personnel for most of my life and have family,friends and exes serving or have served our country. I fully appreciate and respect what they do for us. Thank you for the beautiful poem. :)

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