Thursday, March 24, 2016

E Komo Mai - Welcome to SOS Aloha (Bio & Contact)

E Komo Mai - Welcome to SOS Aloha!

From the Sunshine State to the Chesapeake Bay, I have been blessed to sample many cultures. I grew up in Miami, attended high school in Clearwater, and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from the University of Tampa. My commission in the United States Air Force led to assignments in Boston, Germany, the Pentagon, and Illinois. I traded my dog tags for a diaper bag, becoming a mother to two boys (and four cats) while following my military husband to the Netherlands, Baltimore, Pearl Harbor, and back to Baltimore. Along the way, we have traveled throughout Europe, Egypt, Japan, Korea, and China.

I discovered romance books while living in the Netherlands (link). Romance books inspired an Old Fashioned Tea Party (link) and travel to author events (link).  

I created this blog while living in Hawaii as a means to stay connected across the Pacific. I now live outside Baltimore, bringing the Aloha Spirit to Charm City.

I enjoy dark chocolate, long walks, and historic places.  

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  1. And we thank you for starting this blog! :)

    1. After meeting Barbara Vey last week, I realized my blog needed some "housekeeping". This is the easiest way to add a bio and contact info. Thanks for joining me on the journey!

  2. You have lived in a lot of fun places, and have had great travels!

  3. I love Hawaii.
    Karen T.